Wednesday, 7 December 2016

An Odd Day

It has been rather an odd day Chez Squeak, but quite a good one just the same. It started off when my MH's alarm went off and that was rather odd in itself, 'cos usually it is my DH who gets up first on a Wednesday but this morning it was me and the old dear and I thought she had made a big mistake when she set the clock 'cos when I bounced to the window, I couldn't see anything. It was pitch black like in the middle of the night time. I rubbed my adorable little eyes and blinked a bit, but it was still the same---black dark!

My DH was still snoring and when I asked my MH why we were up before the sun, she told me she had to go to the dentist. Shame. I went outside for a while but nobody else was up so I just nipped back inside my house and when I saw my MH driving down the road, I snuggled up beside my DH and we had another little snooze till his alarm went off and then we were up again!

My MH showed me this picture which she took from Stromness just as the sun was appearing and she thought you might like to see it. She was getting me some goodies at the Co-op and she liked this view so she tooked a picture.

My DH went away at half past ten o'clock in this morning and he left the window open for me so I could nip in and out if I wanted and since I haven't seen the naughty puss again in my garden, I went out a couple of times, but then I heard my door opening about half past twelve and in came my MH with a great big cuddle for me which I just loved.

There is another picture which my MH wanted to show you and she told me that even though the sunrise is a lovely picture, she loves the one of me a million times more. Oh bless! We all know why though, don't we?

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