Monday, 12 December 2016

All Better

Well, my MH gave her laptop to our friend M. and he made it all better for her so she is a very happy MH and if she is happy, then so are we.

It has been a lovely day on my little island and I have been outside lots of times. My poor old DH has the cold again so he stayed home today, but my MH was away out to the Hall 'cos the minister was over and she had to play her guitar for all the peoples who came with him.I stayed at home and looked after my DH and he liked that lots but as soon as the old dear comed home again, I went out to play again but just for a wee while till my MH was ready to sit down and cuddle me.

We had a very good afternoon together, but I am afraid I got into trouble tonight and I really don't know why. I brought in a wee birdie which I had got for my MH's Christmas and I nearly got away with it, but she found it and I was in trouble. You see, I nipped in the window and scooted so quickly into my bedroom that the old dear reckoned there was something amiss and she followed me. My idea was to wrap up the little birdie and put it under the tree but I'm afraid she knows me too well and decided that I was up to something.

She followed me and tooked away the little birdie which I am afraid was a wee bit very dead but she doesn't know if I found it like that or if I made it like that, and I am not telling! After all, I am an adorable puss but I AM a puss!

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  1. "a wee bit very dead?" Oh Squeak, you do make me smile.