Saturday, 10 September 2016

Settled Saturday.

We are right back to normal in my house now and I for one am exceedingly happy. I do not like all this upset and I do not like being ignored, but all that has changed now and my house is back the way it should be AND I have had millions of cuddles, so I am happy, happy, happy!

My MH went away down to my fried S.'s house to feed her pussy cat and the hens too but she wasn't away too long and I just played in my garden till she comed home again. It was a wee bit windy but it was warm and dry so I was happy outside and soon I saw her little kangaroo coming back so I waited till it had stopped and then I ran to meet her and she tickled me when she saw me and I purred lots.

After that, she spent a wee while putting all the things back in my porch and my DH was sorting out the big cupboard and soon they were all finished and we were all very happy. They are a wee bit tired, but they are pleased with what they have done this week.

I asked my MH to take some pictures for you and she did just that. There is a picture of my porch and it is a lovely blue colour now and I like it. The study is blue too and this is where my humans do lots of printing and crafting things and I sit on the chair or the couch and just watch them. I like this room and sometimes I have a snooze there after my dinner. I can see all the sheeps and the cows when I look out of the window so I like that lots.

The other picture is of the big cupboard which is all white now. This is the cupboard I sometimes get shut in by accident, of course. My MH keeps all her towels in behind the doors and sometimes when she is in there I creep in and climb the ladders and then with a death-defying leap I land with a delicate plop on top of the towels and as well as frightening the life out of the old dear, it makes her laugh.

Sometimes I creep in and my humans don't see me and that's when I get shut in and my MH says it is the only time I make a 'meow' sound. I do this so that one of them can hear me, but all the other times I make a squeaking kind of sound and you all know that's how I got my name.

I hope you like my pictures. I am a very happy Squeak tonight and I know I shall be the centre of attention for quite some time. I shall make sure of that!!

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