Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Guess What?

There is snow on my little island! Yippee!! Not an awful lot of snow you understand. Not enough to build a snow man yet, but enough to make these four adorable little paws be freezing cold when I venture out and I have ventured out a lot today. Oh I am a happy, happy Squeak.

My DH wasn't feeling very well today so he stayed home with me and my MH and I had to look after him for a while but he is feeling better now so I must have done a very good job. The old dear decided to have a day off all her work so there was plenty of time for me.

It was my MH who told me it was snowing 'cos I was having one of my many cat naps and she comed and founded me and told me that it was starting to snow and by the time I got through to my living room, the hail was banging against my window and my DH couldn't hear the radio. Shame.

I sat on the window sill and just watched all the weather but as soon as as all the hail stopped rattling down I was off out into the snow and I liked it but oh dear my little feets were so, so cold. I didn't stay out very long and as soon as I went inside I got a great big cuddle to warm me up and that was so very good.

I have been out lots of times but just for very little times 'cos it is still cold and it is quite windy too. I am hoping that when I get up in the tomorrow morning, my little island will be covered in snow.

That will make me a very happy little Squeak indeed.

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