Saturday, 10 December 2016

Happy, happy, happy

That's what I have been today. Both my humans were at home with me all day and as there was no housework to be done, there was oodles of time for me and that made me so very, very happy.

We didn't need to get up too early so it was daylight when I jumped out of bed having jumped on my MH first to let her know I was a tad starving! I ate up all my breakfast and then nipped out of the window for a little time, but I didn't stay out too long. You see, all the cows are inside now for winter time so there are just a few sheeps for me to talk to, so really I have more company inside, and that's why I didn't stay out too long.When I comed in, I sat on my MH's knee while she had her breakfast watching Jessica and I had my little drink of milk which was very good.

We all did little bits of work and my MH got all her cards ready for posting. I think the postman is not going to be very happy with her 'cos there are MILLIONS of them for him to carry! Oh dear.

I have had lots of cuddles today to make up for being abandoned all day yesterday. Between you and me, I know just how to make the old dear feel guilty, but don't tell her please ' cos I like doing it! He hee. We have watched Strictly tonight and I sat on my MH's knee and purred while she stroked me. We both like that programme and can't wait for tomorrow.

So, I have had a very good Saturday and Sunday is looking quite promising too. I hope you have had a good day too and that you will have a happy Sunday.

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