Saturday, 24 December 2016

Oh dear

What a day it has been. Boy, has Barbara been in a bad, bad mood and she has been blowing all over my little island for the whole day. I didn't like it at all and neither did my humans. My MH did sleep OK last night but when we all got up this morning, we knew it was going to be a rather not nice day and as well as the wind, we had hail and snow and so the old dear decided to postpone the Nativity Play till Tuesday maybe if the weather isn't very bad. She thought if she tooked her guitar outside, she might take off in the wind and land somewhere where there wasn't me and that would make her very sad so she told everybody she wasn't coming out to play.

Now, I can hear you wondering if I went out to play? Yes,I did, lots of times---but just for little times. No little breeze was going to keep me in, but I do admit that I was very happy to get back inside again and get a big warming up cuddle from my MH.

I asked the old dear to take some pictures of the rough sea, but it was so windy that she had to take them through the widow 'cos she couldn't open it in case it blowed away, but I am sure you can see the big waves. The other pictures are of all our Christmas cards and some of them came for me! Yes, with my name on the envelope so that postmens all over the world would know all about me!

Oh yes, I am a modest little puss, but I just love the idea of being famous!

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