Thursday, 22 December 2016


I am the excitedest little puss in the world and I will tell you why. The postman came to my house tonight with some of our mail and when my MH looked at it, there was one for me! Yes, it had my full name on the envelope and my address and it had gone through all the post offices just like the mail for all the humans and that made me so excited!

My MH opened the envelope and tooked out a little parcel which was for me and instead of opening it she said she would put it under my tree with all the other presents and she said she would help me to open it when they were opening their presents, so I am going to stay excited until then. Yippee

I have had a good day with lots of little trips out into my garden but I am afraid the weather has been very naughty and the wind is blowing a lot and my humans told me that it is going to get worser 'cos somebody called Barbara is coming to my little island and nobody wants her to come 'cos she is bringing lots of storms with her. I wonder why she is doing that?

All our boats have stopped sailing as the wind is making the sea very rough and the little boat doesn't like that so it has said it is not coming to see us until the weather is better. It is a good job that my MH ordered lots of my dinners last week and I told her if her and my DH run out of their dinner, they can have one or two of mine. I am so generous, am I not?

But between you and me, I hope they don't eat too many! Hee hee.

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