Wednesday, 28 September 2016

A wee bit better...

... but not a lot! The wind wasn't just as bad today but it has rained the whole day and every time I have gone out, I have been a wet little puss and have had to ask my MH to dry me when I come in again. I like getting dried 'cos it always ends with a cuddle.

I have been in and out for lots of little times and I think I will need to get some exercise again tonight because my little weather man friend says there is going to be a very naughty gale on my island tomorrow so I think we will all be staying indoors.

I got a surprise this afternoon 'cos my MH asked me if I wanted to go out to play with her, but I'm afraid I made her a bit sad, 'cos I said no. I discovered that she was going into my garden to bring in all our summer ornaments and she wanted me to help her, but I was very comfortable lying on the back of my couch, so I didn't go. However, while I was lying on the couch, I noticed her in the front garden and I felt sorry that I had said no, so I nipped out of the window and plopped down beside her and that made her very happy.It was raining, but we didn't mind and she talked to me all the time telling me what she was doing and I did a wee bit of sniffing as she was working and it was good fun.

When we were finished, we had a seat together on my couch until the childrens came for their guitar lessons. I am not frightened any more when they come and I am even beginning to like their playing 'cos it is not just as sore on my adorable little lugs, so it was fine. AND--all the little childrens love me and every week J. asks my MH if he can take me home and every week she says 'No' and that makes me feel very happy indeed.

I know J. thinks I am adorable but my MH loves me MILLIONS and she would never part with me. And I love her too, so that is good, sure it is?

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