Monday, 10 October 2016

A New Week

And a good one for us all, I hope. It has certainly started off good for me. When I wakened up, I did my usual and ran to the window to see what kind of day it was and it was a good one so I was happy. I waited until my DH was ready and then he gave me my breakfast and while my MH was getting ready I played in the garden. My timing is getting better and better every day and I always nip in the window just in time to get my drink of milk. Purrfect!

I got a big surprise when the postie man came 'cos he brought me a postcard from my friend J. and that made me very happy. I even let my MH read it to me a few times 'cos I was so excited.

We waved cheerio to my DH and then had our morning chat before I headed outside again and the old dear grabbed her vacuum cleaner and her dusters and started to clean my house. I was happy outside but kept going back inside to see her and to get a wee cuddle. I saw that the washing machine was on so I knew she would be coming out into the garden to hang out the clothes so I just waited for her and played while she did that. I love it when I have company outside and I ran all over the grass and up the poles a couple of times and I was very happy.

My friend S. came to my house in the afternoon and she tooked my MH away with her and when she comed home to me I was a tad annoyed 'cos when I gave her a wee cuddle I could smell D-O-G!! They had both been visiting another friend who has a doggie and my MH was clapping this creature, but when she saw I was a tad annoyed she told me that although it was a lovely doggie I am still her very favourite. That made me feel a lot better and I have forgiven her.

There isn't a picture for you today 'cos the old dear is having a problem with her lap top but she hopes to have it fixed for tomorrow.

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