Friday, 18 November 2016


...... I know where there is snow. I can see it from my house but I don't think I can get to it easily. I shall explain. There is lots of snow on the Hoy hills and these hills are on the island next to mine, so if I want to get there I would have to sneak away on the boat and there is the tiny, tiny snag 'cos if I tried to get on the boat somebody would see me and take me back to my humans 'cos everybody on my little island knows me and they all know where I should be, so my chances of getting to Hoy are just about none! Oh dear. I guess I shall have to wait until the snow comes to me.

I have had a fine day and although it has been cold, I have still been out lots of times but my humans have noticed that my times out are getting shorter and shorter and they know that it is too cold for me to stay out long. I comed home last night and when I nipped in the window, my MH lifted me up like she always does and she got a shock when she feeled my adorable little feets 'cos they were freezing! But she cuddled me close for a long time and soon I was warm again. She is thinking about little boots again, but since it hasn't happened in all the years I have been a puss here I don't think it will happen this year. But one never knows, does one?

Me and my MH watched Andy winning his match and we were very happy so we will watch him again tomorrow with our fingers crossed. I am be left on my own tomorrow night because it is the island's Harvest Home and both my humans will be out all night. My MH has told me she will cuddle me or play with me---or maybe both!-- in the afternoon and then make sure that I can have a special time when she comes home so I am OK with that.

We will be very busy on Sunday catching up with Strictly and watching tennis. I might not have time to go out to play so I hope it doesn't snow on Sunday 'cos I just don't have time for it. Can it please wait till Monday, little weather man friend?

Thank you.

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