Friday, 26 May 2017

More Wowee

Another cracking day! It has been warm and sunny and HOT and it has been magic. I have been outside all day just playing and resting and having a really good time. My humans have been outside with me too 'cos my DH has been doing lots of work in the garden and of course the Boss had to keep coming to see that he was doing it right. And he did! Phew.

I won't be able to write to you tomorrow 'cos I am to be abandoned. I shall leave you for a second to let that sink in. OK? My humans are going to a concert and they won't be home till the next morning so I have to entertain my adorable little self. Sigh.

I won't be completely on my own 'cos my friend M. is coming over to feed me and to keep me company for a while and my friend S. said she would come and see me before bedtime, so I shall be fine and if the weather stays good, then the window can stay open and I can nip in and out as much as I want.

And they will be home soon.

Thursday, 25 May 2017


What a day we all have had! It has been brilliant. One of the brilliantest I have had for a long time and I have loved it. When we all got up it was a wee bit misty but then the lovely sun appeared and all the mist went away leaving us a lovely warm sunny day. Magic!

My humans had a chat about what we were all going to do and my MH decided that after she had done all her housework, she would cut the grass as soon as it was dry enough 'cos the mist had made it a wee bit wet. My DH decided he would go out and finish all the work he had started and I decided I would go with him, but it was so lovely that my MH left the door open and I could wander in and out as much as I wanted, so it was quite purr-fick really.

I watched my DH for a while and then found a lovely warm spot in the long grass to have a snooze and listen to the birdies. I could see the swallows that have come back, but the didn't see me 'cos they didn't dive bomb me---this time!

A while later, the Boss came out and took out the lawn mower so I found a wee spot and watched her till she was finished and then I got a big cuddle. My humans were out in my garden all afternoon and I had a super day just being outside with them.

I hope we can do it again tomorrow.

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Up and Down

That's what my weather is just now---just up one day when I am all very happy and then down the next when I am not best pleased and today was a not best pleased day for me 'cos it was all misty and damp and not particularly to my liking---but I managed!

My DH went away to the Cat Shop and me and my MH had a very good day together. She didn't need to do very much so there was plenty of time for her to cuddle me and talk to me whenever I needed it. She went into the gym but I just stayed on the back of my couch and had a snooze till she comed back to me again.

I have had a good day but I don't have very much news 'cos I didn't do very much today, but my little weather man friend has told me that it will be better weather tomorrow so my adorable little paws are crossed.

AND, I have lots and lots of things lined up to do outside, so I so hope he has got it right this time!

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Another Bestest Day

I am just the happiest little Squeak in the en-tire world tonight! Mind you, I am also the tiredest little Squeak in the world as well, but I have had a fantabulous day and have loved every minute of it.

The weather was very good and my little weather man friend told me it is going to get hotter as the days go on, but that's OK as long as it is not raining or blowing a gale and it wasn't doing them today.

Both my humans were at home and my DH decided to do lots of work in the garden, so he was always there when I went outside which I liked. I am happy on my own but I just love it when one or both of my humans are outside with me. My MH came out lots of times to see what he was doing and she was very pleased with him so that was good. I made them laugh again when I ran half way up the clothes pole and then sort of hanged there for AGES before I plopped back onto the grass again. I like doing that and I am very good at it now.

I visited the Boss a couple of times in the gym but I didn't stay inside too long 'cos I was having too much fun outside, and she didn't mind 'cos she likes to see me happy.

And oh boy I was VERY happy.

Monday, 22 May 2017

Just More of the Same

.. but it is a good same and I like doing it. It was quite a fine day for most of the time and I was outside lots and lots just doing pussy cat things and then helping the old dear to hang out her washing. That was good fun for me and she always appreciates my help.

The BT wifie told us that there is a fault on the line and that's why they can't make our Broadband work the way it should. In fact, they can't make it work at all and my humans are not very happy, but just trying to be patient.

When it is all sorted, I will write you a longer message. I will like that and I know you will too. Hee hee

Sunday, 21 May 2017

A Very Good Day

It has been warm and sunny and I have been outside all day. When my humans saw me sitting outside they thought I was another garden ornament until I moved and then they knew it was me!

We still don't have Broadband or chickens and I can tell the Boss is not best pleased, but I try to keep her from getting too annoyed and my DH is very pleased with me 'cos I seem to be succeeding---so far!

I don't have any news but I have had a very good day and I know I shall be going out to play for a long time later on once I have had a snooze to gather up all my energy again.

Right now I am cuddled up beside my MH while she writes this to you and I am purring very contentedly so I hope you can hear me.

Saturday, 20 May 2017

A Rainy Saturday

But I still had good fun although the chickens haven't arrived and the Broadband thingy isn't working yet, so I can only write a little bit to you.

I don't have very much news any way 'cos I have had a very lazy day just doing my pussy cat things and liking it very much. Both my humans were home with me and neither of them had much work to do which meant lots of time for me, so I didn't mind if it was too wet to go outside.

I am resting now but I shall go outside again before bedtime even if it is raining. I know I will get cuddled dry if I get wet, so I shall be very fine and I hope you are very fine too.

Friday, 19 May 2017

Another Good Day....

.... just doing lots of normal things like helping my humans and playing in the long grass. I have been outside nearly all day and just went home when I needed a cuddle or a wee feed.

I did have a wee worry about my DH 'cos he spent a lot of the day with his head in the cupboard under the sink in my kitchen, but when I asked my MH about it, she told me that he was fixing the choked drain, so that was OK. It tooked him a long time but it is all finished now and it is un-choked and the cupboard is all clean, so the Boss is very happy.

A Broadband lady phoned today to tell us that everything should be back to normal soon, but we will just need to wait and see, but the good news is that we might be getting some chickens 'cos I heard my MH telling the old boy that she wouldn't count them until Broadband was working again.

I am not sure what one has to do with the other, but no doubt I will soon find out. I am a little excited, though!

Thursday, 18 May 2017

All Alone

I don't have any news for you 'cos both my humans were away to Stromness today and yours truly was left all alone, but it was fine 'cos it was a lovely day and the window was left open and I spent the day nipping in and out having a very good time.

Now, this is just guess work on my MH's part as you will have worked out, but she knows me very well and has a very good idea that I would be doing just that very thing.

I have had a very good day but I was at my happiest when my two humans walked into my house this evening---and I am still happy!

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

A Super Day

I have had a very good day indeed and I have loved every single minute of it. My DH was away at the Cat shop as usual and it was just me and my MH but we had the very bestest of fun.

It was a cracking day with warm sunshine and just a little breeze, so the old dear started off by cutting the grass and I did my best to help her. I didn't actually DO anything, but followed her around at a safe distance and purred encouragement and she liked that lots.

When she was finished, she stayed outside with me for a long time and it was just brilliant. I spent lots of time on my own just wandering about the long grass and doing pussycat things which was just magic.

I hope we have a good day tomorrow 'cos both my humans have to go to Stromness and I am to be left all alone, but if the weather is good, then they can leave the window open and I can still have a very good day.

My adorable little paws are crossed!

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

What A Day

This morning was summer with warm sunshine and a bit of a breeze but this afternoon was winter with lots of rain and a bigger wind. Not brilliant, but I made the bestest of it. I spent lots of time outside this morning and lots of time inside this afternoon. Purr-fick!

Both my humans were a bit busy and I just spent my time between them helping as much as I could and I know it was appreciated. However, I didn't go into the gym with my MH when she asked me 'cos it was pouring with rain and I didn't want to get soaked so I just cuddled up on my chair and snoozed till she comed home and then I cuddled up on her knee and continued my sleep. Brilliant!

I will have to write shorter stories to you for a wee while 'cos our Broadband thingy is still not working so the old dear is being careful. She will try to let me tell you what I am doing 'cos we know that you would miss me terribly, but if I don't appear on your computer one night or day, you will know what it is.

The Broadband lady is trying to fix it but not quickly enough for my humans who are getting just a tad fed up with it all, so I hope it gets sorted soon. You will be the first to know---well, after us, of course!

Monday, 15 May 2017

Another Week Begins

So, it is Monday again and it is still a bit wet. I had to be very careful when I asked to be let out 'cos I didn't want to get wet but I needed some fresh air, so I watched out of the window and as soon as it looked as though the rain had stopped, I shot into my garden and played until it comed back on again. So it all worked out quite well, really.

Anyway, the old boy went away on the boat to go to the Cat Shop but my MH was very glad she didn't have to go on the boat 'cos the sea was a lot bouncy and she doesn't like getting on and off when the boat is jumping up and down, but my DH is OK with it, so off he went and me and her had a seat together on my couch and a wee chat before she pulled out her dusters and the vacuum cleaner and then off she went round my house while I followed her and watched her doing all her work.

We had a play on top of my bed and then I played hide and Squeak which is my very favourite game. I hided under the blanket and she couldn't see me so she called my name. I stayed so very, very still so that she wouldn't find me but guess what gave the game away AGAIN? Yep, my little wagger went into overdrive with all the excitement and my MH finded me and tickled me and I just loved it MILLIONS! I try to pretend that I am annoyed with my adorable little tail, but actually I am very happy when it gives the game away 'cos I love getting tickled.

So, that has been my day and a very good one it has been. I haven't done very much but I have loved everything that I have done and I hope you have had a very good day too.

Sunday, 14 May 2017

No Mist...

Yippee! But rain instead---boo! I have been out lots of times and I got wet a couple of times. It didn't rain all day and at one point it looked as though my MH might get to play with her lawn mower, but then the rain comed on again so she wasn't best pleased. Shame.

We haven't done very much at all today. My MH finished making her bead card and this time I decided not to 'help' her as she seems to get on a wee bit quicker when I watch from a distance. I think it is much safer that way.

We had a visit from my friend S. this afternoon and I got lots of cuddles from her as usual. I like when she comes to visit 'cos she always makes a great big fuss of me and I love it. My humans always make a fuss of me and cuddle me whenever I ask, but it is always lovely when somebody else does it.

I was definitely made to be cuddled and adored!

Saturday, 13 May 2017

A Funny Day

I had to rub my adorable little eyes lots and lots of times when I wakened up this morning 'cos I couldn't see anything except a big white cloud that was all over my little island and I knew it wasn't going to be a very sunny day, and I was right. Sigh

The big mist-type cloud stayed with us all day. Sometimes it got a wee bit better and then it got thicker again and it looked as there was nobody else in the en-tire world except us! I did go out a couple of times but it was damp and cold, so I didn't stay out too long. When I was inside, I played with my humans and that was good and I helped my MH when she was making cards. Now, when I say 'helped', I think pussycats and humans mean different things when they say that. Explain? OK

She was making cards and sticking bright coloured little beads on them and these bright coloured little beads were spread out on my table while I was on the back of my couch watching them rolling and glinting and shining and winking at me and I liked them. LOTS!

SO, I decided to have a closer look and nipped onto the table beside my MH and tried to have a wee feel at the beads, but for some reason the Boss wasn't too happy with that. I think it was maybe because some of them falled on to the floor and she had to try and find them and pick them all up again, so maybe I didn't 'help' very much at all--but I did get a closer look!

Me and my MH went into the gym for a while and I just sat patiently on the chair until her little legs were ready to take her home and it was then that I decided I needed a good sniff all round and it tooked me a long time to finally reach the door and the old dear was getting a tad annoyed with me.

As soon as I went out the door I was all forgived and she just loved me millions again! Never fails!!

Friday, 12 May 2017

A Quieter Day....

... but still a good one. It wasn't raining but it was a tad breezy and I could see the old dear thinking that she might cut the grass again, but when she went outside to see what it was like, she nearly got blowed off her little feets, so she decided to leave it till later and my little weather man friend told her it might be Sunday, so she was quite happy.

She just did little bits of work and spend lots of time with yours truly when I wasn't very busy helping my DH in our greenhouse. He is very happy with the tomatoes already and is now thinking to get some strawberries so maybe I will get some of those to look after too. I like being a horticultural pussycat!

In the afternoon my MH asked me if I wanted to go into the gym with her, but I'm afraid I was very busy having a little sleep, so I very politely said no thank you, but I was waiting for her when she comed back again and I gave her a cuddle and a purr and she liked that.

I have spent lots of time outside and lots of times on my window sill sort of half in and half out and that is fine as long as the wind isn't shifting the furniture in my living room. Hee hee

So, although it has been a quieter day, it still has been a very good day for this little puss and I hope it has been a very good day for you too.

Thursday, 11 May 2017

A Picture Puzzle

Can you guess who this might be in our box of groceries today?

YES! It is me, Squeak. But I think you probably guessed that already. I have had another very good day playing in this box and also with my big bit of string and it has been brilliant! Both my humans played with me and we had such good fun. I liked it MILLIONS!

The Boss had to do her usual housework, but the weather was fine enough for me to go out to play while she was running all over my house with the vacuum cleaner but I watched for my DH coming back from the pier with our messages and then I knew it was play time and it was great fun.

I had a quick nap while the old dear had to go out and then spent the rest of the afternoon just wandering in and out whenever I wanted to and it was just the bestest afternoon and I liked it very, very much.

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Lonely Squeak

I was left all alone today 'cos my DH was at the Cat Shop and my MH had to go to Stromness to meet her friend, so I was to be left all alone. And to make it worser, the weather wasn't good enough to leave the window open for me so I was shut in all day and I wasn't very happy, I can tell you.

So, you will have worked out that I don't have any news for you 'cos I have spent most of my day just snoozing and waiting. I was in the middle of a very good dream when my little body clock wakened me up and I wandered into my kitchen just in time to see my MH's kangaroo coming up the path so I sat inside the door and just waited for it to open and then as soon as my humans comed in, my MH lifted me up and gave me a ginormous cuddle that told me she had missed me as much as I had missed her, so that was very fine indeed.

I have been out for a short time but now I am having a snooze cuddled up beside my MH until it is time for me to go out again, but I am now a very happy little puss and I have been told that I won't be left on my own again for a long time.


Tuesday, 9 May 2017

A Question....

.... for my little weather man friend. What has happened to the hot weather and when will it be back? Oh, is that two questions? My counting isn't very good, I'm afraid, but then I am only a pussy cat, albeit a very adorable one, but still a pussy cat.

However, although the weather wasn't really to my liking, I gathered up all my intrepidness which I had carefully packed away for the summer, and went out to play and once I was outside I liked it so much that I stayed out for a long, long time and discovered that if I found a wee place out of the breeze it was really quite warm. As usual, I was back at just the right time for my wee drink of milk and then I just spent the rest of my day in and out enjoying myself.

I helped both my humans with whatever they needed me for and then I had lots of 'me' time just playing in my garden or in the long grass listening to the birdies. The swallows are on some bits of my little island but they haven't come back to my bit yet and although I love watching them, I hate when they dive bomb me and I'm afraid they do that to me lots.

So, although it has been a bit cooler that I would like, I still have had a very good day, but if my little weather man friend can send me some warm sunshine, I will be a very happy little Squeak.

Monday, 8 May 2017

Here We go Again

Another week begins. I had a very good sleep and when I wakened up I was happy to see that it was still a good day although it wasn't as sunny as I would have liked but at least it wasn't wet or windy so I was a very happy Squeak.

Since I had been up for a wee while about half past six o'clock in this morning for a wee biscuit, I wasn't too hungry so I just had a light breakfast and nipped outside. I played at the front of my house until I heard the old dear's spoon hitting the bottom of her cereal bowl and that told me it was milk time, so I nipped back in through the window and finished up the milk which was super.

We all had a wee chat and then me and my MH waved bye bye to my DH as he sailed away to the Cat Shop and then I went into the bedroom for a little nap while the Boss ran round my house with the vacuum cleaner and her dusters. As usual, she would come and look for me every now and then and we had a cuddle and a chat and that happened lots of times during the morning and it made me a very happy puss.

Later on, I helped her hang out the washing and while she was busy I had a good sniff all round my garden which I liked. I love being outside especially in the summer time listening to the birdies and watching all the boats and ships passing by.

I am a very happy outside puss. Mind you, I am a very happy inside puss too!

Sunday, 7 May 2017

Ah, Well...

... I suppose it had to come to an end. But why today? It wasn't too bad, but it hasn't been as good as the rest of the weekend and it has been a lot cooler. I have still been outside lots of times, but between you and me, I am quite glad of the excuse to have a rest 'cos I am a wee bit tired with all the enjoyment of the past couple of days, so I am not really complaining.

We have had a good day and it has been quiet in my house with my humans just doing little bits of work but nothing that involves vacuums or dusters, thank goodness. There was lots of time for me and every time I comed in, there was a big cuddle waiting for me and that was good.

My garden is all tidy again and I helped my DH put out all our little ornaments so it is looking quite busy out there and there are lots of little figures for me to have a sniff at which makes being outside much more exciting for this adorable little puss. All I need now is some better weather to enjoy it all.

I hope my little weather man friend is reading this!

Saturday, 6 May 2017

And Again

Oh, my dear friends, I am an ecstatic little puss 'cos I have been outside for nearly all of the en-tire day and I have been loving it! You will have guessed that my little weather man friend has sended me some more good weather and today has been HOT!

As soon as my adorable little eyes opened this morning I knew that I was going to be a very happy Squeak and as usual I was right. I gobbled up my breakfast and then shot out of the door. I sat in the garden until I heard the old dear finishing her cereal and then it was time to nip in through the window for a little drink of milk. And then? Outside again, of course!

And that's how my day went on. Out playing for a long time then back in for a wee feed or a drink and then repeat as many times as possible. It was just wonderful and I loved it. My friend J. didn't manage to see me but my friend S. paid us a surprise visit, so that was very fine indeed.

I got another surprise this afternoon 'cos my MH decided that since it was a lovely day, she would walk down to the post box rather than go in her little kangaroo and when she was coming home to me, she called my name from the bottom of our path and then she watched me looking for her. I could hear her, but it tooked me a wee while before I could see her, but when I did I scooted across my grass really quickly, jumped through my fence and then raced over the grass to get beside her and that made her smile lots.

I liked it and I was smiling too, but inside me where she couldn't see. I do that lots and lots 'cos I am a very happy little puss.

Friday, 5 May 2017

And Even More!

This is just a very quick message before I go to sleep to tell you that I have had a super duper day. In fact it has been one of the superest duperest days ever!

The weather was even better than yesterday and it was lovely and warm, so me and my humans have been outside all day. I helped the old dear wash all the windows and then we pruned the honeysuckle bush. In fact, yours truly nearly got pruned a couple of times and it is just a good job that my MH has good eyesight or I might not be able to tell you this! I just sort of kept jumping into the middle of the bush at nearly the wrong time, but I was fine.

I have been left on my own again tonight 'cos the humans were at another party, but this time I didn't mind 'cos it was my friend J.'s special birthday and my MH has comed home with the brilliantest news that he might come to see me tomorrow 'cos he misses me!

I am really excited so I am going to sleep now so that I will be wide awake when he comes. So night night everyone. Sleep well.

Thursday, 4 May 2017

More Brilliant Fun

I love the sunshine and I love feeling warm and today we have had warm sunshine on my little island I have been outside all day which is MAGIC!

As soon as I wakened up, which was a wee bit earlier than normal, I rushed to the window and saw that it was another super morning so I asked the old dear to let me out and I would get my breakfast later. And that is just what I did. I had a wander round my garden and listened to the birdies and by the time my adorable little tummy was telling me it was nearly running on empty, my MH had opened the window and my breakfast was waiting for me.

The rest of my day was spent nipping in and out and playing in my garden, and because the weather was so good, both my humans were outside with me too. The Boss did her usual housework but she did some more washing too. To be honest, my dear friends, I think she is washing everything she sees and I am very careful that I don't get stuck in hot soapy water! I am perfectly clean without her help, thank you very much!

I helped her to hang it all out again and when I was out later on with my DH, I had the most brilliantest fun with a bit of pampas grass. He throwed it up for me, and I chased it and killed it dead and then we did it all over again. Magic number 2!

AND! As if this wasn't enough excitement for one adorable little puss, today was string day, so there was good fun inside my house as well. Oh I am so excited I can hardly contain my dear little self and I can't wait for tomorrow 'cos my MH told me that if it another good day, she is going to spend a lot of time with me in the garden.

Oh, goody, goody, goody!

Wednesday, 3 May 2017

A Crackin' Day

I have had a simply super day. My little weather man friend was right when he said we would have good weather and today has been warm and sunny and just lovely! And I have had a great time. I helped my MH change the beds and we had our usual fun and games as I helped her. She told my DH that she couldn't do it without me--- but I knew that already!

Then we had good fun in my garden when she was hanging out the washing and I ran all over the newly cut grass and I liked it lots. I didn't do any pole climbing today but I did lots of running and chasing and it was just brilliant.

The sun was shining and it was warm and every now and then I would go away on my own and find a wee spot in the long grass to have a lie down and one time when I comed back, my MH gave me a cuddle and she told me I was warm--- but I sort of knew that already--- again!

We went into the gym again, but I left her to it and played outside until she finished and then found me and we played some more. It was a super day and my little weather man friend told me there would be more days like that so I am very, very happy.

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Happy, happy, happy!

We have all had a very good day today and we are all very happy. It was a fine day and although it was still a bit breezy, it wasn't too bad at all, so after the old dear had finished her housework inside, she decided to see if the lawn mower would go.

So, we all went outside and when she turned the key on her machine it went! Yippee. I watched for a little while and as soon as I was sure she was safe and happy, I nipped inside for a snooze till she was finished. Both my humans spent a while in my garden 'cos my DH has bought himself a new gadget for cutting all the edges and he is a very happy DH playing with it. In fact, I think he might wander round the whole island cutting grass! Hee hee

I got a great big surprise when my friend S. comed to see me. Normally she is too busy through the week when she is working, but she comed up today and I liked it lots. She always makes a fuss of me and cuddles me and that is just what I like.

So, now you will see why we all have had a very good day and to top it all off, my little weather man friend told us that it is going to be a beautiful day tomorrow so I am really looking forward to that. My MH has even promised to take some new pictures of me to show you how beautiful I am looking!

Monday, 1 May 2017

Another Monday

Oh dear, the weekend goes away very quickly and soon we are back at the beginning of a new week again. And it is Monday. But it was a wee bit different on this Monday 'cos both my humans went away out for the morning boat and I thought I was going to be left all alone. The wind was blowing a bit, so the old dear had to close the window so I wasn't all that best pleased, but I needn't have worried 'cos in a wee while my MH was back to me again. Yippee!

The minister had comed over to our island and my MH goes and plays her guitar for him, and if I hadn't been in a sulk, I might have worked that out for myself. But then I wouldn't have had a surprise when she comed back, would I?

After we had a cuddle and a wee chat, the dusters and the vacuum cleaner had to come out, but I didn't really mind as long as I had company and I just lay on my bed and watched till she was finished and then I sat beside her for a while and that made me much happier.

It is still too windy for the lawn mower to come out to play, but my little weather man friend told my MH that she might be able to cut the grass later on in the week and that made her happy. I shall let you know as soon as it happens, but right now there is nothing very exciting happening in my house, but sometimes that is good.

We are all fit and well and that's all that matters isn't it?

Sunday, 30 April 2017

Just Normal....

...but I like normal. Normal suits me fine. We all had a long sleep today 'cos it was Sunday and that is a quiet, no house-working day in my house so I like that. My DH did some work in our greenhouse and I went to help him and had a little chat to my plants. The old boy is happy 'cos all the plants are looking like they are quite healthy, but he still doesn't accept that it is because I talk to them. One day he will!

My MH did wee bits of work on her computer and I was able to cuddle up beside while she was doing this and that was good. I did go out to play quite a few times but it is still a bit cool and a wee bit windy. While I was having one of my little naps, I heard the old dear telling my DH that she is hoping to take the lawn mower out this week as our grass is getting a bit long, but it will all depend on the weather, and you all know what I think, don't you? I have to admit that I do like the grass when it is all cut and tidy, it is just the mower I am not too keen on. Sigh.

There isn't very much news for you at all, but we are all very well and we have had a very good weekend and I hope that applies to you too.

Saturday, 29 April 2017

A Very Good Day

That's what we have all had. First, the weather report. A wee bit on the cool side and a bit windy but no rain, so quite good weather for this little puss.

Next, the Broadband situation. Still not working, but my very bestest friend S. is home from her holidays and she gave my MH a loan of a 'thingy' that she plugs in and can get Broadband till ours comes back from where it has gone, so the Boss is happy and you all know that when she is happy, we are all happy!

They went away to the party last night and as I thought, they left the window open for me and they weren't away from me for too long so I was perfectly all right. It was the birthday party for the nice farmer man next door so I didn't really mind them going away.

I got a very lovely surprise when my friend S. comed in to see me but I got a shock too when I saw her black and blue face and to try and make her feel a bit better, I gived her a big hug and she said that made her feel millions better.

So you can see we have all had a very good day and I hope your day has been a good one too.

Friday, 28 April 2017

So ...

.... still no Broadband and MH still doing her magic with her phone and me still a very happy Squeak.

The weather has been much better today with no wind and no rain so I have been out playing all day. I even went with my MH into the gym and I made her laugh 'cos when she was on her bike she watched me stalking something and then I assumed 'the position', wriggled my adorable little bum and leapt! Right on to a bit of pampas grass and killed it dead! Oh it was good fun and I liked it lots.

My humans are going to a party tonight in our Hall and I am to be left alone but I think they will leave the window open, so I can nip in and out until they come back.

They have promised me that I won't be abandoned for too long but I shall have to wait and see.


Thursday, 27 April 2017

Magic Mummy Human

I don't know what she is doing but we still don't have Broadband so she does something with her phone and her computer and manages to get a message to you which makes me very happy.

I have had a very good day in and out lots of times talking to my little lamb friends. There are millions of them now and they are starting to bounce all over the field in front of my house and I have been bouncing as well but where nobody can see me 'cos I haven't quite got it right yet, but I am sure that with a little bit of practice I will get as good as the little sheeps.

I don't have much news but I am happy and so are my humans. The old dear was away to see my friend S.'s pussy cat just to keep her company for a little while but when she comed home she told me that I was still her very, very favourite and that she loved me millions!

I would expect nothing less!

Wednesday, 26 April 2017

I'm OK...

.... but for some reason we have no Broadband in our house and the phone man is trying to fix it for the Boss so if you don't hear from me for a wee while, that's all it is.

I have had a very good day and I have been a happy puss 'cos I have been able to get out and play lots of times and my MH played with me too while my DH was away at the Cat Shop.

I hope our Broadband will be fixed very soon, but don't worry about me 'cos I am very OK and I am being well looked after, but I don't have any news for you.

I hope you are all well.

Tuesday, 25 April 2017

No Snow

I was a wee bit disappointed when I wakened up this morning 'cos there was no snow. My little weather man friend had told me that there might be another wee drop through the night, but it didn't come to my little island. I waited all day but still it didn't come. Sigh!

It has been very cold on my little island so I have spent most of the day inside my house just playing with my humans and watching what they were doing. My MH went away out to do crafty things with her friends and I just waited patiently till she comed home to me again and I gave her a great big cuddle 'cos I had missed her and 'cos she was cold.

She liked that lots and so did I. I might go out for a while later on but it is windy so I will have to have a think and I always think best when I am sitting on my MH's knee. So guess where I am heading now? Hee hee

Monday, 24 April 2017


What a shock we got when we wakened up this morning. My world was all white-- completely white and very quiet. I rushed to the window to see what it was and I got a brilliant surprise 'cos it was snowing. Big, thick bits of snow and even early in this morning it was thick on the ground. Oh, my dear friends, I couldn't wait to get outside to play in it.

My DH decided that it wouldn't be safe to drive to the pier to go to the Cat Shop, so he stayed home with me and my MH, but when he went outside to feed the little birdies, I went out with him and I just loved running in the snow and when I went home my MH said I was like a damnation dog 'cos I was all speckled. Oops, I think I should have said a Dalmatian doggie. Oops!

We had lots of good fun in the snow but by the afternoon it had started to go away again although my little weatherman friend said there has to be lots more tomorrow and it might bring some thunder and gales with it, so it might not be just as much good fun, but we will just have to wait and see.

I did feel sorry for all the baby sheeps 'cos they were all covered in snow but they didn't seem to mind too much and all the mummy sheep looked after them. I hope its not too bad tomorrow and that they will be OK.

I know I will be very fine and I hope they are too.

Sunday, 23 April 2017

All Better

I had a much better night last night and didn't get locked out again. Mind you, me and my DH got a warning from the Boss before she went to bed. He was told to make sure I was in before he falled asleep and I was told to come home before he got tired or as soon as he called. And we both did as we were told!

It has been a good day for me but not a good day at all for weather 'cos it has been raining and winding and a bit too cold for me although I did go out for a little while when my MH was away seeing our pussy cat friend. She needed a big cuddle when she comed home to me 'cos she was cold and had nearly got blowed off her little feets with the naughty wind. Shame.

We don't know if my DH will be able to go to the Cat Shop tomorrow 'cos my little weather man friend has told us we are going to have gales, so we will need to wait and see, but I will let you know.

Saturday, 22 April 2017

A Wee Upset

I didn't have a very good night last night. Some of it was my fault and some of it wasn't, but I think the biggest bit was my fault. I need to explain.

At night time I go through to bed with my MH and I lie beside her while she reads and she strokes my adorable little lugs and I like it, but then when she puts out her light I go and find my DH and ask him to let me out. He doesn't go to bed too early so I have still lots of time to play outside. When I am ready to go back in, I just go to the window where there is a light and thump on it and he lets me in. Now, sometimes he wants to go to bed and he comes and calls for me and I go home. OK?

Well, last night he called and called and I was having such a good time that I decided not to go home and by the time I decided I had had enough, the poor old soul had fallen asleep, so yours truly was a wee bit stuck---outside! It was cold and even the sheeps had all gone to sleep and to tell the truth I was getting a wee bit frightened and cold and sad. And I wanted my MH!

I snuggled up as best as I could and then I saw my kitchen light come on and then the porch light and I got so excited 'cos I heard the door open and my MH was calling for me and I scooted into my house as quickly as I possible could and I got the biggest cuddle EVER 'cos my MH thought I was lost and she was as happy to see me as I was to see her. She had wakened up and couldn't find me and was very worried but as soon as she saw me, we were both very happy. I had a wee feed and then snuggled up beside her and to be honest I haven't wanted to leave her today.
I didn't really like it and I will make sure I won't do that again!

I have had a good day but a very quiet one and although I have had a couple of trips outside I have been happier inside with my humans, but I am back to my happy adorable little self again.

Friday, 21 April 2017

Cold But Good

We have all had a good day but my little island is cold and I am a bit worried about all the new baby sheeps that keep being borned. They must be very cold and I hope the mummy sheeps can keep them warm. I dropped a little hint but deep down I know that it is not possible 'cos my house isn't big enough for all the new lambs, so they will need to stay outside. I saw another one being borned and it was a lovely wee black one but it doesn't have any white bits like so it is not just as adorable.

It has been a quiet day in my house with no housework but me and my DH were busy in our greenhouse and I have picked out my plants. All I need now is for my MH to take some pictures for you and then you will see what I will be doing.

My MH had to go out for a little while to see to my friend S.'s pussycat and make sure she isn't lonely when her human is away for a wee while, and, being a very kind Squeak, I didn't mind at all 'cos I know what it is like to be lonely and when my humans are away, S. comes and sits with me and keeps me company, so I told the old dear that she had my blessing!

Me and her went into the gym for a while this afternoon when she comed home again but this time I sat and watched her 'cos it was raining outside and I didn't want to get wet. She likes when I am with her and if her little legs aren't going too fast, she can talk to me.

But sometimes she can't and that makes me smile!

Thursday, 20 April 2017

A Quieter Day

There are still more baby sheeps appearing everywhere, but I haven't been outside just as much today to see them 'cos it has been a bit cold and a lot wet, so I just stayed in lots although I had a couple of short trips into my garden.

Both my humans were at home and it was housework day as usual so I just followed the dusters and the vacuum cleaner around and every now and then there was a big cuddle for me which made me very happy. Oh,the cuddle was from my MH not the vacuum cleaner or the dusters, you understand. Hee hee

And of course, there was the usual Thursday good fun with the string off our boxes. As soon as my DH appeared back from the pier, I positioned my adorable little self on the kitchen table and waited very patiently until my humans had untied the boxes and then while my MH was putting away all our messages, me and my DH played with the string and I loved it MILLIONS! I ran all over my kitchen floor chasing the string which had my DH at the other end and it was just fantastic.

I played with my MH for a while and then I went into our greenhouse with the old boy and I had a look at all the tomato plants and all the other little plants he has put into boxes. It will take a couple or three visits before I decide which one will be mine and then I shall give it the full Squeak treatment and I am sure it will grow beautifully. I might even be able to show you some pictures in a while.

I love being a pussycat tomato grower!

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

More Good Fun

I have had another good day, but I have stopped counting sheeps, and do you want to know why? 'Cos it made me fall asleep!!!

It is not good to fall asleep when you are outside playing 'cos all the little birdies laugh at you and that's not good for your street cred. So I won't be able to tell you how many baby sheeps there are and hope you will be happy if I tell you there are lots!

Me and the old dear had good fun today while the old boy was at the Cat Shop but he has promised me that I can help him in the greenhouse tomorrow and I can get to pick my tomato plant, so I am rather excited. Maybe I should start counting sheep now so that I can get a good night's sleep and be up bright and early to start my work.

I will tell you all about it tomorrow.

Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Still Counting

I think I have another trillion but my adorable little brain got tired when I was counting the new baby sheeps so maybe I am a wee bit wrong. There are lots of new little lambs outside my house. Some are white, some are black and some are black and white but they are all beautiful.

I have had a good day and have been out playing lots of times just watching the sheeps and listening to the birdies. There are more and more coming to my little island every day and when I go out, I can hear them singing to me and I like it.

I was so busy having good fun outside that I missed helping my MH to change our beds and I was a tad disappointed 'cos it is my very favourite game but by the time I went back home she was all finished. It wasn't a total disaster though 'cos when she saw how disappointed I was, she played with me and cuddled me until I was all happy and undisappointed again.

I was a wee bit sad for my MH in this afternoon 'cos she was hanging out her washing and the rope broke and that made her a bit not happy, but when I runned up the pole to see if I could fix the rope she smiled again and I was happy too.

I can always make her smile and we both like that.

Monday, 17 April 2017

A Trillion and Four

This counting is easy. Yesterday there were a trillion lambs and today there are four more, so that make s a trillion and four. Easy! I don't know why my MH finds this counting business so hard. It is quite easy really.

I have had a good day although it is still cold on my little island but at least it hasn't been too wet so I got out to play lots of times and I had a wee look at some of the new little baby sheeps. They are so, so lovely and I love watching them bouncing all over the grass. I haven't quite perfected the bounce, but I am still practicing. In fact, I nearly wakened the old dear last night when I decided to have a wee bounce on the bed to see if that made it any easier, but I sort of missed my target and landed on her tummy! Oh dear, I just stood very, very still holding my breath and she falled asleep again. Phew! perhaps I need to change my practice ground.

I got some surprises today when we got visitors to my house. The first one was my friend S. and we had a cuddle and a big long chat before two more of my friends came to see me and my humans and it was lovely 'cos I got lots more cuddles and I made them all laugh when I clattered my chimes to tell my MH that my adorable little tummy was almost running on empty and needed to be filled NOW! I know it sounds a little rude, but one has to look after oneself, doesn't one? Hee hee

It is a nice bright evening so I shall be heading outside shortly to see what is happening and if there are any more little sheeps to be added to my trillion and four.

Sunday, 16 April 2017

Can You Guess?

Yes, there are more and more baby sheeps, but they won't stay still to let my poor old MH count them so I have decided there are a trillion little lambs. I don't know how many is a trillion, but I just like the sound of that, so that's how many there are in the world of Squeak!

We have had a very good Easter Sunday and my MH cracked open her big egg and loved it, although she didn't eat all of it, and of course, I didn't get any at all, but I didn't mind 'cos I got some little treats that wouldn't hurt me.

Me and my MH were out lots of times watching all the new baby sheeps and we had great fun 'cos they are so, so cute. We even saw one being borned again and this time I was fine and didn't disgrace my little self. There was one little lamb in particular that we watched for a long, long time 'cos it didn't walk and it didn't run--- it BOUNCED!-- up and down on the spot and I heard my MH laugh 'cos it was so funny. I am going to try to do it later on when my humans are asleep and I will do it for my MH tomorrow.

If I can't manage it, I shall ask the little lamb to teach me and I am sure I shall soon prefect it. Maybe you will even see a picture of me.