Thursday, 29 September 2016

What a Day!

The awful weather started last night, but it didn't keep me in. No,not one little bit! I have my routine and no little breeze or drop of rain will spoil it for me! Oh, no indeed! Mind you, it did take me three attempts and one rather soggy MH before I finally ventured out into the weather. Oops, sorry MH. However, I finally made it and scooted out into the dark and the weather and I headed straight to the big shed where I watched the awful rain from there.

It was cold and miserable but I needed the fresh air and to be honest, the thought of running across the wet grass in the wind and pouring rain to get back into my house, did not appeal to me one little bit. I was just wondering if I could find a wee space in the big shed to settle down for the night when I saw my porch light going on and my DH was calling for me. So I had a very quick debate---stay in the dry or scoot home in the wet? I thought about what I would find if I went home---a lovely cosy knee to sit on---and before you could say 'Squeak is adorable' I was flying across the grass and straight into my kitchen. Yippee!!

The weather today certainly wasn't any better, but still I managed a couple of short trips outside. I spent most of the day either sitting with my MH or having a snooze in my wee hoose but now that I am sitting on my window sill I can hear that the wind is not just so bad now so I shall have another short nap and then I shall head out into the weather later on and see what is happening.

I shall let you know tomorrow.

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