Sunday, 4 December 2016


Me and my MH are a bit perplexed 'cos we did our blog to you yesterday but it doesn't seem to have left our computer, so I hope you haven't been worried about me.

Actually, I have been a wee bit frightened 'cos when I was out in my garden late the other night there was another animal of some kind there as well which I did not like at all.It was my DH who saw this naughty animal and shoo'ed it away but it did upset me and I have been a bit frightened to go out since then, but my MH has been coming out with me so that helps a bit. Oh, a wee thought. Maybe it was the naughty animal that stole my yesterday's story. Eh? What do you think?

Apart from that we have all had a very good Sunday and the weather on my little island has been quite beautiful. A wee bit cold, but quite, quite beautiful. I have been going out 'cos I am an intrepid little puss but I have been staying very near my house---just in case. I am brave, but I'm not stupid! Hee hee

My DH has been quite busy working outside today so he was always there when I needed to go out, and my MH was in my house so I could get a cuddle whenever I was feeling a wee bit shaky, so all in all, I have had a very good Sunday.

And I hope your Sunday has been a good one too.

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