Thursday, 1 September 2016

Intrepid Squeak

I have been just a tad naughty this morning and I nearly got into trouble---- but I didn't! Me and my MH got up this morning and as usual, I nipped up onto my window sill to see what the day was like and I knew it was windy 'cos the pampas grass was shaking a lot so I decided to try the door and see if that was better, so the old dear had to stop eating her breakfast and come with me to the door, but I decided it was just the same and I went back into my living room with my MH following me and muttering to herself----well, I wasn't listening! Hee hee

I really wanted out but I didn't want to get blowed about so I tried a couple of times and then I went into my secret hiding place and I found my intrepidness and then I asked my DH to let me out and when he opened the door, I just nipped out first time! My MH wasn't best pleased but my DH told her she didn't open the door properly for me and he knew how to do it. He was just joking I think!

I stayed out for a while as the vacuum was racing all over my house and it was safer outside, but once it was quiet, I went back inside again and chose one of my many snoozing places for a little nap. And that was my day really. In for some snoozes and cuddles and then outside for wee whiles at a time 'cos it was still windy, but then in the afternoon it quietened down and I was able to stay out much longer until the little midges decided they wanted to play with me and I said 'no thank you' and went inside again.

I am hoping that by the time I am ready to go back out tonight all the midges will have gone to bed. I have just got rid of the pesky swallows so I don't want to be troubled by the pesky midges, do I? No indeed!

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