Tuesday, 18 October 2016


This is the time of year when I think about hibernation and every year I think I might just sleep for the winter but then I think of all the things I might miss and I think it's maybe not my bestest idea.

I would need to get up for my breakfasts and my dinners 'cos I have just got a little tummy and even when it is filled up to its very top, there isn't enough food in there to last me all winter, so that is my main problem. I would miss all the cuddles from my MH and all the chats I have with my humans. And then I would need to get up when my friend S. comes to see me 'cos it would be very rude not to, wouldn't it? And then there is string day. Who would play with my DH on a Friday when he comes back from the pier?

Can you see how seriously I have been considering this? I have been indoors quite a lot today just thinking and I have decided that perhaps hibernation is not for me. Well, this year anyway!

It has been quite a good day and I have been out quite a lot of times but just for little times 'cos it is getting cooler every day and I prefer being warm but I still need to be in the fresh air for a wee while so I nipped out and ran round my garden to make sure that everything was all right and when I saw that it was, I nipped back inside for a cuddle and I did that lots of times, so now I need a snooze until it is time for my bedtime perambulation which is another thing I would miss if I hibernated.

Maybe I could just wear a coat?

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