Sunday, 23 October 2016

A Good Sunday

We all had a long sleep this morning 'cos it was Sunday and that means that me and my humans can have a very easy day and we don't need to do any work if we don't want to. And today we didn't want to!

Our day stared off as normal with me and my MH up first and her watching her television programme while I wandered out to see what was happening. It was quite cool but at that time it was dry, so I wandered around for a while and then nipped back in to get my little drop of milk.

My MH is making some cards so I had a seat on the table beside her and watched for a while, but then I got a bit bored and lay down for my first sleep of the day.My DH watched the football and was very happy when his team won. Phew! My MH went down to the Hall with her friends do do something there so I played outside till I saw her little kangaroo coming back up the road and then as she went in the door, I went in the window and we met up in the kitchen! Then it was cuddle time again. Oh goody!

I decided to have another trip outside before dinner time, but my timing wasn't very good and I got soaked. My MH was in the kitchen making the dinner, so my DH had to let me in and when he heard me 'ringing' he dried me with the big towel which I love. And then---because I had been traumatised (only joking) with all the rain, she gave me some tuna which my adorable little tummy just adores. It was delicious.

I wonder if there is any left 'cos I might just get soaking wet again if there is!

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