Sunday, 18 September 2016

A Great Sunday

I am liking being the boss in my house. I have had lots and lots of attention, but I haven't been too greedy and I have made sure that my humans are not being overworked looking after me. I am just that kind of puss!

As normal, it was a lazy Sunday in my house with my humans just doing little bits of things and the weather was so good that we were all outside for a long time together and you know how happy that makes me. My DH was in and out of our greenhouse but me and my MH watched Andy winning his tennis match and then when he was finished, she decided that she would cut the grass before the next match started 'cos it was lovely and warm outside. I went out with her and just followed her round my garden until she was finished and then it was back on to my couch to watch more tennis, but our team didn't win and that was a shame.

I am to be left all alone tomorrow as my MH is going to Stromness to meet her friends and of course the old boy is going to the Cat Shop. My little weather man friend told me that the weather will still be good on my little island tomorrow so my humans will be able to leave the window open for me to nip in and out at will.

Question. Who is will and how will I know him? Hee hee

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