Monday, 12 September 2016

Monday Again...

... and not a paint brush in sight! Even the vacuum cleaner didn't upset me today 'cos it just meant that my house was right back to normal again and normal I like--although! I did hear my humans saying that there was just one other wee bit of painting that they might do later on but since it is just a wee space that needs to be painting, it shouldn't take too long. I will cope 'cos I am strong and an intrepid little puss, but it doesn't mean I have to like it, does it?

Anyway, that's for another day. Today was good but the weather wasn't and it started off wet and windy so I had a very quick scoot outside after my breakfast and was back indoors for my little drop of milk before I got soaked to my skin. My DH went away to the Cat Shop and my MH went down to my friend S.'s house but she was back beside me in a wee while and she told me that S. would be home tonight, so she doesn't need to go away and leave me any more.

I lay on the back of my couch and just watched as she did all her housework and she talked to me all the time and I liked that. I managed to give her a wee fright though. I had wandered off and my MH didn't know where I was. She went into the spare room and noticed that the wardrobe door was open and she thought that my DH had left it open so she closed it. A minute later, it opened again so she closed it--again. Then it opened AGAIN and just before she managed to close it another time, guess who came out of it? Yes! It was me! Squeak!! I had been having a wee prowl and of course my MH didn't know I was inside so she just chuckled when I popped out.

Oh I just love it when that happens!

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