Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Ho Hum

I think the summer has gone away somewhere else 'cos it is certainly not on my little island. It has not been a very good day at all because it has been very windy although not too cold, so once I was out and in a sheltered place, it was actually quite pleasant but I know it is going to start getting colder now.

There is one good thing about the winter time and that is when my MH puts on her big furry dressing gown that I just LOVE! It is so soft and cuddly and I can have some beautiful sleeps on her knee when she puts it on. So the winter night times are good, but some of the winter day times are not to my liking.

We had some visitors to my house this morning, but just for a little while. It was long enough for me to be adored however and they told me I was beautiful. I did not argue. Well, it would have been rude, would it not? I let them stroke me and gave them one of my special purrs and they liked that. Their visit actually made up for a little disappointment that I had earlier.

I shall explain. You knew I would, didn't you? After my breakfast and wee drink of milk I nipped outside and I admit that I was out for rather a long time, but when I did decide to come back indoors, my MH had started changing the beds! Without me!! Shock, horror. I was not best pleased I can tell you. I just stood there staring at the old dear and she definitely got my meaning. She had the grace to apologise, so she is nearly forgiven.---Nearly! It is my very favourite game and one would have thought that she could have waited for me, but she didn't. However, when she saw how upset I was, she lifted me up onto the bed and cuddled me up in my blanket and we played together for a while, so that helped a little---but it wasn't the same!

I have been in and out lots and I am now resting on the old dear's knee as she is writing this for you and my adorable little head is resting on her keyboard, so if there are any black or white hairs on your screen, they might just be mine!!

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