Sunday, 25 September 2016

A Lovely Sunday

We have all had a very good day in my house. One of our lazy days which we all like so much. My MH didn't do very much at all and my DH did a wee bit if tidying up outside with my help, of course! The weather wasn't too bad although a wee bit colder than the other days so I was quite happy nipping in and out whenever I felt like it and I knew that whenever I went inside again, I could find my MH and have a seat and a cuddle, so I thought my day couldn't get any perfecter.

But I was wrong! I had decided to have a snooze on one of my beds and I was in the middle of a lovely dream when I heard my friend S. coming in my house, so I ran into the living room to see her and I got lots more cuddles. I like when she comes to see me and she likes seeing me too.

I am going to have a rest now and then I think I shall have a wander outside before bedtime, but it will depend on the weather 'cos it has been raining and it is a bit colder now, so I will have to make a decision later on.

But no matter what I decide, I have had a very good Sunday and I hope you have had a good day too.

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