Saturday, 3 September 2016

Scintillating Saturday

I am on the 'S' page of my dictionary! I have had a simply super Saturday and have loved every single second of it. Enough? OK!

We have all had a good, easy day with just a little bit of work for my humans and a visit to my friend S.'s house for my MH while I looked after the old boy and made sure he didn't do anything wrong --- and he didn't. Phew.

I played outside lots of times and it was still quite warm on my little island so I always managed to find a warm spot to snuggle down in and just lay and listened and I liked it a lot. One time when I comed home my DH was taking all the furniture out of our study and I didn't know what was going on, but when I sat on my MH's knee I heard my humans saying that they were going to start painting it next week, so I guess there won't be a lot of time for me and if I get too close to my MH I might end up a lovely shade of pale blue! Oh dear.

We are all settling gown now to watch Andy playing tennis and we all want him to win so everything is crossed for him. When he is finished I shall head outside again and see if it is still quite warm and I can settle down outside before bedtime.

Yep. I like my Saturdays and I hope you have had a good day too.

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