Friday, 12 August 2016


I have had a very good day 'cos it is Friday and we all know that Friday in my house is string day and string day means a fun day for this little puss. Oh, did I forget to put in 'adorable'? Hee hee

My weather was a little bit better today so I was able to get outside lots of times and even though the grass was a tad wet, I still enjoyed playing in it. I was outside when I saw my DH coming back from the pier and I knew he was bringing all our messages, so I nipped in my house and waited patiently for him to take the string off the box and then I asked him to play with me and as you can see from today's photographs, he did just that and we had great fun.

If you look closely you will see that I am a very agile little puss and I am even ambi-pawed! My two front paws are quite magic. My other paws are quite good too, but I normally use them for holding me up while my front ones are doing all the hard work and making me look brilliant!

I had another fraught wee while in the afternoon while me and my MH watched Andy playing tennis again. Oh, I do like watching him but I don't think my little nerves can take it day after day. And I noticed the old dear was looking a but fraught too!

The sooner he wins his gold medal, the better!

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