Sunday, 20 November 2016

A Funny Sunday

You all know that Sunday in my house is usually a very lazy day, but not today. My MH was very busy washing lots of dishes from last night's party in the Hall, but she talked to me when I went to see her and that made her happy.

My humans were out very late last night and because it was so cold, they had to close the window and I had to stay inside but I did get out to play when they comed home again, but my MH told me a funny thing. She said to be careful 'cos Jack Frost was outside. Well, I looked and looked but I couldn't see him. All I did see was lots of very cold white stuff on my grass and paths. It wasn't snow but it was just as cold and I had to keep moving or I would have sticked to the path, so needless to say, I didn't stay outside too long and nipped back in to sit with my MH for a while before we went to bed. She told me that the party had been very good and she had sore feets with dancing but she like it lots.

We didn't get up too early and when I went outside I looked for Mr. Frost again but he still wasn't in my garden. Maybe it was too cold for him. A wee while later, our friend N. brought my MH boxes and boxes of dishes to do. I know you will be asking why and I will tell you. You knew I would, didn't you? You see, there are only two dishwasher machines on my little island. We have one and my friend S. has the other, so they do all the dishes after our parties. See?

So that's what we did this afternoon and then the old dear needed a long seat so I sat with her and purred a lot. Then tonight we watched Andy winning his match and we were both very happy when he won. Well done Andy.

So, although it has been a different Sunday, it has been a good one for us and I hope it has been a good one for you too.


  1. Squeal, you appear to be waiting to help put dishes away in your picture. It made me smile. Aslan sends his purrgards to you and is glad you had a good day.

  2. I am glad you liked my picture Bonnie. I always help my MH and she likes that very much and every now and then she stops to cuddle me or play with me and that is good. Soon little Aslan will be helping you. I am glad he is getting braver and please tell him that if he needs any tips on how to be the perfectest puss,I shall be very happy to tell him. Thank you. Lots of purrs and squeaks to you both.