Friday, 25 November 2016

Just an Ordinary Friday

It will take me a wee while to get used to not having string on a Friday. For a wee while I forgot that I had played with the string yesterday and then I was a bit disappointed when I remembered, but as usual the old dear knew what I was thinking and she played with me so I was all happy again. It doesn't take very much to make me happy, does it?

We have all had a good day and it has been lovely and quiet without the vacuum cleaner and whenever I wanted a seat beside my MH or a cuddle I just had to ask and it was there. Magic. I think I will get to like Fridays.

I have been in and out lots of times. I keep looking for the little mouse in my honeysuckle bush but I still can't find it. I was hoping I might bring it into my house so that it could be warm and maybe play with me. I am sure my MH would just love that, sure she would? I will keep looking and maybe one of these days I will be able to bring her a little present. I hope so.

It will soon be time for me to start dropping hints about what I want for my birthday 'cos I will soon be seven years old. Wow! I am a fully growed up cat now even though I still act like a kitten cat but I still have to make sure I get my present list all sorted out.

Well, it will be such a great help to my humans, sure it will? Hee hee

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