Saturday, 17 September 2016

Another Super Day

Remember I told you that I was going to be the boss in my house today? Well, I was and I liked it lots. My humans didn't have very much to do, so there was oodles of time for me. I got lots of cuddles and they played with me for a long time so I was a very happy little Squeak.

But I had a favourite time through the night. I was lying beside my MH and I heard her wakening up, but it was in the middle of the night so it was very dark and I couldn't see her and she couldn't see me, but I crept onto her chest and I sat there and purred while she stroked me and whispered to me so that nobody else could hear us and that made me feel a very special puss. But then, I AM a very special puss, sure I am?

My little weather man friend has sent me some lovely weather and I have been out playing nearly all day and that uses up all my energy and makes me happy too. My MH went away to do crafty things with her friends so me and my DH watched Andy and his brother playing tennis and my MH was back in time to see the finish of the match and we were very happy when they won. We will need to wait till tomorrow to see what will happen but we have everything crossed for them.

It is a lovely night now on my little island, so I am having a seat with the old dear and then I am heading outside to see what is happening. I have been promised another special day tomorrow and my MH won't be going out so we will watch the tennis and then see what we feel like doing.

But I know they will do whatever I want! MAGIC!!

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