Monday, 31 October 2016

A Strange Monday

So. The alarm went off as usual on a Monday morning. My DH got up and got ready to go to the Cat Shop and then me and my MH got up. My MH was looking out of the window and she saw the Hamnavoe sailing into Stromness but she didn't see the Graemsay sailing out as it should have been and just as she was mentioning this to my DH he got a message on his phone to say that the boat was broke and couldn't come to get him! Oh dear, he was not a happy DH 'cos he couldn't get to the shop. Shame. However, my MH found him lots of little jobs to do which made him a wee bit less not happy.

I have had a very quiet day and have been sleeping lots but I have enjoyed my day. It was a bit cool and there was some rain but it didn't keep me in and I was happy getting out to explore and wander whenever I needed to and I only got wet once. I really don't mind getting wet 'cos it always means that one of my humans dries me off and then cuddles me and you know how much I like that.

I was a bit annoyed at the old dear last night 'cos I was lying on her knee watching Poldark and enjoying a little rest, when she snuck up behind me and put the awful wormer stuff on me again. To be honest, I didn't really notice until I smelled it and then I scooted under my couch but, as the old dear mentioned, it was a tad too late then.

Oh, I hate when she is right! Hee hee

Sunday, 30 October 2016

Nearly Normal...

.... but not quite. Well, the old dears went away to the Halloween party last night all dressed up as a scary witch and wizard and it was not a pretty sight as you will see for yourself. So if you are of a nervous disposition, read all about me tomorrow and miss out today's!

It was a fine night so the window was left open for me to get out to play whenever I wanted, and to be honest, they weren't away too long and when they comed home again I was able to sit beside my MH while she told me about all the people who were dressed up as silly as they were, so at least it is not just my humans who do these things.

I had a wee unexpected adventure through the night. My MH had to get up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom and then she put out a wee biscuit for me. Now, normally I just follow her around but when I didn't appear, she went looking for me and couldn't fine me anywhere. I must add that she didn't have her glasses on, although I don't think that would have made any difference at all. She looked all over the house then she called out of the window. She opened the door and called for me but I didn't appear. She was a wee bit worried and didn't know what she was going to do 'cos she was still a bit tired and wanted to go back to sleep but was too worried about what had happened to yours truly, but then she went back into the bathroom for something and who was sitting in the middle of the floor? Yes, me, Squeak! The silly old MH hadn't seen me going into the bathroom with her, didn't know I was there and shut me in! Doh!

I decided I wanted to go out so she left the window open for me and I went out into the night which was as black as me--without the white bits!--and I had good fun before I nipped back into my bed for a snooze.

Today was a good day so I was out a lot. My humans were away out for the afternoon 'cos the lifeboat peoples came to my little island for a visit and when my MH came home she told me that she had been for a sail on the lifeboat, but my DH missed it. Oh dear, not a happy DH!

So we have had a good day and as it is still a very fine night, I shall be heading outside again as soon as I have finished this little nap and I am looking forward to that. I hope you have had a good weekend too.

Saturday, 29 October 2016

Bah Humbug!

Can you say 'bah humbug' for Halloween, I wonder? But being a pussy cat, I can say anything I like.

I was having a very good day and because it was Saturday we were all at home together. Somebody phoned my house very early in this morning, so after my MH had answered the phone, she gave me something to eat and then decided it was still too early to get up, so we snuggled up for another sleep together until it was the proper time to get up.

Me and the old dear watched her television programme. You know the one where the lady solves all the murders that the police haven't a clue about? Somebody says something to her every week and she says 'Of course. NOW I know who the killer is' and me and the old dear have a wee chuckle, but my MH loves that programme and I get to sit on her knee while it is on, so I ain't complaining!

I was in and out a few times and generally having good fun until I saw my DH disappear into our loft and then come back again with all the Halloween stuff and I knew I wasn't going to be watching Strictly tonight. Boo!

There is a party in the Hall and my MH plays all the games with the little childrens but pusscats aren't allowed so I shall have to be very patient until they come back to me again and then I get lots of attention while they tell me all about it.

And of course I shall give you all the news tomorrow.OK?

Friday, 28 October 2016

Fantastic Friday

I have had a crackin' day. The weather was awful, but I didn't mind one tiny little bit 'cos my mood was very good and not even a gale or pouring rain could interfere with that!

It was just me and my MH in my house today 'cos my DH had to do something in Stromness and for a while I was concerned that I wouldn't have my usual string fun 'cos our box is too heavy for my MH to carry, but suddenly our door opened and there were our friends N.and M.with our boxes. Yippee!

I waited patiently until all the groceries were away and then I asked if my MH would play with me and of course she did. We played with the string and then I jumped in and out of the boxes and had the brilliantest time ever and I made the old dear laugh which I like.

We played for a while on top of my bed and then a funny thing happened. My MH had been playing with me and tickling me wrapped up in my blanket and then she lied down for a minute and we both falled asleep! I must have tired the poor old soul with all my playing.

It has been very wet, but I have been in and out lots of times but as usual when it is wet, just for little trips and I have liked it lots and lots. I will be going out again before bed time and I think the wind is getting a wee bit quieter so I might stay out for a long time.

Sorry DH!

Thursday, 27 October 2016


We were all in my house together today and that's just the way I like it. I am fine when I am on my own, but just not as happy as when my humans are here with me 'cos I know that if I need a feed or a drink or a cuddle, I just have to ask and it is there for me right away. Which is just as it should be, is it not?

My MH was busy with her housework so me and my DH had some time together and then he decided he would make some bolognaise sauce for the dinner so I helped him and got a wee bit of mince which I gobbled up and enjoyed.

I had a lie down for a rest and every wee while my MH would come and sit with me and give me a cuddle and as soon as I heard the vacuum cleaner getting put away I ran into the living room and just waited for my MH to come in so that I could sit on her knee. That was good fun..

I have been out playing quite a lot even though it has been a wet and windy day and one time I made my humans shake their heads 'cos they didn't understand me. I do that to my DH lots of times, but my MH usually understands me. However, today I flummoxed both of them. I went out when it was dry but the rain came on and I got soaking wet. I ran home and my DH made me all dry, but then I just walked to the door and asked to be let out again even though it was still pouring with rain.

They will never understand me!!

Wednesday, 26 October 2016

A Wee Bit Lonely

I knew as soon as we got up that I was going to be left on my own today 'cos my MH put on her clothes for going to the town instead of her staying at home clothes, so while I was having my breakfast, I thought up a cunning plan. I would go out and not come in again and I knew that the weather wasn't good enough to leave the window open, so the way I figured it, my DH had to go to the Cat Shop, but my MH would stay home with me. Ingenious, was it not? Well, it would have been except for the fact that it was cold, wet and windy and I had only been out ten minutes and already I was wet and cold, so I decided to give in and go home.

They both went away but before they left, my MH told me she loved me and that they would both be home soon, so I just settled down and had a snooze till they comed back again and then I ran to meet them and got a big cuddle from the old dear.

I watched as they put away all the messages and then I did my silly run into the bedroom which is a sign I want to play and of course, because my MH was feeling guilty at having abandoned me, she played with me and I loved it. We played for a long time and I was very happy.

I did manage a couple of short trips outside, but it is still a bit windy and rather cool, so I think I will probably be spending a lot of the evening on my MH's lap.


Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Not Much News

It has just been a normal day at my house today. We have all been a wee bit busy just doing all the wee things that we needed to do.

It started off with me and my MH changing the sheets and the duvet covers on my beds and we had very good fun while we were doing it. It is one of my favourite times and I just love helping her. I get lots of tickles and cuddles while I am helping her and you know how much I love that. My DH was doing bits of work in our greenhouse and we are still getting lots of lovely tomatoes which makes the old dear very happy. My DH is quite pleased with himself too, I might add.

I was happy playing outside 'cos it was a fine day although it was a bit cool, so my trips outside were lots but little if you know what I mean. My MH was busy making some more of her cards and when I was having a rest I just lay on the back of my couch and watched her and every now and then, she would stretch across and stroke my adorable little head and that made me very happy.

So, although I don't have much news for you, I have had a good day and I hope that you have had a good day too.

Monday, 24 October 2016

More Good Day

I am having great fun just now. I do not know what my little weather man friend has done with my weather, but it has been really good. It is cool and there was a wee drop of rain this afternoon but apart from that it has been good Squeak weather and I am liking it lots.

My Monday started on my MH's knee till I got my milk and then I was off into the outside to see what was happening and I stayed out so long that I didn't get to say 'cheerio' to my DH before he went to the Cat Shop, but he was OK. My MH did her housework and I just kept wandering and doing what I wanted to do so it was a good day.

I was on my own in the afternoon 'cos my MH had to go to our Hall to help put up the decorations for the Halloween party on Saturday, but as soon as she came home I told her I wanted to play and we had brilliant fun together and we played till my DH came home again.

It is still quite good weather so I will have a wee play outside before bedtime although it is getting much colder now, so I don't stay out too long and as soon as I have had a wee feed, I nip in beside my MH and we have a good sleep.

Oh, happy Squeak.

Sunday, 23 October 2016

A Good Sunday

We all had a long sleep this morning 'cos it was Sunday and that means that me and my humans can have a very easy day and we don't need to do any work if we don't want to. And today we didn't want to!

Our day stared off as normal with me and my MH up first and her watching her television programme while I wandered out to see what was happening. It was quite cool but at that time it was dry, so I wandered around for a while and then nipped back in to get my little drop of milk.

My MH is making some cards so I had a seat on the table beside her and watched for a while, but then I got a bit bored and lay down for my first sleep of the day.My DH watched the football and was very happy when his team won. Phew! My MH went down to the Hall with her friends do do something there so I played outside till I saw her little kangaroo coming back up the road and then as she went in the door, I went in the window and we met up in the kitchen! Then it was cuddle time again. Oh goody!

I decided to have another trip outside before dinner time, but my timing wasn't very good and I got soaked. My MH was in the kitchen making the dinner, so my DH had to let me in and when he heard me 'ringing' he dried me with the big towel which I love. And then---because I had been traumatised (only joking) with all the rain, she gave me some tuna which my adorable little tummy just adores. It was delicious.

I wonder if there is any left 'cos I might just get soaking wet again if there is!

Saturday, 22 October 2016

Sleepy Saturday

I have had a lazy day but a happy day. All the work is finished in my house. Well, that's what I have been told but then every now and then the humans decide that something else needs to be done, but I have been promised lots of peace and quiet for a while.

We were all needing a rest today and as it was quite wet, I was inside for a long time but I got a surprise when my friend S. came to see me and we had good fun together. My MH went down to the Hall to do some craft things with her friends and me and my DH just sat together and watched the football until she comed home to us.

I nipped out for a while but managed to get my adorable little self caught in the rain and by the time I got home, I was soaking wet and my MH had to get a towel and make me dry again. I like getting dried 'cos it means I get lots of cuddles.

I got another surprise when my friend B. sended me a message to say that she was getting a new baby boy kitten and I am hoping he can be a member of my paw pal club and I will be able to give him lots of tips at how to be a good puss.

Oh, that did make me excited and my MH was happy for me. I lay on her knee for a while and just thought about this new baby puss until I falled asleep. Happy Squeak.

Friday, 21 October 2016

A Funny Friday

In fact, I have been so mixed up today I forgot it WAS Friday and I was out playing when my DH came home from the pier, so I didn't get to play with my string, although my humans keeped it for me and we played later. Now, I know you will want to know what has made me so muddled. My MH calls it 'confuddled' and I like that, so I have been a tad confuddled.

And this is why. My DH has been working in my bathroom putting new carpet tiles on the floor and that has upset me a bit. I am OK, but I don't like when things are different and although my MH kept telling me everything was all right, I was still a bit worried.

The weather was good so I was able to get out to play lots of times and every time I comed back in, I would nip into my bathroom to see how the old boy was getting on, and one time I looked, he was all finished and my MH was cleaning it and putting it all back to normal again and I was happy, happy, happy! It is nice and I like it. Maybe my MH will take a picture for you, but if not, just look at this one of me.

When my DH was cleaning up, I watched what he was doing and decided to see how comfortable the new carpet would be on my adorable little bum, and I can tell you it is very fine so I have given it my purr of approval and my humans are very pleased!

Thursday, 20 October 2016

A Lovely Day

I have had a much better day for a couple of reasons and the main one was that my humans have been with me all day. They just nipped out after dinner for half an hour to a meeting, but by that time I was having my after dinner nap so I didn't mind at all.

The second reason was that the weather was good so I was outside lots and lots of times and for long times too. In fact, one time I was out so long that my MH was worried about me and as my DH went out the door to look for me, I nipped in the window. Oh we did all giggle!

I helped my MH hang out our washing and then I nipped through the fence to play in the long grass. There are still a few birdies for me to watch and lots of them come to our bird feeders and I like to watch them as they have their dinner.

I asked my MH to play with me in the afternoon and when she agreed, I picked my little mouse that my friend J. sended to me a long time ago and we had very good fun. I still love that little mouse toy--especially when my MH is playing with me.

So, I have been a very happy little puss and as it is still a lovely still evening,I think I shall have a long stroll before bedtime. Oh, I do like this weather!

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

A Decision

Well, I was thinking and thinking all about this hibernation idea all last night and then my MH did something which made up my mind for me. She had an early shower, and 'cos she was a wee bit cold, she put on her big hairy dressing gown!! Oh, I had forgotten all about that one, but as soon as I saw it, I was on her knee like a flash and I stayed there all night and decided that if I hibernated, then I would miss all these cosy nights so I have decided against it.

I have had a very good day in my house with my MH and because the weather has been much nicer, I have been outside quite a lot. I am to be left on my own tonight 'cos there is a quiz in the Hall and then the little children's that come here every Wednesday are going to give a little guitar concert, so my house will be very quiet and my little lugs will get peace!

I think the window will have to be closed 'cos it is a bit cool, but I shall just have a snooze till they come home again and then I hope my MH will put on her dressing gown and I can sit on her knee while she tells me all about it.


Tuesday, 18 October 2016


This is the time of year when I think about hibernation and every year I think I might just sleep for the winter but then I think of all the things I might miss and I think it's maybe not my bestest idea.

I would need to get up for my breakfasts and my dinners 'cos I have just got a little tummy and even when it is filled up to its very top, there isn't enough food in there to last me all winter, so that is my main problem. I would miss all the cuddles from my MH and all the chats I have with my humans. And then I would need to get up when my friend S. comes to see me 'cos it would be very rude not to, wouldn't it? And then there is string day. Who would play with my DH on a Friday when he comes back from the pier?

Can you see how seriously I have been considering this? I have been indoors quite a lot today just thinking and I have decided that perhaps hibernation is not for me. Well, this year anyway!

It has been quite a good day and I have been out quite a lot of times but just for little times 'cos it is getting cooler every day and I prefer being warm but I still need to be in the fresh air for a wee while so I nipped out and ran round my garden to make sure that everything was all right and when I saw that it was, I nipped back inside for a cuddle and I did that lots of times, so now I need a snooze until it is time for my bedtime perambulation which is another thing I would miss if I hibernated.

Maybe I could just wear a coat?

Monday, 17 October 2016

A Restful Day

I thought that after my day of rest yesterday I would have been full of beans today, but I have still been a tad lazy. To be honest, the weather wasn't exactly to my liking so I was quite happy staying indoors with my MH.

It was a normal day for her and she was busy with her vacuum cleaner and dusters, but every now and then she would come and find me and give me a wee cuddle which I liked. I just moved from room to room and from resting place to resting place, so I did get some exercise and I had one or two short trips out, but most of my day has been spent inside.

I will head out later on before bedtime, but as it is wet and cold, I think I will be back in beside my MH before too long!

Sunday, 16 October 2016


Not my bestest Sunday, I am afraid, but since it is a special day in my house, I am trying not to be too annoyed. As I told you yesterday, today is my DH's birthday and the old dear tooked him over to Stromness for his lunch, so yours truly was left all alone. However, the weather was quite good while they were away, so my MH left the window open for me and I was able to play a bit but I confess that I spent most of the time sleeping till they comed home to me again.

I did get lots of cuddles when they did come back so that cheered me up, but then my MH tooked me on her knee and told me a brilliant story which made me very happy. When they were in the hotel for their lunch, the lady who looked after me when I was a brand new puss came in and she asked how I was getting on. My humans told her all about me and she told them that she nearly keeped me 'cos she loved me loads, but she decided to let me come to my little island and my new humans. I know I would have been very happy with her 'cos she loves puss cats too, but I am very happy in my forever home and I know my humans love me millions and that they are very glad that she let me come here to be with them.

Sure that is a brilliant story? It made me purr lots when my MH told me and it nearly made up for being left on my own----nearly!!

Saturday, 15 October 2016

A Rainy Day

I have been a very lazy Squeak today. I wakened up at my usual time and had a quick look out of the window. I was a tad annoyed when I saw it was wet and windy. I think all our good weather has gone somewhere else which is a shame but I decided I would just make the bestest of it.

My MH settled down with her breakfast and I asked her to please open the window, but as soon as I felt the rain on my whiskers, I said 'no thank you, but could we try the door?' As usual, the old dear did just as I asked and I decided that maybe I had better go out. I found a place to shelter, but I was cold, so I just scooted back up to the window sill and got into my house in time for my little drop of milk. I had a seat with my MH for a while and then I tooked myself off to bed for a snooze as I knew I wouldn't be going out much.

Both my humans were in with me as well and we had some play times which I liked. I kept looking out of the window but I wasn't happy with what I was seeing so I decided just to settle down and be happy inside. No doubt, I will venture out before bedtime but I think it will just be for a little time.

I have been told that I am to be left on my own tomorrow but I don't really mind 'cos it is my DH's birthday and the Boss is taking him out for his lunch but they will be home to me at four o'clock and I will get lots of attention then. So that is OK.

Friday, 14 October 2016

Friday Fun

The weather today was worser than yesterday but I still had great fun 'cos it was string day! When I had finished my breakfast I went outside for a little while, but it was wet so I didn't stay out too long and when I went back in I had a long seat on my MH's knee which made me feel happy so I purred very loudly for her and that made her smile.

It was very peaceful in my house today 'cos my MH doesn't do any housework and because it was wet, my DH didn't have anything to do either, so there was lots of time for yours truly. I got a big surprise when the postman comed to my house 'cos he brought us an envelope and it had my name on it too! Oh I was excited and when my MH read it she told me it was my friend J. and that made me purr even louder, so thank you very much, J.

I watched as my DH went away to the pier at lunch time and then I waited very patiently until he comed back again and today he had two boxes tied up with string! Oh yippee. Fun Time! I think he must have told the peoples in the shop to keep using string instead of sticky tape and that's what they did. We had great fun playing in my kitchen and we were all very happy.

I helped my MH do some of her cards and then I had a little nap until dinner time. It is still wet and the wind is getting worser, so I think I will need all my intrepidness if I want to go out before bedtime. We shall see.

Thursday, 13 October 2016


You will have worked out that the weather wasn't good today. In fact, we had rain. Boo. At least the rain didn't start until later in the afternoon, so I was able to get out to play and to hunt for a few times without getting wet.

It was just a normal day in my house with my MH doing some housework and my DH doing bits of work outside,so he was there for me whenever I needed a cuddle and didn't want to risk getting sooked up by the vacuum! That was just a wee joke 'cos I know my MH would never do anything like that, but just in case, I lie up on the back of my couch and just watch her. I know I am safe there!

I got a big surprise this afternoon when my MH decided she was tired and needed a wee lie down. She asked me if I wanted to snuggle in beside her and we had a lovely snooze together. I liked it lots and she felt better after it, so we had a very good afternoon.

It was after this that the rain came on so I had to have a very quick trip outside. I ran very quickly into the big shed where I was able to lie in the dry and watch what was happening outside, and then it was only a quick run across the grass and I was back inside my house.

I will go outside later but I am hoping that it won't be too wet for me.

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Oh Dear...

...I should have kept quiet yesterday about the weather 'cos it hasn't been nearly as good today. In fact it has been raining! Oh dear, not just so happy today, but it didn't keep me in much at all.

It was a rather odd day in my house today, but still OK. My DH went away to the Cat Shop as usual, but instead of sitting down on the couch with me, my MH went away out too and I was all alone---but just for a little time. The minister was coming to my little island and my MH had to go and play her guitar for the service, but she was back in the wink of an eye. Well, only if it takes you a long, long time to wink your eye! Hee hee

As soon as she comed in, we had our girlie chat and I sat on her knee and purred and she liked it lots. She liked it so much that she decided not to do any housework and that made me very happy. The little childrens came for their guitar lesson and as usual they all made a fuss of me and as usual J. wanted to take me home, but my MH wouldn't let him 'cos she loves me so very much.

It is still raining so I will have a sleep and then see what is is like later on before I decide whether or not to go out. I haven't made up my mind yet.

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

A Brilliant Day

I don't know what my little weather man friend is doing, but he is sending me brilliant weather and I am loving every single second of it. It is a wee bit cool, but it is dry and sunny and there is no wind. In fact, it is almost perfect Squeak weather.

As soon as we get up my MH opens the window and that means I can do as I please for the rest of the day and that makes me feel very happy. I love being outside and I must admit it is lovely to be able to jump off the window sill without wondering where I will land! I am perfectly content just wandering around my garden and all the fields and I love it when my humans come outside too, and with the weather being good, they come outside lots. Can you tell I am happy?

I played for a while and then lay on my path and watched as the birdies came to the feeder for their dinner and then my DH came outside to anchor down a new dustbin. We had one last year, but the wind tooked it away one day and now somebody else has it! Luckily, it was empty so they didn't get our rubbish but the old boy bought a new one and if this one flies away, my house will go with it! I had great fun watching him and he kept telling me what he was doing so that was good.

I was just getting ready to go inside when my MH came out to wash our windows so I stayed out with her and again, she talked to me all the time and then we both went inside for a seat on my couch before I had another wander round the fields before dinner time.

I am resting now because I have every intention of going out again before bedtime and I may stay out late as my MH has told me she can leave the window open for me again.

So, my little weather man friend, please keep doing whatever it is you are doing 'cos I am having a magic time! Thank you.

PS I am back! My MH fixed the little bug on her computer that wouldn't show you my picture. What a clever MH!

Monday, 10 October 2016

A New Week

And a good one for us all, I hope. It has certainly started off good for me. When I wakened up, I did my usual and ran to the window to see what kind of day it was and it was a good one so I was happy. I waited until my DH was ready and then he gave me my breakfast and while my MH was getting ready I played in the garden. My timing is getting better and better every day and I always nip in the window just in time to get my drink of milk. Purrfect!

I got a big surprise when the postie man came 'cos he brought me a postcard from my friend J. and that made me very happy. I even let my MH read it to me a few times 'cos I was so excited.

We waved cheerio to my DH and then had our morning chat before I headed outside again and the old dear grabbed her vacuum cleaner and her dusters and started to clean my house. I was happy outside but kept going back inside to see her and to get a wee cuddle. I saw that the washing machine was on so I knew she would be coming out into the garden to hang out the clothes so I just waited for her and played while she did that. I love it when I have company outside and I ran all over the grass and up the poles a couple of times and I was very happy.

My friend S. came to my house in the afternoon and she tooked my MH away with her and when she comed home to me I was a tad annoyed 'cos when I gave her a wee cuddle I could smell D-O-G!! They had both been visiting another friend who has a doggie and my MH was clapping this creature, but when she saw I was a tad annoyed she told me that although it was a lovely doggie I am still her very favourite. That made me feel a lot better and I have forgiven her.

There isn't a picture for you today 'cos the old dear is having a problem with her lap top but she hopes to have it fixed for tomorrow.

Sunday, 9 October 2016

My Sunday

I had a long sleep this morning 'cos my humans weren't up early and we all had a lazy breakfast. Me and my MH had ours first while she was watching Jessica again. I was nipping in and out and listening for her to finish her cereal so that I could get my drink of milk. It was another good day and I was enjoying being outside. It was warm and calm and perfect Squeak weather really so I was a happy puss.

I got a wee surprise last night. My humans were watching television and I had been sleeping, but when I wakened up I was a bit bored and just went and sat in a corner of my living room wondering what I could do. My MH noticed I looked a wee bit sad and she asked me if I wanted to play. Well! Do cats have whiskers? Of course I wanted to play. I may be nearly seven years old, but I still love playing with my humans and that's just what we did. I picked out a toy and my MH played for a long time with me while my DH watched us and smiled. I was very happy I can tell you and my MH liked it too.

Today has been very fine and my friend S. came to see me and my MH. I know it is really me she comes to see, but we don't tell the old dear that. We don't want to hurt her feelings, sure we don't? I like when S. lifts me up and cuddles me and she still calls me her 'ickle wickle' and I still have no idea what it means.... but I like it anyway.

It is resting time now but I shall be watching 'Strictly' with my MH before I go out to play again and then that will be the end of my Sunday and we will get ready for a new week. I hope we all have a very good one.

Saturday, 8 October 2016

A No-News Day

...but a good day. We have all had a very lazy day and it has been fine. Even the weather suited us and me and my DH were out together lots of time. As you know, I am my MH's puss and I spend lots and lots of time with her, so I have to make sure that the old boy doesn't ever feel left out, so I spend time with him too and it was his turn this afternoon.

(Can you spot the pussy cat?)

Me and my MH were up first and I am going to let you into one of her secrets. She is hooked on 'Murder She Wrote' so every Saturday, while we are having our breakfast, we watch Jessica solving all the murders....and she always does! When that was all finished, my MH decided to do some baking for us, so I went out into the greenhouse with my DH and helped him look after our tomatoes. We are still able to bring some in for the Boss and she likes that, and because she was happy, I got a Squeak sized pancake!

The weather was good enough to let me out as often as I wanted so I got plenty of fresh air but every now and then I would nip in and make sure my MH was OK, and of course she was. She was making some cards so I knew it was best for me not to get too close 'cos I have been nearly glued to the unit before and that wasn't just the bestest of fun and I have learned my lesson.

So, although I don't have a lot of news for you, I am OK and I have had a good day and I hope your day has been a good one too.

Friday, 7 October 2016

Back On Colour Again

I think my MH must be very clever 'cos she said I would be full of energy at bedtime and she was right. She wasn't too happy, but she was right! After my dinner I slept for most of the evening and then I helped my MH to fall asleep before I asked my DH to please let me out and he did, and I had great fun. I didn't do very much, but I wandered around my garden and then went into the fields for a while before I headed home for a sleep beside my MH. I cuddled up beside her and told her I was feeling a lot better and she was very happy then.

We were up very early this morning 'cos my humans were going away on the first boat but fortunately the weather was OK and they could leave the window open for me so I was able to get out to play for a while.It was quite warm and there wasn't much wind, so I was quite happy and soon my MH was back to me and that made me even happier.

The old boy decided to go to Kirkwall so he didn't come back till teatime,but me and my MH had the girlie afternoon that she promised me and I loved it. But then I always do! I am looking forward to our weekend and I hope you have a good weekend too.

Thursday, 6 October 2016

A Little Off Colour

That's what I am. Oh, don't worry--- I am still black and white but I have been feeling a wee bit off today. Not ill or unwell or anything like that, but just not my usual bouncing self. I have spent most of the day sleeping and now I am on my MH's knee with my adorable little head on her keyboard and she is stroking me as she is typing this to you, so that is making me feel much better. Maybe I am just having a little lazy turn.

It was just a normal Thursday in my house with my DH doing lots of work outside and the old dear doing lots of housework inside, so there has been plenty of company for me. My MH says that I shall probably be full of beans when it is time to go to bed, but it is still a bit too breezy for her to leave the window open so I think I will have to stay inside even if I am bouncing off the walls! Hee hee

I have been told that I need to have a long sleep 'cos my humans are both going on the early boat in the morning and we all need to be up early, although as soon as I have seen them away, I shall be straight back into my little bed.My MH is only going away for a wee while and she will be back to me at lunch time, but my DH won't be home till tea time, so we will probably have a girlie afternoon and that is very fine by me.

Maybe I will have more energy and feel like playing then. I shall let you know.

Wednesday, 5 October 2016

A Funny Day

..not funny ha ha, but funny odd. My DH had to go to the doctor---just for a wee check up--he is OK--but he had to get the first boat so we were up early. I had a quick look out of the window and when I saw that it was windy, I decided to go back to bed beside my MH. I was in a lovely snooze when her alarm went off and I had to get up again!

I did wonder why she was up early but she told me she had to go to the dentist and she wouldn't be home till later so I was not very happy, but as usual I had to accept it. She didn't like the weather but off she went in her little kangaroo and I settled down to catch up with my sleep.

I was right in the middle of a lovely dream when I heard my door opening and I wandered through to the kitchen to see who had comed into my house and guess who it was? It was my MH!! She had gone to the pier but it was too windy for her little legs to get on to the boat, so she decided just to come back to me. And oh boy, was I a happy puss! I didn't even mind being wakened up AGAIN!!

We had a lazy day and she did a wee bit of housework, while I had a big sleep until the afternoon when the wind decided to go somewhere else and I was able to play without being blowed away. I stayed out for a while and then decided it was time for another nap, and I was sound asleep when all the little childrens came for their guitar lesson, so I was wakened up one more!

I have hardly had a decent sleep all day, but I shall make up for it tonight---I hope!!!

Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Ho Hum

I think the summer has gone away somewhere else 'cos it is certainly not on my little island. It has not been a very good day at all because it has been very windy although not too cold, so once I was out and in a sheltered place, it was actually quite pleasant but I know it is going to start getting colder now.

There is one good thing about the winter time and that is when my MH puts on her big furry dressing gown that I just LOVE! It is so soft and cuddly and I can have some beautiful sleeps on her knee when she puts it on. So the winter night times are good, but some of the winter day times are not to my liking.

We had some visitors to my house this morning, but just for a little while. It was long enough for me to be adored however and they told me I was beautiful. I did not argue. Well, it would have been rude, would it not? I let them stroke me and gave them one of my special purrs and they liked that. Their visit actually made up for a little disappointment that I had earlier.

I shall explain. You knew I would, didn't you? After my breakfast and wee drink of milk I nipped outside and I admit that I was out for rather a long time, but when I did decide to come back indoors, my MH had started changing the beds! Without me!! Shock, horror. I was not best pleased I can tell you. I just stood there staring at the old dear and she definitely got my meaning. She had the grace to apologise, so she is nearly forgiven.---Nearly! It is my very favourite game and one would have thought that she could have waited for me, but she didn't. However, when she saw how upset I was, she lifted me up onto the bed and cuddled me up in my blanket and we played together for a while, so that helped a little---but it wasn't the same!

I have been in and out lots and I am now resting on the old dear's knee as she is writing this for you and my adorable little head is resting on her keyboard, so if there are any black or white hairs on your screen, they might just be mine!!

Monday, 3 October 2016

Another Week

I wasn't just as happy today 'cos it was windy and cold, but it didn't keep me in. I just wasn't as warm while I was exploring and hunting, but I just kept moving quickly so that my adorable little body didn't get too cold.

I had a very good sleep through the night and me and my MH had one of our very special 'through the night' chats, or whispers, and I love those. I wakened up and it was very, very dark so I knew it was the middle of the night but I needed a wee cuddle so I tickled her lug with my little paw and she wakened up and cuddled me and we whispered for a wee while before we falled asleep again. But it was good. I like those special times.

Anyway, when we got up a while later, we helped my DH get ready to go to the Cat Shop and then me and my MH had a chat about what we were going to do. She told me she was going to do some housework and I told her that I would be going outside to explore and hunt until she was finished and that was fine. The weather looked not too bad but once I got out I realised it was a bit windy and it was cold, so I quickly found a sheltered spot and had a seat for a while as I watched lots of little birdies coming to the feeder at my house.

I like watching them when they are eating, but some naughty birdies fight with their friends and that makes me a bit sad. I wish I could tell them not to do that but if I go near them, they just fly away, so there is nothing I can do. Sigh! And that was my day really. In and out lots of times, although me and my MH did go into the gym for a while 'cos she wanted to clean all the inside of it after they had painted the outside, so naturally I had to go with her and make sure she didn't get lonely.

We stayed there for quite a while but she was happy with how it looked when we were finished, so it was back inside and a seat on the couch till my DH comed home again. It was a good day and I will probably be going back outside for a while before bed time.

It is getting dark earlier now but that doesn't bother me 'cos I have very good eyesight and can see very well in the dark, but I don't know how long I will be out.It will depend on the weather but I have a feeling I won't be staying out very late. We will see.

Sunday, 2 October 2016

And Again

Oh I think my little weather man friend must like me lots and lots 'cos he has sended me more lovely weather so that me and my humans have been able to get outside all day.

We had our usual lazy morning just sitting on my couch and having a chat about what we might---or might not --do with our Sunday. I had already been outside, so to be perfectly honest, I was very happy sitting on my MH's knee and just chilling!

My DH went outside for a wander round our estate and when he comed in he told my MH that in a wee while he was going to paint her gym and did she want to help him? She told him she had a couple of things to do, but then she would go and do some painting and then they both looked at me and I told them I was DEFINITELY going out with them. Yahoo!

Soon, it was a wee while later and we all went out and while the humans were busy with the paint and the brushes I ran all over my garden chasing bit of pampas grass and nipping in and out through the fence to have a word with all my animal friends. h, it was just the best afternoon for a long, long time and I loved it.

The painting didn't take too long and it is all finished and we are all very happy with it. And me? I am resting now 'cos I was out until half past one in this morning, so I need a rest now before I head out again later on.

Saturday, 1 October 2016

A Crackin' Day

What a surprise we all got when we wakened up this morning 'cos there was no wind and no rain but there WAS sunshine! Yippee. We were very happy. I gobbled up my breakfast and shot outside as quickly as I could and I loved it. It was warm and calm and dry and it made me very happy.

It took me a long time before I went back inside for my little drop of milk, but as usual, my MH had kept it for me and while I was lapping it up I heard her saying that she was going to wash her windows, so I knew I would be having lots of company outside and I liked that. My DH had lots to do outside too so we were all out for most of the afternoon and it was just magic!

My DH was moving the ornaments that were too heavy for my MH, so I followed him around and then I helped the Boss as she did her windows and when she was finished I asked her if she would play with me. You all know what she said, don't you? She said 'yes' of course and so we played.

I ran up and down the garden and I climbed the clothes poles which always makes my humans laugh and then I shot through the fence and into the fields to have a chat to some of my sheep friends. I had a brilliant time and stayed out as long as possible until my adorable little tummy told me it was feeding time and then I went back indoors and after my dinner I had a wee snooze.

I shall be going out again soon 'cos it is still a very good night and just the kind of weather I like.