Sunday, 11 December 2016

Oh Dear

My MH's lap top is a wee bit sick and she cannot get it to go on to the internet, but my friend M. is going to see if he can make it better. It is a very good job that her ipad is still working 'cos if it wasn't then she wouldn't be able to tell you all about my Sunday.

We have all had a very good day and we have all been a lot lazy and didn't do very much at all, but it was a very good day. The weather wasn't good at all and there was lots of wind so none of us has been out much. I did have a couple of quick runs outside just to see what was happening, but as soon as I went home again, I needed a cuddle--- and of course I got one!

My poor old DH has been sneezing all day and me and my MH think he has the cold starting and he might not be going to the cat shop tomorrow which would be a shame. My MH is hoping he doesn't give it to her 'cos she has lots to do so I hope she doesn't get his cold too.

This is my birthday week and I am getting excited. Will I feel different when I am seven, I wonder. I will let you know when it happens.

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