Friday, 4 November 2016

My Favourite Day

You all know that I am a very happy little puss and always have lots of good times in my house. I only have to ask, and my humans will play with me whenever I feel like it--- and I do like playing. However, Friday has got to be my very favourite day 'cos it is string day and I love that.

And today was no exception. In fact it was even better 'cos my MH had ordered lots of boxes and they ALL comed with string! I think the people in the shops know all about me and send string to keep me happy.

So, while my MH was putting away all the food things, me and my DH played in the kitchen with the string and it was super fun, but then he had to help her, so I just played all by myself and I made them both laugh when I carried the string into our bedroom and played there for a while.

I watched while my humans were being busy, but as soon as my MH was finished, I did my silly run which tells her I want to play and I scooted into the bedroom and when she comed in, I was holding the string ready for us to play again and she told me I was a very clever puss. But I knew that already!

I have had a very good day and I have also been outside quite a lot, but it is cold and wet and windy so I don't stay out too long. I think winter is definitely here and I am going to need lots of warming-me-up cuddles now.

But I am not complaining! :-))

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