Sunday, 7 August 2016

What a Day

You know I like Sundays 'cos they are normally lazy days for me and my humans and there is always lots of time for me, but today was a wee bit different. It was good though and I was a very happy puss.

As usual, we had a longer sleep but when I did get up, I could hear the rain and the wind, so I decided that it would probably be an inside day for us all---and I was right. Well, I usually am. Sure I am? I did manage out a couple of times and although it was windy, it wasn't very cold, so I was fine. My MH did some baking and there was a baby sized pancake for me which I gobbled up, but it is then that we got a big surprise 'cos my friends J. and A. came back to see me and J. brought a friend of his to meet me and she just loves puss cats so I gave her the full Squeak treatment and she loved it---and me!

It was a busy day in my house after that 'cos we had lots of visitors and I had lots of knees to sit on which made me an extremely happy little puss. I just spent my afternoon going from one to another and getting lots and lots of cuddles.

I hope all my Sundays are like this and I hope you had a good Sunday too.

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