Saturday, 5 November 2016

What a Day

I nipped outside as soon as I had finished my breakfast and got the shock of my life when I felt how cold it was. Boy it was freezing! I had a run down to the edge of my path and scooted back inside again, and I'm afraid it has been like that all day. It has been wet and windy and very, very cold. Winter is here.

I sat with my MH lots of time and that kept us both cosy, but then she had to go out to do crafty things with her friends, but she wanted to be back quickly to watch Andy's tennis match 'cos she was hoping he would become number one. A while later, she comed back in and she was cold, but when my DH told her the very good news about Andy, she was happy and gived me a big cuddle which warmed her up again.

I was a wee bit frightened tonight 'cos I heard lots and lots of bangs and I didn't want to go out 'cos I didn't know what it was but then the old dear told me that people were blowing up somebody called Guy Fawkes and he was making a big noise about it, so I was a bit happier. I am not sure if that is the right story 'cos I was watching Strictly at the time and maybe didn't listen properly, but maybe you will know all about it anyway.

If they have stopped blowing him up and making big loud noises before my bedtime, I will probably go outside for a wee while. I will just need to wait and see what is happening.

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