Wednesday, 7 September 2016

A Funny Day

.... but a good day. It is getting a bit better in my house and I have sent you a couple of 'before and after' pictures of the painting that my humans have been doing. The 'after' picture isn't it all finished yet, but you can see what they have been doing and hopefully I will be able to show you the room all finished tomorrow.

Anyway, back to my 'funny' day. My MH's alarm went off at half past seven in this morning and she got up early 'cos she was going to the dentist, so we both got up and had a very early breakfast and then I nipped out to see what was happening on my little island and even then, it was quite warm so I had a leisurely stroll round my estate before I went back inside again.

I was just settling into another good snooze when my DH's alarm went off and we both got up and I got another wee feed from him. I didn't tell him that I already had my breakfast! Well, I didn't want to hurt his feelings. So, he went away to the Cat Shop and I went out to play again and I was a wee bit sad 'cos I was going to be on my own all day, but then I noticed the little kangaroo coming up the path and my MH was home again! Oh I was a happy Squeak.

We had a seat and a chat and then she started to tidy up the study and put some things back so I just spent the afternoon nipping in and out to see how she was getting on---and she was doing fine. One time we were having a rest in my living room and we noticed the mummy cow and her little babies right outside my window so she tooked these pictures for you. She said she just wished she could send you a sound picture 'cos when the mummy cow saw her taking pictures of the little baby cows, she made the loudest 'moo' sound you even heard. I was a wee bit frightened but my MH cuddled me and I wasn't scared any more. They are lovely little cows but the mummy can be a bit angry at times so I shall have to be careful if I go near them.

Later on my DH comed home again and then the little childrens came back for guitar lesson and I lay on my couch and listened to them. They are not too bad now, but the bit I like the best is when they cuddle me. One of them wanted to take me home but my MH said a great big NO, and we all know why, don't we?

'Cos she loves me MILLIONS!

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  1. The paint job looks very nice and I am glad you are friends with the cow. I think they have such nice eyes.