Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Are you sitting comfortably?

.....then I shall begin. I have a story for you, and this story shows just what a brave little puss I am. So here goes.

The weather today on my little island has been dreadful. I don't know what has happened, but all the good weather has disappeared and winter has suddenly arrived and brought the wind and the rain with it. It has been so bad, that I didn't get out at all the en-tire day and my DH says if it is like this tomorrow, he is staying home with me and my MH.

My humans didn't go out either although my DH did have a quick run to the greenhouse for something he needed. He had to fight with the wind to get there, but coming back was much quicker 'cos the wind helped him although he nearly blew right past the door! Hee hee

Anyway, I spent most of the day sleeping on various beds and surfaces and I have found a new place to curl up and that's on top of one of our printers 'cos it is nice and warm and I can watch the old dear when she is working on her computer. However, after dinner I decided that I really needed to get out for some fresh air so I asked the old dear to open the door and when she did, all the bad weather blew into my porch, so I turned very quickly and scooted back into my living room. I shall not tell you what she said!

Well, on the third asking, I decided that perhaps I should go out and off I went. Now, as soon as these adorable little paws hit the outside, the rain came pouring down in sheets. I kid you not my dear friends it could not have been any worser and there was I--out in it all. Oh dear I did feel so sad. However, I noticed that the big shed was open so I scurried as quickly as possible towards that, and in I went. I am a bit afraid of this big shed, 'cos you may remember that I got locked in there one day for ever, nearly!

Now, my humans didn't know where I was and they were worried 'cos it was pouring and the wind was howling and a while later I heard my DH calling for me but I didn't move and he went inside again. Then later on, my MH called for me and she spent so long at the door that by the time she went inside again she was soaked, but still I didn't let her know where I was and she was a big bit worried, and I am sorry, but it was too wet for me.

Another while later and I heard my MH calling for me and this time I decided that I was 'Brave Squeak' so I gathered up all my intrepidness and raced towards her faster that I have ever run before. I bounced over the grass, straight through my fence, right across my garden and into my porch where my MH lifted me up and cuddled me 'cos she was so pleased to see me again.

But the strange thing was---the old dear was wetter than me! She had stood at the door so long that she was nearly ringing, but I had run so fast that the rain couldn't catch me. Phew!

I don't think I shall go out again tonight---but on the other paw!! Watch this space!

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