Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Oh Dear!

I was nearly in trouble today. You notice that I say 'nearly'? I have been nearly in trouble lots of times in my almost seven years! Do you see what I did there? Just a wee gentle hint, hee hee. Anyway, I never really get into REAL trouble 'cos my humans love me too much to get angry with me and they usually end up smiling at me and telling me I am a monkey, so that's OK.

Anyway,(again)I stretched the old dear to the limit today, but still I got away with it. Picture the scene. It is a wet, blowy, horrible day on my little island. My DH has sailed away to the Cat Shop and my MH has lots of work to do on her computer so she is sitting on the couch with her laptop and she is clattering away on the keys doing some writing stuff. Yours truly is having a snooze, but just coming out of a lovely dream and thinking that maybe I should wander out to see what is happening in my garden. All OK so far.

I waken up and have a wee wash and a crunch at some of my biscuits then I politely ask the old dear to let me out. So. She stops clattering and lifts all the books she is using and her computer and puts them to the side and gets up and opens the window for me. I nip up onto my window sill but as soon as she opens the window and the weather comes flying inside, I am back on the couch again! Everything is still fine and my MH is still happy and she asks if I would like to try the door where it might be a bit better and we agree to try it. We wander through the kitchen and as soon as she opens the door, the weather hits me and I am back on the couch again.

The old dear is still quite understanding and settles down again to pick up her books and computer and starts again. I think you know what I did now, don't you? Yep. I nipped back up onto the window sill and started pawing at the curtains which I am definitely NOT allowed to do and my MH is up like a shot---well, once she had moved all her stuff again ---- and races over to the window.

I don't think I need to tell you any more except this happened another couple of times before she told me that if I didn't go out of my own accord, she would throw me out. I think she was kidding, but I didn't wait around to find out. I was just a little bit naughty but it was worth it and after I had had a wee run round my garden and waited a decent time, I asked to be let back in again and got a great big cuddle.

She just cannot get angry with me at all-----I think!! :-))

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