Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Still Blowing

What a day it has been! It has been blowing and raining and storm Barbara isn't even here yet, so goodness knows what it will be like when she DOES come. Oh dear. My little weather man friend told me to be very careful 'cos the wind is going to get a lot worser and maybe there will even be thunder and lightning and SNOW! Now the snow bit made me a wee bit excited but I don't really like the rest, so I think I shall become an indoor puss until the weather gets all better.

We all had a good, easy day in my house today but this afternoon my MH had to go away out to our Hall to practice with the little childrens for the Nativity Play, although it is supposed to be on Saturday and that is when the weather could be at its very baddest, so it might need to be postponed 'cos my MH doesn't want to get blowed away.

I did feel very sorry for her when she comed back in at dinner time 'cos she was all white and wet and cold and she told me and my DH that it was hailing outside and she nearly got blowed off her little feets, but she was OK and I made her lots more better when I gave her a great big cuddle which we both loved lots and lots.

I got a big surprise last night when my friend A. came in to see me. My MH said it was to help her play the guitar with the little childrens, but I knew it was really to see me and he told me that I was right, but it is to be our secret! I like when we have secrets!

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