Friday, 16 December 2016

A Lazy Seven Year Old!

Well, I have to look after myself now, don't I? Hee hee

I have had a good day helping my MH get all the games ready for the Christmas party tonight on my little island. All the peoples and childrens go and they all have very good fun and my MH helps them to do that. And then when all the games are finished Santa Claus comes with lots and lots of presents. It is a shame that us puss cats can't go, but my MH has promised me that she will tell Santa I have been the very bestest puss in the en-tire world, and I think he will bring me something special--- I hope!!

I will be left all alone tonight and as it is raining, my humans will have to close the window, but I will just have a little snooze till they come back home to me again and then I will sit on my MH's knee while she tells me all about the party, and then I can tell you tomorrow! Yippee

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