Friday, 14 October 2016

Friday Fun

The weather today was worser than yesterday but I still had great fun 'cos it was string day! When I had finished my breakfast I went outside for a little while, but it was wet so I didn't stay out too long and when I went back in I had a long seat on my MH's knee which made me feel happy so I purred very loudly for her and that made her smile.

It was very peaceful in my house today 'cos my MH doesn't do any housework and because it was wet, my DH didn't have anything to do either, so there was lots of time for yours truly. I got a big surprise when the postman comed to my house 'cos he brought us an envelope and it had my name on it too! Oh I was excited and when my MH read it she told me it was my friend J. and that made me purr even louder, so thank you very much, J.

I watched as my DH went away to the pier at lunch time and then I waited very patiently until he comed back again and today he had two boxes tied up with string! Oh yippee. Fun Time! I think he must have told the peoples in the shop to keep using string instead of sticky tape and that's what they did. We had great fun playing in my kitchen and we were all very happy.

I helped my MH do some of her cards and then I had a little nap until dinner time. It is still wet and the wind is getting worser, so I think I will need all my intrepidness if I want to go out before bedtime. We shall see.

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  1. The peoples in the shop use string just for you? Wow, this confirms how special you are!
    Michelle xxx