Saturday, 1 October 2016

A Crackin' Day

What a surprise we all got when we wakened up this morning 'cos there was no wind and no rain but there WAS sunshine! Yippee. We were very happy. I gobbled up my breakfast and shot outside as quickly as I could and I loved it. It was warm and calm and dry and it made me very happy.

It took me a long time before I went back inside for my little drop of milk, but as usual, my MH had kept it for me and while I was lapping it up I heard her saying that she was going to wash her windows, so I knew I would be having lots of company outside and I liked that. My DH had lots to do outside too so we were all out for most of the afternoon and it was just magic!

My DH was moving the ornaments that were too heavy for my MH, so I followed him around and then I helped the Boss as she did her windows and when she was finished I asked her if she would play with me. You all know what she said, don't you? She said 'yes' of course and so we played.

I ran up and down the garden and I climbed the clothes poles which always makes my humans laugh and then I shot through the fence and into the fields to have a chat to some of my sheep friends. I had a brilliant time and stayed out as long as possible until my adorable little tummy told me it was feeding time and then I went back indoors and after my dinner I had a wee snooze.

I shall be going out again soon 'cos it is still a very good night and just the kind of weather I like.

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