Sunday, 25 December 2016

Happy Christmas Everybody

Just a wee quick message today to let you know that because Santa knew I had been a very good puss, he brought me some presents and my friend J. gave him some little mouses to bring to me and I just love them millions, so thank you Santa and J.

We have all had a very good day but I am afraid that the wind is still howling outside my house and although I have still been going out, I'm not enjoying it and only stay out for very short times.

My DH had to get up this morning at five o'clock. He didn't tell my MH why, but I think he was looking for Santa. Anyway, I decided to go out and the wind wasn't too bad then, so I stayed out for a long time and the old boy had to call for me quite a few times, but eventually I went home and cuddled up beside my MH for another snooze!

I hope you have all had a very good Christmas and that Santa was very good to everyone.

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