Sunday, 31 December 2017

Just a wee message... wish all my friends out there a very happy new year. I don’t know when I will be writing to you again because it is party time on my little island and my humans are going out tonight. There is something about this party that I don’t understand ‘cos my MH said they are bringing in some bells, but I haven’t seen them yet. Maybe later.

My house will be a bit busy tomorrow ‘cos lots of peoples come to see me and my humans and to wish us all a happy new year. I like this ‘cos there are lots and lots of knees for me to plank my adorable little body on.

So, wherever you are, me and my humans hope that 2018 will be a very good year for you and that it will be a healthy one for us all.


Saturday, 30 December 2017

A Funny Saturday

....but not funny ha ha, more funny peculiar because both my humans went away to Kirkwall without me. Now, it’s not odd that they did this, but it is odd that they did it on a Saturday ‘cos a Saturday is a kind of special lazy day in my house and they are nearly never away from me, but today was different. Sigh

I got out to play for a wee while before they went away on the boat, but then I was shut in ‘cos it was too cold to leave the window open for me, so I just a nap till they comed home to me and then I had good fun. I asked the old dear if she would play and of course she said yes, so we had lots of fun which helped cheer me up and right now I am lying on her knee and I am very happy.

Especially as she has just told me she is not going to leave me again for a long time. Yippee!!

Friday, 29 December 2017

All White

... that's what my little island was this morning. It was all covered in white, but not snow. It was a frost and all the ground was slippy. My humans were supposed to be going shopping but my MH was frightened she would slip so they have decided to see what it is like tomorrow. I know they need to buy some things, but I am hoping they don't go away and leave me.

I have had a very good day and I have been in and out lots of times but my adorable little paws were very cold on that white stuff, so I only stayed out for little times and then I warmed up inside my house and played with my toys. My MH knows exactly what I want to do and she plays with me whenever I ask her which is brilliant.

Right now, I am sitting on her knee with my adorable little head on her laptop while she is writing this for you, but I shall be heading out into the white stuff later on for another little while.

Then maybe I will climb my Christmas tree again! Hee hee

Thursday, 28 December 2017

More of the Same

Our days are all much the same just now, but they are good days and I am liking them lots. My humans have been taking it easy so there is lots of time for playing with me and you know that makes me happy.

It is very cold on my little island--- in fact it is freezing with cold and whenever I do decide to go out, I have to keep moving in case I stick frozen to the ground! It is good that I HAVE to keep moving 'cos it makes me a wee bit warmer while I am out, but when I go back in, I just stand on the chair till one of my humans picks me up and cuddles me warm again. Lovely!

The old dear is still doing a wee drop of exercises so I help her with those and when she is finished, we play together on top of the bed and she wraps me up in my blanket and cuddles me and tickles me and I love it millions.

So, if my days were to stay the same for ever and ever, I would still be the happiest little puss in the
en-tire world!

Wednesday, 27 December 2017

Still Good Fun

I am liking this Christmas time lots. My humans have been playing with me as much as I wanted and I have been out playing lots of times too. One of the times I went out, I got covered in snow and I was nearly a white puss when I went back home and then I had to get dried again, but that was good.

I just have one little complaint and that is because it is very cold outside ad I am not overly keen on being a frozen puss so I need lots of cuddles. My MH says I am a sooky puss just now 'cos I keep sitting on her knee and asking for cuddles which I get, of course. I think it might have something to do with Christmas but I am in the mood for lots of cuddles just now and she really likes when I snuggle up to her.

So, I am having a very good time and I hope you are too.

Tuesday, 26 December 2017


Santa Claus comed to my house and bringed presents for me and my humans and I was a very excited little pussy cat. I had a brilliant Christmas Day and I hope your day was very good as well.

I got lots of cuddles and I got a very special mouse from my friend J. and I have played with that lots of times so thank you very much J. I love my peedie mouse. Santa left me a special stocking with toys in it as well as lots of things to put in my adorable little tummy so that made me very happy indeed. Even the weather was good for me and I got out to play lots of times, so my Christmas was very good indeed.

There was snow on my little island today but just for a little while. It stayed on long enough for me to go outside and get all covered in it and by the time I decided to go home again I was absolutely soaking and it tooked my DH nearly two towels to make me dry again, but I was happy 'cos I like the snow.

So, you can see that I had a very good Christmas and I hope you did too.

Sunday, 24 December 2017

Happy Christmas Everybody

I hope you all have a very happy Christmas. I am getting quite excited but I have had one of my presents already 'cos I was sniffing at the parcel and my MH decided to let me see what it was and that made me very happy.

I have had a good day and the weather was a bit better on my little island so I was able to get out to play for quite a long time which was good fun.

I don't have a lot of news for you but I hope that Santa brings you lots of good things and that you have a lovely time. My MH says I maybe won't be writing to you for a day or two so we all wish you lots of happy things.

Saturday, 23 December 2017

Surprise Time

I have had a very good day although I wasn’t able to get out much until after dinner time because of the naughty wind, but I was fine ‘cos my humans played with me lots and I played with my birthday mouse which was good fun.

I managed to pass the time very well and as soon as the wind went away I was outside playing like a very happy pussy cat and I liked it lots. And it was after this time that I got a great big surprise ‘cos we got visitors! I was snoozing on my couch beside my MH when my friends J. and A. comed into my house just to see me. Yippee!

I was really excited I just jumped from one knee to another and after they has cuddled me as much as I wanted, I snuggled down on my MH’s knee and just listened while all the humans talked.

It was very good and it made me very happy.

Friday, 22 December 2017

More Laziness

I have been a very lazy puss today. My DH went away to Kirkwall--- me and my MH think he was buying our Christmas presents---so it was just me and the Boss in my house, but it was good 'cos she didn't have anything to do except her exercises, so there was lots and lots of time for me. I got oodles of cuddles but I spent lots of time having a snooze and I was a very contented little Squeak.

I had a wee play with my birthday mouse and we showed my DH how it worked when he comed home and it made him smile which was good. My little weather man friend told me that there is going to be another naughty wind on my little island tomorrow so if I need to be outside, I think I had better do it before bed time! The old dear is not happy 'cos she doesn't like the wind but the little weather man told me it won't last too long, so I will tell her that later and then she will be happy again. I am such a good, caring little puss, sure I am?

You might wonder why today's picture of yours truly is one in the summer. Well, I thought you might like to see some sunshine, so I asked my MH to put this one on for you and I hope it makes you feel good. OK?

Thursday, 21 December 2017

Lazy Squeak

I have had very lazy day. I think all this excitement about Christmas is making me a tad tired and so I have been a very sleepy puss all day. I did go out a couple of times but it is very cold so I didn't stay out too long and decided that my couch was a far better place to put my adorable little body.

Both of my humans were at home all day but my MH was a bit too busy for my liking and I didn't get as many cuddles as I would have liked. However, she told me that all her work was nearly finished and that all her time from now on will be for me, so I forgived her.

Another thing that has made me excited is that my friend A. is home from Glasgow and he told my humans that he would be coming to see them and me sometime soon so I am really looking forward to that 'cos he always makes a fuss of me.

And you all know how much I just love that!

Wednesday, 20 December 2017

A Different Day

I'm afraid I was a bit restless through the night. I think it was because I had stayed in so much through the day that when sleep time came, I wasn't tired and so I couldn't sleep. I kept waking my MH by whatever means it took and this was mainly by knocking down all her little perfume bottles. That always works. I am running out of ways to do it 'cos she bought a new radio alarm clock and I haven't worked out how to switch it on yet. But I'm sure I will!

Anyway, what I didn't know was that my humans were going away on the first boat and my poor old MH was still tired when it was time to get up again. I am very sorry MH. Anyhow, they both got up when it was still very, very dark and I decided I would go outside to see what it was like in this very darkness. It was quite good but 'cos it was cold, I didn't stay out too long and I scooted back inside before they went away to the boat.

I thought I was going to be an abandoned puss all day but I got a surprise when my MH comed back to me at lunch time and we had fun in the afternoon for a while and I was very happy. She is still a wee bit tired so I have promised to have a long sleep tonight and not waken her up.

I think the fact that she told me if I did it again, she would shut me out of my bedroom had something to do with it! Hee hee. I don't think she would do that 'cos she likes me cuddling into her as much as I do, but I'm not taking any chance just yet!

Tuesday, 19 December 2017

But a Different Tuesday

Well, the day time was the same with the old dear still making my house clean, but today I was able to play one of my favourite games with her as she changed the beds so it was time to hide in the duvet covers and in the pillow slips and under the sheets and under the beds and really just EVERYWHERE! It was brilliant and I tired my adorable little self out so much that by the time my MH had finished, yours truly was fast asleep. But I was dreaming lovely dreams hee hee!

I didn’t go out a lot today ‘cos I wasn’t really in the mood, but I got a great big surprise tonight when about six peoples came to my house to see me and my humans so there were lots of knees for me to rest on and I liked that.

I went out for a little while and I think I may try it again before bedtime, but I might just cuddle in beside my MH and have a snooze.

I will have a think and then decide.

Monday, 18 December 2017

Normal Monday Again

And so another Monday arrives Chez Squeak! It wasn't too bad a Monday and yours truly managed to get out lots of times without getting wet. I had a wee look at my calendar and got quite excited when I realised that it is only a wee drop of sleeps till Santa comes to see me. There is a parcel for me under my tree and there is a Christmas stocking which I keep having a sniff at but the Boss says I will get it next week and I am a wee bit very excited already so I don't know what I will be like next week!

The old boy nipped away on the boat to the Cat Shop and my MH decided to start making my house shining clean for Santa, so I helped as much as I could and then went out for a few wanders in the fields. So we had quite a busy day but it was a good day and I liked it.

I don't have a lot of news 'cos things are just kind of normal on my island except that my friend A. is home again and I am looking forward to when he comes to my house to see me and I think he might be coming soon so that is another reason why I am getting excited.

Oh dear, I think I will have to try and calm down or my humans might get a wee bit annoyed. Hee hee Mind you, when they look at this picture of yours truly I think they might just love me even more.

What do you think?

Sunday, 17 December 2017

A Wee Bit Awful

That's what the weather has been today on my little island and I have been soaking wet lots of times 'cos every time I went out, I managed to go where it was raining and it made my adorable little body all wet. Mind you, you all know that I don't really mind being wet 'cos it means I always get cuddled dry and that makes me happy--as well as not wet anymore!

Both my humans were at home with me today and neither of them had any work to do, so all their time was for me and we played lots together as well as me still helping the old dear with her exercises. She has to do them three times every day but after Christmas she says she can just do them two times so I won't be as busy then! Hee hee

It is night time now and it is very dark and I am sitting on my window sill watching for the rain to go off and as soon as it does then I am heading outside again and I know I will probably get wet, but that's OK. I will soon dry and then it will be bed time so I can cuddle up beside my MH.

But I can only do that if I am not wet! She is a wee bit fussy Sigh!

Saturday, 16 December 2017

Good Fun

Yes, I have had a good day today and even the weather has been kind to me and my humans which has made us all very happy indeed.

My humans weren't too long away from me last night and when they comed home, my MH let me sit on her knee and she told me all about what the little childrens did at their party and they all had a good game playing all the games that my MH told them to do, so it was a good night for them all. AND, Santa Claus came to our little island with lots of presents so everyone was very happy indeed.

Today has been a good day too and the good weather meant that I could get out to play as much as I wanted so I have been in and out quite a lot of times which has been super duper. I got a wee new toy for my birthday and I have been playing with it today. It is a wee mouse and my MH presses it and it makes a wee red spot on my carpet and I have to chase the wee red spot and I love doing that 'specially as my MH has to play with me and that makes me the happiest little eight year old puss in the en-tire world!


Friday, 15 December 2017

Altogether Now .......

......Happy birthday to me.....! Did I tell you it was my birthday today and I am now eight years old! A growed up kitten cat and even more adorable than ever. I have had a lovely day so far with presents, my very favourite dinner and LOTS of cuddles, so I am happy.

Me and my humans were thinking back a whole eight years to when I was just borned and I was a very poorly little puss indeed and abandoned with my brothers and sisters till a lovely lady from the Cat Protection founded me and made me a bit better. Then a while later I comed to my forever home and my humans looked after me and made me completely better and we love one another millions!

I am having a lazy day and to be honest I am just a tad peeved ‘cos my humans are going to a party tonight and I can’t go! My MH said it is the Christmas Party for the little childrens but I said I should be able to go ‘cos it is my birthday, but I am afraid the old dear put her foot down, so I shall be on my own for a while tonight. Sigh!

I will make sure they make it up to me tomorrow!

Thursday, 14 December 2017

Quite a Busy Day......

.... for me and my humans. The weather was quite good so I was busy visiting all the places I hadn't been to for a few days and my MH was busy doing all her housework and getting all my house shining clean for my birthday and for Santa Claus. My DH was busy making a frame for a picture that my MH had made, so we were all doing our own things but every now and then I would come home and get a cuddle from one of them and that was good. I have been trying to keep myself very busy today so that I might be able to sleep tonight because I know I am going to be very excited 'cos I will be eight years old tomorrow. It will be my birthday! Yahoo!!

I know I am a very lucky puss 'cos I m in my forever home with my humans who love me millions and who make me the happiest little puss in the en-tire world. I have a great time and I love being on my little island where I have lots of animal friends and where all the humans know me and love me, so I have everything a puss could want and I love it.

I have some presents under my Christmas tree and my MH says I can open my birthday present tomorrow and that has made me even more excited but I know I will have to sleep 'cos if I don't and if I waken the old dear, she might get a wee bit annoyed with me.

But it is my birthday, so I think I would be safe enough!

Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Quiet Times

.... but good times. I have had a good day and my humans have had a good day too. The weather wasn't all that brilliant on my little island and it was raining a lot but I did go out a couple of times for little trips round my garden.

My MH had a very quiet day before she had to go to the Hall to do something with the little childrens for something called a Nativity Play. I don't know what it is all about but I will ask her and she will tell me all about it. It was quite funny 'cos she just went away out and I thought I was going to be lonely but then my DH comed in to look after me and I was happy again. And anyway, the old dear was home soon and I am now in my favourite position which is on her knee with my adorable little head on her laptop!

I might go out before bedtime but I have discovered that as I am getting older I don't like being wet or cold, so I might just stay where I am.

For Ever!!

Tuesday, 12 December 2017


That's what my day has been since the minute I opened my adorable little eyes. In fact, even before that 'cos me and my MH had one of our special through-the-night whispers and I just love those 'cos while she is talking to me in the very dark time, she is stroking my little lugs and then we both go back to sleep.

So, I was in a very good mood when we got up and then when I saw what the postie man had bringed me, my mood got even better 'cos he bringed me another card. Yes, I got another birthday card all the way from Germany from my friends P. and H. and their little pussy cat and there was a letter for me which made me so very happy when my MH read it out to me and all the time she was reading, I was purring very loudly and that made her smile a lot so we were both very happy.

BUT, that wasn't all. Oh, dear me no, not at all 'cos there was a parcel for me too and when the old dear opened it up, it was a new little rug all for me and it is lovely. I don't usually sit on the floor as you know, 'cos I prefer to sit beside or on top of my MH, but this little mat is so lovely I will probably sit on it sometimes.

In fact, I did that this afternoon and the old dear tooked a picture of me so that you can see what it looks like and I am sure you will think it is lovely too. So, all that and the fact that the weather on my little island had been good today has made sure that I have had a super day and I am hoping that all the days up until my birthday will be as good as this one.

Did you know it will be my birthday on Friday? Hee hee.

Monday, 11 December 2017

A Very Quiet Day

Me and my humans thought we had all gone deaf when we wakened up this morning 'cos we couldn't hear anything but then we realised that there was no wind at all! Yippee, it was lovely and quiet and we were all very happy 'specially my DH who was going on the boat to the Cat Shop and when it is windy it makes the boat bounce up and down at the pier and it is hard to get on, but it was very fine for him this morning so that made us all happy too.

I gobbled up some breakfast and then nipped out the door for a very long wander and I liked it 'cos I could walk properly and not fight against the wind or try to keep my adorable little feets on the ground so it was a very pleasant time. My MH was doing her usual housework and of course, her exercises, so I was able to help her with those and as usual, she appreciated it. She always does.

Then I got a big surprise 'cos the old dear decided to clean her windows that the wind had covered in muck and salt. Well, she didn't really WASH them, she tooked my DH's hose and scooted water on the windows and while she was doing this, I played in my garden and watched her and we both liked being outside. It was good 'specially when it wasn't winding on us. But the funny thing was that as soon as we both got inside, the rain came on! Oh, we did giggle!

So, you can see that I have had a very good day and I am looking forward to later on when I can get out in the dark time and if the weather stays like it is now, then I will probably be out for a long, long time. Oh brilliant!

Sunday, 10 December 2017

A Puzzle

I have had another good day being able to get outside as often as I have wanted and although it has been very cold, I have managed quite a few trips out into my garden and into the fields. But I have a wee riddle for you which I have just made up my very own, adorable little self!

How was it that I was a very wet puss, but it was my DH who had to dry is specs? Will I tell you? Of course I will. I had gone out to play and while I was enjoying myself the hail rain stuff comed on and I decided to make a run for home, but I was quite far away so by the time I reached my window I was like a strange type of puss puss 'cos I was black with lots of white, wet dots on me. I stood on my chair as usual but just as my DH bent down to dry me, I decided to have a shake first and my wet stuff went all over him---especially his specs! Oh dear he wasn't best pleased but me and my MH just smiled.

I don't have very much news 'cos I have just been nipping in and out and then sitting with my MH when I am inside and I have liked it very much, and although I am very happy, I know it's not very exciting for you so I shall see if I can get up to some mischief tomorrow.

But don't tell my humans please!

Saturday, 9 December 2017

A Much Quieter Day

Phew! At last the horrid wind has stopped shouting at us and my little island is a lot quieter today. It has meant that I have been able to get out to play a lot more although it is very cold, but at least I can keep my adorable little feets on the ground!

As soon as I wakened up in this morning, I just listened and when I didn't hear anything I rubbed my little lugs and listened again, but still I didn't hear anything so I wakened my MH and told her to please get up and let me out 'cos it wasn't winding at us any more. And she did! Well, she always does what I ask her, sure she does.

I have been in and out lots of times and today I was able to get out the window and that's the first time for about two whole days and I liked to have the choice again. I have been making my humans smile and shake their heads a lot 'cos I am confusing them by doing things I don't usually do.

I have been walking across the furniture! Yep. You can see me in today's photographs. It is something I don't do very much but I have been doing it lots and lots these past couple of days and I don't know why but I like it! The old dear has decided it is because I am not using up all my energy when I go out, but I think I am just being nosey.

We will never know, will we?

Friday, 8 December 2017

Surprise Time

I got a letter today! Addressed to me!! Not to my MH or my DH but me---Squeak. I was so excited and I sat on my MH's knee while she opened it for me. I could have opened it myself, but I would have made a wee bit of a mess of everything in it, so I let her do it. There was a card in it for all of us, but a special present just for me, all wrapped up in red shiny paper. Oh, my dear friends, I was so very, very excited.

My MH told me she would put my present under the tree and I could open it next Friday when it is my birthday. Yippee! I can't wait. Every now and then, I just take a wee wander over to the tree and have a little sniff and I think I have an idea what it is, but I'm not telling in case I am wrong, but I will tell you when know for sure. What a day it has been on my little island again. Still the great big storm winds are blowing on top of us and there has been rain and hail and snow and it is COLD! I ventured out for a while and I was nearly like a icicle when I comed home. I needed a great big warm up cuddle for a long time before my adorable little feets would work again.

It didn't keep me in though and I was out again for another couple of trips but only for a little time. Right now I am resting with my MH but as soon as all the horrid hail goes away, I shall try again.

You can't keep a good puss in! Hee hee

Thursday, 7 December 2017


.... Well, my little weather man friend was right! It has been a dreadful day with hail and rain and wind. Not just strong winds and not just a gale. No, it has been a storm type gale and it has been really, really bad. The tide was high and when my DH should have been going to the pier, the water was coming right off the sea and onto the road, so he couldn't have got there, but all the boats were cancelled anyway so he didn't need to go and we were all happy.

It didn't keep me in though and I have managed out three times already and it is not nearly bedtime.I went out this morning after my breakfast and my humans were really worried 'cos the wind was so bad at the front of my house that they couldn't open my window to let me in, so they had to keep calling for me at the door and eventually I heard them and went home again. I did this three times and I might do it again another few times before I decide to go to bed.

Things got even worser in the afternoon when all our 'lectric went off and we had no lighting and no heating so my DH had to bring in the candles and the gas heater and little stove so we were OK. Today's pictures are not of me 'cos I thought you might like to see what my humans look like with their little headlights. It is quite funny, sure it is?

We were quite lucky 'cos the power comed back on just before dinner time and we are now all warm and full up. The wind is still howling at us and all the weather peoples say it has to be still bad until Saturday and there might even be snow, but it will not keep me in.

I am an intrepid little Squeak, as you all know!

Wednesday, 6 December 2017

I'm a Wee Bit Worried.....

.... 'cos my little weather man friend has told me that there will be gales and maybe snow on my little island from tomorrow. Sigh. I am happy about the snow 'cos I like playing on the cold, white stuff, but I do not like the wind especially when it is a storm type wind 'cos it means I have difficulty getting out and back in again. Oh dear.

Today has been a good day but it has been a very lazy day for me and my MH. The old boy was busy at the Cat Shop but me and the old dear just did lots of bits and pieces in my house and there were lots of cuddle times for me which I just love, as you know.

I am resting now and I intend going out later. It is a bit blowy but not enough to keep this intrepid little puss inside so I will enjoy the big outdoors while I can.

Maybe the storm wind will go some place else and leave my beloved little island in peace. I hope so.

Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Much Better

It has been a much better day for me today. Well, inside anyway 'cos the weather on my little island still isn't brilliant so I have been inside a lot although I did get out to play a few times. I still haven't found my present, but I shall keep looking 'cos I know they wouldn't forget it is my birthday soon, would they? No!

My humans were a wee bit busy today 'cos the old dear had to do all the things she wasn't able to do yesterday when they abandoned me for hours and hours (hee hee) and my DH was busy keeping out of her way so I helped him with that. It is sometimes safer!

I played with both of them when I needed to use up some energy and I helped the old dear with her exercises and it was while I was doing this that I had a thought. Where did she do them yesterday 'cos she has to lie down to do them and she wouldn't lie down on the street in Kirkwall, would she? No, I don't think so 'cos if she had done a policeman would have tooked her away, but she comed home to me. I will find out.

It is getting very windy again on my little island and my weather man friend says it has to be a very bad night, so I think I might just snuggle up beside my MH till the naughty wind goes away.

On the other paw.......

Monday, 4 December 2017

A Lonely Day.....

.... but not for too long. My humans both went away at half past ten in this morning and because it was quite windy, my MH had to close the window. I was fine although a bit lonely. I just like it better when at least one of my humans is at home to keep me company, but they were back again by half past four in this afternoon.

The old dear had been shopping and you all know my DH was at the Cat Shop. I have a wee secret for you. My MH knows Santa Claus! Yep, every year Santa asks her if she can help him get presents for the children’s on the island ‘cos he is very busy, and every year she says yes, so that’s what she was doing today.

There were lots of parcels when she comed home but she put them away very quickly so I didn’t get a chance to see if there was one for me. I will have a quick look when she is watching the television. I have been out a few times, but right now I am resting on my MH’s knee and I am purring very loudly ‘cos she is scratching my adorable little lugs.

I am not lonely now!

Sunday, 3 December 2017

Another Good Day

I am liking my days. I like being able to have a wee sniff at my Christmas tree and I love watching all the little decorations which are lovely. I still haven't tried to climb up the tree and my humans are very pleased about that.

We have had our normal lazy Sunday with me and my humans doing very little but liking it. I have been out lots of times but just for little times 'cos it is a wee bit cold, but it hasn't been bad enough to keep me in so that is very good 'cos it uses up some of my energy.

BUT--- I have kept some energy to play with my MH cos I had forgotten how good it is to play with her and all my toys and we have had really good fun so I need to be not tired when she needs to play with me. The old dear is finished doing her bead card and it is very lovely but what is even lovelier now that it is all done, is that there is a lot more time for me on an afternoon so I am looking forward to more plays.

My friend S. was up to see me today and my MH was telling her that I will soon be a whole eight years old but she said I was still like a kitten when I needed to play and that made me happy 'cos I like being like a kitten. I think I shall stay like that for ever.

I am to be abandoned tomorrow 'cos my MH needs to go to do some shopping and she is meeting her friend and the old boy will be at the Cat Shop, so this adorable little cat will be sleeping till they come home to me again.

Maybe she will have my birthday present! I shall need to look carefully when she comes home!

Saturday, 2 December 2017

A Good Puss

That’s what I have been today ‘cos I haven’t knocked my tree down. I did have another wee sniff all round it and I sniffed at the little crib figures that my MH put at the bottom of the tree and then I had a sniff at the hedgehog! Yes, for some reason known only to her dear little self, the old dear has a sparkly hedgehog there too. Don’t ask ‘cos I have tried, but I got nowhere at all. Actually, it is quite a nice hedgehog!

I have had a very restful day because it is still wet and cold on my little island but I did manage out to hunt and explore a couple of times. I always make my humans smile when I come in the window ‘cos I stand on the arm of the chair until I get cuddled warm and dry again, and then I drag them into my kitchen to get me some wee biscuits. And I do that every single time!

So, my days are really good and I am getting quite excited about my birthday and Christmas. I have been trying to find where the old dear has hidden my presents but so far no luck.

I shall keep hunting!

Friday, 1 December 2017

Surprise Time

I have had a brilliant day! An absolutely brilliant day. I had quite a long sleep 'cos I am still recovering from my traumatic night. Actually, I am purr-fectly fine, but I am holding out for all the sympathy I can get, but don't tell the old dears, please 'cos it makes them happy to fuss over me. Hee hee

So when I finally did manage to stagger into my living room I got a brilliant surprise 'cos my humans had built the Christmas tree for me and I loved it lots. I had a good wee sniff all round about the little ornaments and figures but I didn't climb up. I might keep that till the humans are sleeping, although that might waken them up!! When I was a baby puss and I saw my first Christmas tree, I did try to climb up to see what it was like at the top, but me and the tree landed with a thump on the floor and I did get a big fright. Well, I was just a baby, but I am sure you can guess what my MH did? Yep, I got a cuddle while the old boy was putting the tree back where it should have been.

So, my day has been very good and even though it has been raining lots, I have still managed to have a wee wander outside and then spent lots of times snoozing on my bed or watching my MH doing her bead card, so everything in my house is just the way I want it, thank you very much.

Thursday, 30 November 2017

What a Night!

And for once I am not talking about the weather. I had an adventure and my humans don't know whether it was a good adventure or a bad one and of course, I can't tell them. You might need a couple of tissues as you read the next bit. I shall wait till you are ready.

OK? Well, the weather was so awful all day yesterday that I hardly got outside, so by night time I still had lots of energy and decided that I would need to get out no matter the weather. I went though to bed with my MH but as soon as she put out her light and snuggled down, I asked my DH to please let me out, which he did and I had good fun for a while and then I went back home again.

I did this a couple of times but on the last trip out my DH told me not to be long 'cos he wanted to get to bed too. I did try. I promise I did, but that's when it all went wrong and this is the bit my humans don't know. I didn't come home till three o'clock in this morning and my poor humans were so upset. My MH heard the old boy calling for me and that wakened her so she got up to see what was wrong and when my DH told her the news, she was really worried and she called for me too but I still didn't come home.

Eventually I arrived back and I was cold---oh, so cold--and I was wet and mucky! Covered in wet, dirty muck and a wee bit upset so I didn't even want a cuddle. My humans don't know whether I got stuck somewhere or whether something frightened me. They just don't know. Sigh

I have had a much better day today and have had a long rest then played with the old dear and let her cuddle me as much as she wanted and we have been a lot happier today, but I haven't decided if I shall go out later.

I will need to see how I feel later on.

Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Oh Dear....

... when is this horrid, horrid weather going to get better? I am so fed up getting wet and nearly blowed away every time I try to go out. It is not good at all and my little weather man friend told me it is not going to get any better. In fact, he said it might even get worser, and it is going to get very cold. He told me it might be as cold as where the polar bears live, so I think that is cold, but I shall have to ask she-who-knows-it-all. I might need a fur coat if it is going to be as cold as that. Another question for the Boss.

We had a good day today just me and my MH 'cos my DH was at the Cat Shop as usual and the old dear didn't have too much work to do so there was lots of time for me. We cuddled up together for our morning chat and then I helped her with her exercises and she talked to me all the time her little leg was doing all its hard work.

When she finished that, I watched her making her bead card but I knew not to touch all the little beads in case all the colours got mixed up, so I was a very good little Squeak and just watched her from the back of my couch. We played with my toys while we waited for my DH to come home and we listened while he told us all about his day.

I am snoozing and thinking about maybe going out later, but it will depend on the weather. As usual!! Sigh.

Tuesday, 28 November 2017


My days are getting better 'cos I have discovered all my toys again. I must admit, that I had stopped playing with them 'cos I was outside lots of times, but since the weather has been so awful I have been staying inside. I asked my MH if she would play with me which she did and we had great fun playing with all my toys. In fact, at one point I had gathered most of them between my adorable little paws and just cuddled them and my MH smiled and said 'aaww' but I just smiled!

My DH was at home with us today and he smiled too when he saw us playing. He cuddles me lots, but we don't play together lots. I prefer to play with the old dear, but please don't tell him 'cos I don't want to hurt his feelings.

I don't have a lot of news for you 'cos my days are all much the same just now. I am either outside getting wet or cold or I am in my house playing with the old dear or lying beside her while she does her exercises.

It's not much, but it is good and I like it.

Monday, 27 November 2017

Still Good

Not as good as yesterday but not as bad as last week, so I am quite happy. I managed out quite a lot of times and I know I will be able to get out some more times before I need to sleep, so that is very fine by me.

So, what has my day been like? Well, I got up with my DH who was up first this morning 'cos he was going to the Cat Shop and after I had a wee nibble at my breakfast, I asked him to let me out which he did of course. When I comed back in for my drink of milk, I was a wee bit wet so my MH dried me and we sat together for our normal chat before my DH went away on the boat.

After that it was just a normal Monday with me following the old dear round as she followed her vacuum cleaner all round my house and in between times I had a few wee snoozes which I liked especially when she comed to find me and give me a wee cuddle. I liked that.

One time when we were in the kitchen, I decided that I needed to play, so I did one of my funny runs into my bedroom and luckily enough my MH knew right away what I wanted and she found me and then wrapped me up in my blanket and tickled me which was just the magicest thing ever!

I just love when we do that!

Sunday, 26 November 2017

Lots Better

I have had a much better day today because, although the weather hasn't been brilliant, it has ben a bit better and I have been able to get out to do pussycat things as often as I have wanted. Mind you, remember when I wrote to you yesterday I told you I hadn't been out all day? Well, between tea time and bed time I managed out four times! I did feel a wee bit sorry for my humans who had to keep battling with the wind to let me out and then in again, but sadly I wasn't that sorry that I stayed in! Hee hee
I went in and out quite a lot and just sniffed around my garden and then when I comed in, I sat with the old dear and we had a chat and that was good too.

When I did go out, I scooted very quickly to a place where I could get a wee bit of shelter, and then when I was finished I went to the bench beside my door and just sat there till one of my humans called for me and then I scooted in. I did a lot of scooting!

But today has been much better and I have managed life at a much slower pace which is good. I liked it. I also played with my MH and my toys and that was good fun and lets me get some exercise and we have been watching all the dancing and we both like that lots so Sunday night is a good night in my house and I hope you have a good Sunday night too.

Saturday, 25 November 2017

Even Worser!

I am not a happy Squeak! Not happy at all. I didn’t get outside today until seven o’clock in the night time. Sigh. I did try. I promise. I tried lots of times at the window and the door but if it wasn’t blowing a hurricane it was throwing ginormous lumps of hail at me, so is it any wonder I wouldn’t go out? Even my humans agreed with me and didn’t get annoyed when I kept asking but my MH was happy for me when I finally DID manage out.

So, you will understand that I don’t have very much news. I had a wee play with my toys but spent most of the day cosied up in my little bed and of course, I had to be wide awake when the old dear needed me to help her with her exercises.

I have asked my little weather man friend to please let me have better weather tomorrow.

Please and pretty please!

Friday, 24 November 2017

Not Much Better

I am starting with a great big sigh 'co I am very fed up getting wet and frozen cold every time I go out. I know I could stay in and keep lovely and warm, but I am a brave hunter puss and I have to get outside sometimes, so I just be very brave and go!

It is definitely winter on my little island and the rain had hardly stopped which is a bit annoying so I have been indoors more that normal but I have managed to have some good fun there as well. I asked my MH to please let me out and after we had tried the door two times and the window three times, she got the idea that it wasn't the right time for me and she asked me if I wanted to play with my toys. And we did! And we had super fun. I liked it lots and lots and I think she did too, so if I don't go out in future, we will just play in my house.

My MH tooked some pictures while I was attacking my toy mouse and I hope you like them. I am having a rest right now, but I will go out to play again before bed time and then I shall get cuddled warm all night.