Tuesday, 27 December 2016

A Much Better Day

Thank goodness the wind has finally stopped screaming at me and blowing me away. Between you and me, my dear friends, I was getting really fed-up with it and although I did go outside lots of times, I wasn't very happy, but I was a much happier little puss today.

As soon as I wakened up I had a little listen and to make sure my adorable little lugs were working, I gave them a wee rub and still it was quiet with no wind and when my MH was still getting wakened up, I did a little happy cartwheel on my bed, but she didn't see me! Hee hee

I gobbled up my breakfast and jumped out of the window and for the first time an a lot of days I landed where I was supposed to. Brilliant! I stayed out a long time and although I was a bit cool, I was very happy, and I think I am going to be happy tomorrow again 'cos my little weatherman friend says it has to be like this for a few days yet, so my little paws are crossed.

My humans had to go out this afternoon 'cos my MH was doing the Nativity play with the little childrens and all the islanders were coming to the Hall to watch it so I had to be left all alone. This was supposed to have been on Christmas Eve but all the naughty winds meant that nobody could get out of their houses, so it was today and my MH said it was good.

When they comed home to me there was a lot of stuff on my kitchen floor and I sat in this little basket which was used for the baby Jesus. I liked sitting there, but my favourite seat is still the one in this picture which my DH tooked the other night and my MH didn't know anything about it.

But don't I look adorable?

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