Thursday, 15 September 2016

Just Us

I wakened up very early this morning and had a wee wander round my house and when I looked out the window, all the world had disappeared and it was just us left. That's not really true, but it's what it felt like 'cos the mist was thick and I couldn't see anything at all except white, so I decided to go back to bed.

Me and my MH got up a while later and it was just the same. All damp and misty, so I decided that I would just stay indoors until it cleared up, and guess what? It didn't! It is night time now and it is just the same. However, I decided that I would go out anyway and had a long walk after my dinner, but there were no birdies and even my little cow friends were too far away for me to see them, so I wasn't very happy and I just went home again for a seat on my MH's knee and a cuddle.

I had a good day and helped my MH do some of her housework and I went into our greenhouse with my DH but just for a little time 'cos he wasn't doing anything exciting and to be honest dear friends, I was a tad bored, so oft I went and I was very glad that I did 'cos when I was sitting on my window sill I saw lots of little birdies playing on our pampas grass and that made me very happy.

I think it is like birdie helter skelter 'cos they fly to the top of one of the feathery leaves and when they sit on it, it goes down to the ground where they hop off and fly to the top again and they did this lots and lots of times and sometimes they hung upside down on the feathery things and let the wind blow them up and down and sideways, so I think they had very good fun indeed.

I loved watching them and I hope they come back tomorrow, but I hope this mist blows away some place else so that I can see my world again.

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