Friday, 30 December 2016


You might have guessed that I have not been the happiest of puss cats today and I am sure you will want to know why? Well, I noticed that when my MH got up this morning she put on her 'going to the town' clothes and I knew I was going to be left on my own 'cos my DH was going away too! So, that called for one of Squeak's master plans and I leapt into action.

I asked to be let out of the window and because there was still time, my MH opened it and out I went and I decided that if I stayed out then they might miss the boat, but then my adorable little tummy let me down 'cos when my DH rattled some of my Dreamies, I forgot the plan and scooted back in through the window and then they shut it! Oh dear, I will never learn, will I?

So, away they went and left me in all day 'cos it was raining and they couldn't leave the window open and there was nothing else for me to do but have a snooze till they comed back home to me. But then everything was fine and I got lots of cuddles and out to play as many times as I liked, so I am a happy Squeak again.

I don't stay upset for long 'cos I know that I am a lucky puss and that I am loved MILLIONS!

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