Thursday, 27 October 2016


We were all in my house together today and that's just the way I like it. I am fine when I am on my own, but just not as happy as when my humans are here with me 'cos I know that if I need a feed or a drink or a cuddle, I just have to ask and it is there for me right away. Which is just as it should be, is it not?

My MH was busy with her housework so me and my DH had some time together and then he decided he would make some bolognaise sauce for the dinner so I helped him and got a wee bit of mince which I gobbled up and enjoyed.

I had a lie down for a rest and every wee while my MH would come and sit with me and give me a cuddle and as soon as I heard the vacuum cleaner getting put away I ran into the living room and just waited for my MH to come in so that I could sit on her knee. That was good fun..

I have been out playing quite a lot even though it has been a wet and windy day and one time I made my humans shake their heads 'cos they didn't understand me. I do that to my DH lots of times, but my MH usually understands me. However, today I flummoxed both of them. I went out when it was dry but the rain came on and I got soaking wet. I ran home and my DH made me all dry, but then I just walked to the door and asked to be let out again even though it was still pouring with rain.

They will never understand me!!

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