Thursday, 24 November 2016

A Big Surprise

Today was a good day and I got a great big surprise which I just loved and you can see how much I loved it from all the pictures. We were just having a normal Thursday with me and my DH keeping out of the way of my MH as she raced round the house with her vacuum cleaner and her duster, but then the old boy went away and I just waited patiently for him to come back and it was then I got my surprise 'cos he brought our boxes. With string!!

I certainly wasn't complaining and me and my DH played for ages with the string and then my MH told me that the boat times had changed and from now on Thursday will be string day so I shall have to remember that.

It is still a lot cold on my island, but not enough to keep me in so I have had lots of little plays outside and then brilliant big cuddles to warm me up when I decide to go home again.

So you can see that I have had a very good day and I hope your day has been a good one too.

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