Thursday, 8 December 2016

Gold Stars

I am always a good puss. We all know that sure we do? But today I was even gooder than normal and my MH told me she was so proud of me and if she could, she would have put some gold stars on my adorable little chest, but we just had to be content with lots of cuddles.

So, what did I do to deserve all this praise? Well, the little childrens didn't come to my house last night but they all came this night and they brought another of the two littler childrens with them 'cos my MH needed to talk to them about something called a nativity play, so there were six little childrens in my house and instead of hiding, I lay on the back of my couch and listened as they all played the Christmas songs on their guitars.

Now, one of the little girls is only six and she is younger than me. Did I tell you I will be seven next week? Oh, I did! Ooops, hee hee! Anyway, as I was lying on my couch, this little girl started to stroke me and that was fine but then she started rubbing my adorable little nose with her finger and I didn't mind at all. My MH was watching all the time in case I was getting annoyed, but she said I was just the prefectest puss in the world!

When they were all going home J. picked me up 'cos I think he wanted to take me home with him and again I didn't do anything to hurt him and my MH was so very, very proud of me and later on she told my DH what a good puss I am. So there. Purrfect Squeak.

I have had a very good day with lots of string play time and I liked it lots. My humans might go to Kirkwall tomorrow if the wind is away somewhere else so I will be left all alone till they come back home to me, but as usual, I shall be a very good Squeak.:-))

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  1. Oh you are such a purrfect little kitty. Aslan sends his love.