Friday, 30 September 2016

A wee bit better...

.. or as they say here on Graemsay a peedie bit better. There were lots of heavy rain showers, but the wind was better, so I was able to go out lots of times for little trips round my garden. When it is wet, I go out the front window and head straight under our barbecue thingy 'cos I can get some shelter there and the bird feeder is beside me so I can watch and listen to my birdie friends as they are having their dinner. Another good thing about sheltering there is that with just one little jump I can be back on my window sill and then right back into my living room.

My humans had lots of time for me today 'cos my MH doesn't do any housework on a Friday so there is peace and quiet in my house and there is always a knee for me whenever I want one. And another brilliant thing about getting outside is coming back in again 'cos every time I comed home I was a wee bit cold and my MH lifted me up and cuddled me warm again and of course I loved that. I am a lucky puss!

I also had great fun playing with the string when my DH came back from the pier at lunch time. We played in my kitchen for a long time and I loved it, and then when we had finished, I left the humans putting all the messages away and then I had a sleep in my wee hoose until dinner time. As soon as I had finished eating, I was off out into the rain again, but just for a wee while and then I hammered on the window till my MH let me in and cuddled me dry.

And where am I now? Back in my wee hoose having another snooze until it is out time later on. I think I have a very good life and I just LOVE it! I am looking forward to my weekend and I hope you have a good weekend too.

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