Thursday, 20 October 2016

A Lovely Day

I have had a much better day for a couple of reasons and the main one was that my humans have been with me all day. They just nipped out after dinner for half an hour to a meeting, but by that time I was having my after dinner nap so I didn't mind at all.

The second reason was that the weather was good so I was outside lots and lots of times and for long times too. In fact, one time I was out so long that my MH was worried about me and as my DH went out the door to look for me, I nipped in the window. Oh we did all giggle!

I helped my MH hang out our washing and then I nipped through the fence to play in the long grass. There are still a few birdies for me to watch and lots of them come to our bird feeders and I like to watch them as they have their dinner.

I asked my MH to play with me in the afternoon and when she agreed, I picked my little mouse that my friend J. sended to me a long time ago and we had very good fun. I still love that little mouse toy--especially when my MH is playing with me.

So, I have been a very happy little puss and as it is still a lovely still evening,I think I shall have a long stroll before bedtime. Oh, I do like this weather!

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