Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Good News and Bad News---again!

I have had a very good day----well, the most of it was good, but I did hear a bit of news which I did not like at all. However, that is for later.

My day started off as normal with me wiring into my breakfast then heading outside to have a chat to my little birdie friends and back in just in time for my drink of milk. I have it timed to purr-fection now and it always makes my MH giggle.

It was just a normal day after that with my MH doing some housework and me and my DH working in the greenhouse. We are still bringing in some lovely little tomatoes for my MH and she likes that lots. Her housework didn't take too long so there were lots of times that me and her had a seat and a chat on my couch and those are my very favourite times, and today I had lots of favourite times.

But, then it got not so good 'cos my DH arrived with his sander and started work on the hallway outside my bedrooms and when I listened to what they were saying I discovered that the old dear has decided to paint that tomorrow 'cos it is the same blue as she painted the porch and the study and they have decided to get it all over and done with!

I understand why she wants to do it, but I am not happy and with my DH away to the Cat Shop I shall have nobody to cuddle into when the old dear is playing with her brushes and paint! Sigh. However, she has promised it won't take too long and as soon as she is finished, she will cuddle me until I am full up with cuddles.

That will take a long, long time but I haven't told her that. I hope you like the picture of my birdie friends when they were having a feed today. I like watching them.

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  1. I do like your birdie friends, and the feeder too. Do you have any squirrels on your little island. I'm guessing no, but that is just a guess.