Monday, 14 November 2016

A Funny Monday

I was a bit confuddled today --that is one of my MH's words that I like the sound of. My DH got ready to go to the Cat Shop and that was fine 'cos that's what he usually does, but my MH went away with him as well and I didn't like that very much at all. I had been outside for a while, but I was told to come in 'cos the window had to be shut before they went away and this time I did as I was told.

I decided just to settle down and have a snooze but then in just a little while my MH comed back again. She told me that she just needed a haircut and now she was back to look after me and that made me very happy.

She did a wee bit of housework but there was always lots of time for me and that was good.I had been having a snooze on the chair and then I decided to sit on the window sill and look out the window and it was then that I got a big surprise 'cos the field was filled with all these geeses. Lots and lots of ginormous geeses! I was staring so hard that my MH came to see what was wrong and she tooked this picture for you and I hope you like it.

We were all hoping to see the big moon but I am afraid my little island was all covered in cloud so we didn't, but my little weather man friend said maybe we could see it tomorrow so my little paws are crossed.

I hope you managed to see the big moon.


  1. Squeak - it was all cloudy here too. We've come through the big earthquake and the hundreds of after shocks with no damage apart from a lack of sleep. Today's flooding here in the Wellington region didn't affect us either - our wee flat is built on solid rock way,way up on a hill. Megs didn't like the quake very much - see kept running all over the flat. It woke me up and I just stayed in bed until the shaking stopped then got up to check everything. Sending care and love to you and your dear Humans, Michelle

  2. Hello Michelle. Me and my humans are very pleased to hear from you and to know that you are safe after all that trouble. I hope you and Megs will be fine now. Lots of purrs and squeaks to you both.