Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Another Good Day....

... although not just as good as yesterday. I have been very OK, you understand, but the weather has not been as much to my liking as it was yesterday so that has made me just a little cranky. I like that word. I don't like being cranky, but I do like thinking it.

My morning routine was just the same. Up with my MH--gobbled up my breakfast then nipped outside for a while until it was time to come back in for my milk. Quite purr-fect! I was able to nip in and out quite a few times until the rain comed on and spoiled it for me, although even then it wasn't too bad 'cos I helped my MH change the beds and we just had the bestest of fun.

It is one of my very favouritist jobs and I do it so well. I jump on the bed just before she puts the sheets on just to make sure it is safe and then I explore the inside of the duvet cover to make sure there are no big monsters lurking. Mind you, I haven't worked out what I would do if I did find such a monster. Maybe I need to give that some thought before I help her again. Hee hee

In the afternoon, when all our work was done I made the old dear very happy when I climbed up onto her knee then put my adorable little head on her shoulder and falled fast asleep. She told my DH that she loves when I do that so maybe I will do it a bit more often.

I rather liked it myself!

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

A Very Good Day

I have been much happier today for lots of reasons. Both my humans were at home with me and my little weather man fried sended me some good weather so that I could get out to play lots of time. I think he must have heard about my traumatic experience and decided to be kind to me. I for one am not complaining 'cos I like being outside.

Me and my MH were up first this morning and as soon as I had filled my adorable little tummy, I nipped outside to play until it was time to nip back in again for my little drink of milk. Every time I come in I get a big cuddle from my MH 'cos I think she is always pleased to see me coming back safely. I think I frightened her on Sunday, but we will soon be all fine again.

I have spent my day just wandering in and out and one time I helped the old dear hang out her washing and of course I had to see if I was still able to climb the poles--which I was-- so everything is fine.

Very fine indeed!

Monday, 18 September 2017

Much Better

I am very well. I know you will all be worrying after my harrowing tale yesterday, but worry not, dear friends, I am very well again and my dear old MH has finally stopped shaking!

I have been abandoned though, but just for a little while. My DH had to go to the Cat Shop and my MH had arranged to meet her friend and to do some shopping. She didn't want to go and leave me, but me and my DH told her that I would be fine and I would see her when she comed home again. So oft she went.

The window was left open for me and I had a couple of wee plays outside and then I rested till my humans comed home. I ran into my kitchen when I heard the door opening and then I asked for a cuddle and my MH lifted me up and gived me one of her very special hugs 'cos she had missed me. And I missed her too so I followed her around and purred for her while I did a lot of nudging. She likes when I nudge her and I wanted to show her that I was very well.

I have showed you a picture today of me beside my DH's car but this time I am outside it and not in the engine bit. I don't think I will ever go in the engine bit again---I think!

Sunday, 17 September 2017

Tissues Needed

You will have guessed that you are about to hear a very sad story, so make yourself comfortable beside your tissues and maybe some smelling salts for those of you who are of a weak disposition. Don't worry too much 'cos you will have realised that since I am writing this to you, I am still here, but you can worry a wee bit.

I shall tell the story as it happened. OK? Here goes. We were all having a lazy Sunday and I had been in and out my window quite a lot and liking the fact that the weather was behaving and that my MH was just waiting with a big cuddle for me to come home again. So all is well, so far.

My DH had to go down to our Hall to help send lots of things that were left from the jumble sale over to the Cat Shop and it had all to be wrapped up to go on the boat tomorrow. So oft he went in his car to the Hall which tooked him about ten minutes.

About an hour later he phoned my MH to see if I was at home so she went to look and I wasn't and when she asked him why he told her that he thought I was in his car and would she come and see. Oh my dear friends, I don't think I need tell you what she was thinking but she was very, VERY worried. She comed down to the Hall and she could hear me but she couldn't see me. Then she told my DH to open his car bonnet and there I was peeping out at them!

My poor old MH was in tears and I was so, so scared and I didn't know what to do and every time she tried to get a hold of me I jumped away the opposite direction and I think they both thought I would be in his car forever. Oh dear.

My MH then lied down on the road and she talked to me and told me I was a very good puss and would I please like to come out from under the car so that we could all go home and so I made a wee move and she made a dive for me which I am sure would get her a place in any rugby team---and she catched me and cuddled me so tight she nearly choked me. She feeled me all over and we knew that I was OK--just very frightened-- so she keept a great big hold of me and sat in the back of my DH's car so that he could take us both home. She got her little kangaroo later on and bringed it home.

I was very happy to see my house again and I did make the old dear smile when the first thing I did was to have a wee feed and then, after some of my biscuits, I tooked my adorable little self off to bed and slept away all my fright.

They don't know how or why I was in my DH's engine, but I wasn't hurt. It was just a short journey so the car didn't get very warm, but I think I have learned my lesson and I won't do that again.

I am so sorry dear humans and thank you for making me safe again. I have sent you a couple of pictures to prove that I am very fine indeed.

Saturday, 16 September 2017

Millions Better

Remember yesterday I told you I was a very fed up little puss? Well, today all my fed upness has gone away and I am feeling much, much happier. In fact I am MILLIONS happier and I am sure you will want to know what has bringed on this change, and of course I shall tell you, 'cos I am a very good puss.

Well, for one, the weather was a lot better today and I have been able to get out to play as much as I want, whenever I want and for as long as I want, so one cannot argue with that now, can one? Hee hee. I went straight out after my breakfast and stayed out so long that I nearly missed my little drop of milk. I just came home in time to see the old dear heading towards the kitchen sink with our cereal bow in her delicate little hand, so I made a very loud squeak to let her know I had arrived back again, and she put it down on the floor so htat I could lap up all the milk. I liked that.

The rest of my day was spent either being outside, or on my bed or on my MH's knee so I was very content indeed, but then I got a big surprise when I heard my door opening and I heard my friend S. calling for me and that made me very happy little Squeak 'cos I always love when she comes to see me and I haven't seen her for a long time 'cos she has been a way her holidays and my MH didn't tell me she was coming to my house today so that I would get a lovely surprise. And I did.

We had a lovely afternoon together and now I am having a snooze before I head outside before bedtime. I am a much happier puss today and I hope you are all happy too.

Friday, 15 September 2017

More Rain

Oh I am so very fed up with all this rain! It hasn't stopped all day and I am really fed up. Like REALLY fed up! I sat on my window sill just waiting to pounce as soon as it stopped but it didn't stop so I didn't pounce. Oh dear.

I managed out just once for a very short time and even then I got wet so I comed home very quickly and I got a big cuddle but even that didn't cheer me right up. I am a puss who needs to be outside exploring and hunting and although I am very happy being inside with my humans, I do need lots of fresh air and outside times as well. Maybe I will manage before bedtime but it's not sounding too great out there so I am not very hopeful.

It was a quiet day in my house 'cos my MH just had wee bits of housework to do and we had good fun for a while when she was cleaning out all her craft boxes 'cos she emptied all the stuff out of them and guess what I did? Yep, I decided to see what they looked like from the inside and I jumped into them as soon as the old dear had emptied them. That was good fun.

Later on I asked her to play with me on top of my bed and she rolled me in my blanket and tickled my adorable little tummy and that was just brilliant fun and we both liked it lots.

So, although I haven't been able to be outside, I still have had lots of fun inside, so I can't really complain too much. That has never stopped me before!

Thursday, 14 September 2017


... your computer is all wet when you are reading all about me, then I am sorry but I think it might be my fault 'cos I have just comed in from being outside in all the rain and I am a wee bit very soaking wet!

It has been a not too bad day and I have been in and out quite a lot, but just after dinner time when I really NEED to be outside, the rain came pouring down. And just when did it pour its hardest? When this adorable little puss was outside and a long way from home. Sigh

I did manage to find a wee spot to shelter but every time I thought I could make a run for my window, the rain just poured harder and I had to stay out. Eventually it did go off enough to let me get in and my MH rushed to open the window and then gave me a great big cuddle to make me all dry again. It was nearly worth getting wet for. Hee hee

I am all dried up again and I will have a little rest until later on when I will try to get out for a while before bed time as long as it is not pouring with rain.

I can hope, can't I?

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

I have been thinking.

You see, I haven't been doing very much lately and I have had plenty of time to think so that's what I have been doing.

I did get out to play for a while this morning, but my little island is getting quiet again with all the little birdies flying away to somewhere warm and lots of my little insect friends looking for a sleeping place for the winter so I am a bit lonely when I do go out and I know that when I am inside there is always someone to cuddle me.

So, what have I been thinking? Well, I feel I need to be doing something to pass the time 'cos I can't sleep the days away, can I? The only problem is trying to find something that an adorable little puss can do.

I know this is not a lot of information for you, but it is a start is it not? I was listening to my humans talking today about what they are going to do in the winter and my MH said she was going to start making some more cards so maybe I could help her with that, but sometimes I make a mess of her bits of paper. She also said she was going to go more times into the gym, so maybe that's where I could help, although there's not too much for me to do except purr some encouragement.

Hm. Maybe that's what I could do. I could be a motivator! I think I shall have another little snooze to clear my adorable little mind and then I shall think some more and as soon as I have comed to a decision I shall let you know. OK?

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Lots Better

My first job this morning when my adorable little eyes opened to greet the day, was to jump off my bed and race to the window to see if I should get up or just go back to sleep again. I had a good look and a listen and I didn't see any rain or hear any wind so I decided I would get up and get out. I had rather a difficult job to do first and that was to waken the Boss 'cos I needed her to feed me and her alarm hadn't ringed yet but after a couple of wee claws in her lug, she wakened up and said 'good morning' to me.

We had a wee chat before she got up and after she had fed me, I raced outside to se what the world was like. I hadn't seen the outside for a long time and I was just hoping it hadn't changed too much, but I needn't have worried 'cos it was very fine and just the same.

I had a word to the cows and they told me they didn't like being so wet yesterday and I told them that I was a bit sad watching them getting rained on and they appreciated that. I have been able to get out to play as much as I have wanted today so I am much happier except for just one little thing.

Although to me it is quite a big thing 'cos I have discovered my MH can be a tad sneaky and she was this last night. There I was, having a very happy dream lying on her knee, when she made her hand creep up behind me and put the awful wormer stuff on my adorable little person. To be honest, I didn't notice till much later when I think I felt it, but that's not the point, is it?

She was still sneaky!

Monday, 11 September 2017

Just Once...

...I have been out just once today... just once in the en-tire day 'cos it has been pouring down with rain the whole day and definitely not weather for this adorable little puss to be outside in. I did try. I promise I did but it just wasn't for me.

I went out after my breakfast and managed to scoot very quickly to a wee place that was sheltered and I sat there for a while thinking that I could be inside where it was dry and warm so I scooted back inside again.

I stayed on my bed while the old dear did all her housework and one time, when she was passing my bedroom, I asked her to play with me by jumping up and down on the bed, and she got the message and we played for a long, long time till I was a bit tired and I falled asleep under my blanket.

I tried to go out again after my dinner like I always do and when my MH opened the door I managed to get half of me into the outside before my little brain dragged me back in again. I tried that about two or three or maybe five times before the old dear was fed up of getting wet and then I decided I would wait until just before bedtime when it might be a bit better.

I do hope so.

Sunday, 10 September 2017

A Purr-fect Sunday

A very lazy Sunday but a very good Sunday just the same. It started off in the middle of the night time for me and my MH 'cos she needed to get up to go to the bathroom and when she comed back, I lied on top of her and we had one of our very special chats which always makes us both very happy. It was very, very dark and my MH could hardly see me even though I had my nose right up to her nose but she could hear me purring. I, of course, could see her very well with my absolutely perfect eye sight. It was a lovely wee while and I liked it lots.

After a sleep, we both got up and when I saw that it was a fine day, I gobbled up my breakfast and nipped outside to see all my little animal friends and find out how they were doing. They are all doing fine, by the way.

The rest of my day was spent just doing all the things I like best like sitting on my MH's knee, or having a snooze on one of my many sleeping places or playing outside and then coming back in to find where my cuddle was hiding.

I always find them. Yippee! So, a quite perfect Sunday for me and I hope a good Sunday for you too.

Saturday, 9 September 2017

Did You Know....

... that cows like to watch television? No, I didn't either, but last night when the sun was going to bed, me and my MH were sitting on my couch watching the television and suddenly our living room went all dark and when we looked out of my window, all the cows were standing at the fence watching MY television and they were keeping all the sunlight away from us as well. So there. I can't remember which programme we were looking at but I shall watch the next time and let you know so that if you are watching it, you can make sure there are no cows in your way.

We have had a good day and I have been in and out lots of times for big long times and that was good. It always makes me happy when I can be outside. I had a wee word to the cows about them watching my telly but they just walked away from me which I thought was a tad rude. I think I might tell the Boss to switch it off if they start watching tonight.

There is just one wee tiny problem with that idea and that is that Strictly is starting again tonight and you know how me and the old dear just love that? I am so looking forward to Saturday nights from now, so I shall to get all my hunting and playing done before night time so that I can settle down on my couch with my MH and have good fun.

I wonder if I will ever get to like popcorn? Yeukk!!

Friday, 8 September 2017

Just Normal

We were all at home altogether today and that makes me a very contented little Squeak. My MH was busy doing all the bits of work she should have done yesterday if she hadn't gone away and deserted me so I just wandered around my house watching her and waiting for her to stop and give me a cuddle.

I never have to wait too long 'cos I think she likes when I purr for her so she finds me lots of times and that makes us both happy. One of the times she sent my DH to see where I was but he couldn't find me so she had to come herself and there was me, all settled and snoozing beautifully under my new blanket. He didn't look carefully enough but my MH knows what to expect. She just smiled and he shooked his beard and I just snoozed!

It was quite a fine day so all the washing went on the rope and then she decided to cut the grass and off we went again. Now, as she was cutting away quite happily, we noticed a gigantic grey cloud right over the top of my house and the old dear was frightened it was going to rain so she tried to make the mower go a lot quicker and me and her kept all our fingers and toes crossed that it wouldn't rain until she was all finished.

And guess what? She managed to get it all finished AND bring in the washing before the big naughty cloud dropped all its rain on top of us. But she didn't mind at all because al her work was all done and lovely. And she was happy. And when she is happy, we are all happy!

Thursday, 7 September 2017

And Even Less News

Abandoned--again! This will have to stop or I am going to complain. We are got up this morning and I did think it was a bit odd that we were up quite early and we were all up --- not just me and my MH, but my DH was up as well. I didn't think too much about it and after my breakfast I nipped out for a while but just as I came back my two humans were jut leaving and I got a 'goodbye' cuddle.

I was a bit sad but understood that they had to go away for a while so I just went and had a snooze until I heard my door opening and then I ran into my kitchen and I got a great big 'hello' cuddle and that made me a very happy pussy cat indeed.

I spent a while just following my MH round the house while she got changed and put all the things away and then I sat on her knee and purred very loudly while she stroked my adorable little lugs.

I am happy!

Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Not Much News

I have had a very good day although I haven't done very much at all. The weather hasn't been too bad but not really to my liking so I have spent a lot of my time just resting on one of my beds or on my MH's knee which is always my very favouritist place. And she likes when I am there too.

She had lots of little bits of work to do but she sometimes had a wee rest and then came to find me and she gave me lots of cuddles which made us both very happy.

Me and her spent a while watching the birdies this morning as they played on my pampas grass and it was lovely watching them having so much fun. I am sure I could hear them having a wee giggle but maybe I just imagined it.

But I don't think so. They were so happy and it made me happy too just watching them.

Tuesday, 5 September 2017

A Major Decidement

If you remember I was having a big problem with my new dinner bowl and I was afraid that I might stop eating altogether just out of spite but I slept on it--not on the bowl, but you know what I mean?-- and came to a very important decision. I am going to try and like my new bowl. I will never love it like my old one, but I will do my very bestest to grow to accept it.

Now I know you will all be desperate to learn how I have come to this momentous decision and of course I will tell you. Last night, in the dark time just before me and my MH were going to sleep, we had one of our special conversations and she told me that I had to eat all my dinners 'cos she would be the saddest MH in the en-tire world if anything happened to me 'cos she loves me millions.

I had a wee think and decided that maybe the old dear was right, so I bounded off the bed and went into the kitchen for a wee feed and to be honest, the new bowl wasn't really that bad. So that's the end of that problem I am very pleased to say.

We have all had a very good day and I was even back in the gym with the old dear as she started her exercises again and then I helped her pull up some weeds before the horrible little midgies started to eat us alive. Ugh, they are horrible little creatures and me and my MH do not like them at all.

So we just came inside and sat on my couch for a while and I liked that lots.

Monday, 4 September 2017

A Problem

Well, I had a very good day up until my DH comed home. Me and my humans had our usual Monday morning routine with me sitting with the old dear as we said bye bye to my DH who nipped away to the Cat Shop and then yours truly nipped outside to see what was happening. It was very wet so I didn't stay out too long and spent a wee while on my bed while the vacuum cleaner dragged my MH round my house making it all clean again.

There was a lot of rain and it was quite breezy too so I didn't feel the need to go out but my MH had to go to the hall with her friends to tidy it up after the jumble sale so I rested again till she comed home and just after she comed in, so did my DH, and that's when my problem arose.

My MH had decided that I needed a new feeding bowl and the old boy bringed it home to me and between you and me my dear friends I don't think I like it! And my worry is that I will never like it and I might just starve. Oh dear. The thing is, sometimes I don't fancy whatever dinner the Boss has put in my dish and I don't eat it all, so she can't work out whether I don't like my new dish or I don't like the dinner and to be honest, I can't work it out either.

I am going to have a sleep now and see if I have the answer when I waken up. I shall let you know.

Sunday, 3 September 2017

Lazy Sunday...Again

I like Sundays. Come to think of it, I like nearly all my days, except the ones when my humans are not with me, but all the other days are my very favourites and Sunday is a sort of favourite favourite.

We were all very lazy and just did little bits of things which was good. It wasn't a bad day, but it was a bit breezy so my MH decided not to cut the grass but to wait and see if there would be a better day through the week, so that meant she was in the house more and I was able to sit with her for a long time which made my Sunday just about 'purr-fect'!

They did go out for about half an hour but they left the window open for me so I could nip in when I was getting too much blowed on and that was just fine.

So that has been my Sunday. Nothing very exciting but it made me a happy little Squeak and as far as I am concerned, that's all that matters. Hee hee

Saturday, 2 September 2017

Still Better

And, I even got into the camera! Yippee I have a new picture for you today which my MH tooked when we were out playing in my garden today.

In this morning it was lovely and warm, so after she had helped Jessica solve another murder, me and her---my MH that is, not Jessica!-- went out into my garden for a while and we both liked it a lot. It is a good job we went out when we did 'cos it got a bit cold and windy in this afternoon, so the old dear stayed inside but because I am a hardy, intrepid little puss, I went out to play lots of other times.

So, I am happy 'cos my MH has kept her word and I have been the centre of her universe all weekend so I have forgived her for leaving me last week and I am looking forward to playing some more with her tomorrow.

I hope your weekend has been as good as mine.

Friday, 1 September 2017

Millions Better!

I am a much happier puss today and I am sure you will all know why, but just in case you don't, it is because both my humans have been at home with me ALL day and didn't abandon me once! Oh goodie. That made me very happy and there was one other thing that made me a happy Squeak and that is I have a new blanket for one of my beds. My MH bringed it home to me last night and I tried it out lots of times today. I was on top of it and under it and I can honestly say I will probably keep it.

I have been in and out lots of times all through the day and the bestest bit about being outside was coming back in to find my MH and get a great big cuddle. I liked that a lot so I went out a lot, just so that I could come back a lot. If you see what I mean?

I have been told that my weekend will be more of the same 'cos both my humans are staying at home with me and that has made me a very happy little--adorable--puss. I am looking forward to a very good weekend and I hope you have a good time too.

Thursday, 31 August 2017


.....I was left all alone today as my dear old MH was working at the Hall doing something with jumble and my DH was there as well although he did come home a couple of times to see me, so I haven't been completely abandoned.

AND, I have been promised that I am to be the centre of the universe from now on and that has pleased me greatly.

I have no news for you at all and my MH is too tired to write a lot, so I shall tell you more tomorrow and I am sure you will understand and love me all the more for being a very considerate little puss!

Wednesday, 30 August 2017


....I am just a little bit fed up being on my own. I was abandoned again today and you know I don't really like being all alone. My DH sailed away to the Cat Shop and then my MH told me she had to go to the Hall for the en-tire afternoon 'cos she was helping to get it all ready for the jumble sale tomorrow, so yours truly was left to play all by myself and when I went home there were no cuddles waiting for me. Sigh.

AND! I am to abandoned tomorrow for hours and hours because of this jumble sale--whatever that is--because the old dear will be busy selling all kinds of stuff and my DH is helping to get people up to the Hall from the pier. And me? I am to be left all alone again, but my MH has promised that the weekend will be all for me, so I can't really complain.

So, I can't tell you all my news but I am very well. I shall be much more very well tomorrow night when my MH comes home and all her work at the Hall is finished for a while.

I do not like being abandoned!

Tuesday, 29 August 2017

A Quiet Day....

... with just me and my DH 'cos the Boss went away to Kirkwall with her friend and left me and him all alone. It was a fine morning so when me and my MH got up I had a very quick nibble at my breakfast and then went outside to see what was happening but as usual my timing was purr-fection and I was back in time for my little drop of milk.

I helped my DH 'cos he was working in the utility room getting it all ready for the new freezer to go in and he had to clean in behind where the old one had been 'cos it was just a tad dusty. I liked helping 'cos I was able to sniff places that I had never been in before and you all know how much I like that.

I was having a little rest after all my hard work watching him when I heard my MH coming home and I ran to meet her and that always makes her happy. I got a great big cuddle and that always makes me happy, so we were both rather pleased! I sat on her knee and she told me all about her day and that was good.

I got a big surprise later on 'cos I had taken to my bed again and my MH decided to have some cereal instead of a real dinner and when she was finished, she comed and founded me and gave me some more milk. Yippee. I loved that millions!

I was a wee bit sad after that 'cos the farmer lady from next door has moved all her sheeps away from outside my gate and I don't know where she has made them go, but maybe if I go outside before bedtime I will find them. I know they would be very sad if I didn't have a little chat with them---well, all except the naughty one who sniffed where it shouldn't have sniffed. Hee hee.

I shall let you know if I find them.

Monday, 28 August 2017

Much Busier

I haven't been very busy, but my MH has. My DH went away to the Cat shop and we had our usual morning natter before she started all her housework. The weather wasn't too bad so I was able to get outside as much as I wanted.

I went away into the long grass and had a wee word with the sheeps as I went but I had to be very careful where I put my adorable little paws 'cos all those sheeps have made the path a wee bit mucky and I know the old dear wouldn't be best pleased if I bringed some of that into my house on my paws. So I was very careful.

There were some people in my house today 'cos they helped my humans get a new freezer off the boat and into my house, so that will keep them busy for a while as they get it all set up. I like it and what is more important, so does my MH.

It is just to be me and my DH tomorrow 'cos my MH is going to Kirkwall with her friend, but I think we might have a lazy day which would be good, although no doubt the Boss will leave some instructions about what we have to do with the new freezer. Sigh!

I will get lots of cuddles when she comes home so that will be good.

Sunday, 27 August 2017

More lazyness

Well, for me and my DH anyway. My MH was busy 'cos when we got up this morning the weather was quite good so she decided to cut the grass again and oft she went with the lawn mower and cut all the grass while I lay on the paths and just watched her. She likes when I do that 'cos then she's not on her own and she talks to me every time she passes me which I like too.

When she had finished that, she had to pick up my friend M. and they went to the graveyard and then into the Hall where they were working hard getting it all ready for a jumble sale on Thursday. They have been making lots of crafty things and one lady is making lots of cakes and my MH has promised to bring some of them home for me and her if there are any left. My DH doesn't really like cakes---just some that my MH makes.

She got a big surprise when she comed home 'cos one of the naughty sheeps was in my garden and me and her and my DH had to chase it out again 'cos we didn't want it to be leaving any naughty stuff on her newly cut grass now did we? No, we did not! We managed to get it to go out of the gate and then my DH shut the big gate so it can't get back in again. We hope!

The poor old dear was tired after all this, so yours truly helped her to be not tired by sitting on her knee and letting her stroke my adorable little lugs.

It works every time.

Saturday, 26 August 2017

An Uneventful Day...

... but a good one just the same. Before me and my MH got up this morning, we had a wee chat as I was sitting on top of her and she told me that if the grass was dry enough, she would take out the lawn mower, but when we looked out of the window it was raining so that put an end to that idea!

We both had our breakfast and then I nipped out of the window and had a wander through the long, wet grass for a wee while, but I was back inside in plenty of time for my little drink of milk and then I sat with my MH while she watched more Jessica. A question. How many murders did that woman solve? It seems my MH has watched millions and I am sure she knows all the words now! But if it makes her happy.....

The rest of my day was spent between nipping in and out to play and then resting either on my MH's knee or on top of my bed and that made me very happy. The rain wasn't too heavy and didn't stay on for too long but it made the grass too wet for the old dear to cut, so maybe she will try again tomorrow. We'll see.

It has turned out a fine night and the sun has comed out again, so once my snooze is finished, I shall head outside to have a chat to the cows and the sheeps and have a long play before bedtime.

So, although it has been uneventful, I still have had lots of good fun AND lots of cuddles. Magic!

Friday, 25 August 2017

A Better Day

I have had a very good day although the weather wasn't great which was quite good too 'cos it meant that the lawn mower wasn't out to annoy me.It was a bit wet but I still went out to play lots of times and I went out of my window rather than the door just in case that naughty sheep tried to have another wee sniff at my adorable little derrière.

I played in the long grass for a while but it was wet and that made my undercarriage wet too and I didn't like that, so I wandered home for a cuddle and a rest on my couch beside the old dear. She didn't have much housework to do so there was lots of time for me although she did have to go out for a while tonight, but when she comed home again, I claimed my rightful position on her knee and that's where I shall stay till bedtime.

There was a wee bit of excitement tonight when my DH comed home with some straight out of the sea fish for their dinner, but my MH put it in the fridge 'cos one time she had tooked some fish out of the freezer and left it in the kitchen to defrost and when she went to cook it, there was a big bit missing.

I wonder who did that! Hee hee

Thursday, 24 August 2017

I have a story..

... I have had a very good day today and I have been outside nearly all of the day and the very bestest part of it all is that my humans have been out with me too. My MH was strimming our grass to make it all nice and I heard her telling my DH that if it doesn't rain then she will cut the grass tomorrow so she will be outside again with me and I will like that lots. I must send a message to my little weather man friend to ask him to make my weather good tomorrow.

It was when we were all outside that I got a bit of a fright and I am sure that you will want to hear all about it. There are some sheeps right outside my gate and this afternoon when me and my humans were outside, I decided that I would nip out through my fence and have a wee chat with them.

Well, it was all going very well and there I was minding my own business and having a chat to one of the sheeps when another very naughty sheep creept up behind me and sniffed my adorable little bottom! Yeukk!!

To say I got a fright is a great big understatement and I shot through the fence back into my garden as quickly as my adorable little legs could take me. And what did my humans do? Did they cuddle me? Did they commiserate? They did NOT! They howled with laughter and I thought my MH was going to have an accident she was laughing so much.

I wonder what she would do if a sheep sniffed at her you-know-what! I tell you something. She woudn't get through the fence as quickly as I did!

I might forgive her for laughing, but I'm not sure! :-(

Wednesday, 23 August 2017

A Very Lazy Day

I have had a very lazy day, but it has been a good day. I haven't done very much but I have been very happy doing it.

The weather hasn't been very great at all and as I am writing this, the whole world has disappeared in a great big white fog and it is just me and my little island that is left! Both my humans were out for a while today. My DH was at the Cat Shop as usual and my MH had to go to a meeting, but she comed back to me very soon and we sat together having a chat as she stroked my adorable little lugs.

I did go out a few times but I got a wee bit wet, so I have decided that as long as the weather stays not how I like it then I will just stretch my adorable little body along my couch. Bliss!

A lazy day but a very good day, thank you.

Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Brave Puss

I have had another good day. In fact, my MH noticed that I was feeling very happy and she told my DH that I had been bouncing all over my living room, and so I was. I was feeling particularly full of beans and so instead of slowly wandering over to the window to be let out, I bounced up onto the back of the couch, ran along it and then jumped from there onto the chair and up on to the window sill. Full of beans!

I spent a long time in my special hideout and liked it lots before I wandered back to my house again where my MH was waiting to play with me. But that doesn't make me brave, does it? And you will be wondering why I called today's story 'Brave Puss'

Well, you know that I used to run under my couch to hide whenever I heard anyone at the door and then once I knew who it was I would come out? I didn't do that today and I was so proud of my adorable little self, and so was my MH. A friend of hers came to our door and to be honest I did think of hiding, but I thought 'no, I am braver that that' and so I stayed where I was. And guess what? It wasn't frightening at all, so I have decided that I am all growed up and very brave.

And I am sure you will agree.

Monday, 21 August 2017

A Brilliant Day

I have had such good fun today. We are all back to normal again with me and my MH waving bye bye to my DH as he sailed away on the boat to go to the Cat Shop. We then had our wee chat about what work we needed to do and then I left the old dear to play with her vacuum cleaner and dusters while I headed out into the wilderness to see what was happening in my little corner of the world.

It was a fine enough day so I stayed out for a long time and by the time I did decide to go home, the work was all done so I plonked my adorable little backside on my MH's knee and let her stroke me until we both nearly falled asleep but it was oh so lovely.

I decided I was a bit tired so I went off to one of my beds and the next thing I heard was my MH cutting our grass. It was still a bit wet but it was getting too long for her liking, so she is a happy MH now and my DH said he liked it when he comed home which was good thinking on his part. Hee hee.

I am liking that we are all back to normal again and I am a very happy little Squeak. I hope you are happy too.

Sunday, 20 August 2017

A Super Duper Day

.... OK, the weather hasn't been particularly brilliant and my MH isn't best pleased 'cos the grass is needing cut and it is still too wet for her so she needs it to stop raining for a wee while. However, me and her were outside for a long time this afternoon pulling up all the naughty weeds that had growed up while the humans were on their holiday and we had the very bestest of fun. I just loved it millions 'cos I was doing what I really love doing and that is being outside with my humans.

You will see that there are a couple of new pictures of yours truly which my dear old MH tooked this afternoon. I admit they are not the bestest of me but at least they are new. I am hoping she might take better ones soon once she has got all the grease out of her camera so that I can get back into it.

I am having really good sleeps at night all cuddled up beside my MH and we both snore till morning. When they were away, I went to sleep every night lying on her pillow just wishing she was beside me, but now when I waken up, she is there and I am so very, very happy.

I do like it when everything is back to normal again.

Saturday, 19 August 2017

Happy Squeak

I am a very happy puss right now 'cos I am exactly where I should be and that is on my MH's knee with my adorable little head on her laptop and she says if I am to stay there, then she is going to need to get longer arms 'cos she can hardly reach the buttons to write to you and she keeps making mistakes. But do we care? No, we do not! 'Cos we are happy to be together again. Bless!

I have had a very good day. I wandered in and out as I pleased but I knew that every time I wandered in, there would be a cuddle for me and I have missed all those cuddles. My friend B. was very good and gave me lots of cuddles but my MH's are very special and those are really the only ones I want. But I have as many as I like now. Yippee.

You may have noticed that today's picture of me is an old one and I shall tell you why, although I am a tad confused. I asked the old dear why she wasn't taking any pictures of me and she said it was because her camera was full of grease and there was no room for me. Now, if you remember, that was the same story as last year so you would have thought that she would have learned her lesson and kept her camera clean. But she didn't! Oh dear.

I shall have a word with her tomorrow and ask her to put some new pictures of me on for you and I am sure she will do as I ask.

Friday, 18 August 2017

Hello Again

I'm back! But then I guess you have worked that out all by yourself by now, eh? I am very well and to be honest, I have had a very good time while my humans were away although I did miss them lots but I was very well looked after by my very bestest new friend R.

I was a wee bit very sad when my humans went away and leaved me behind and I knew that my MH was a wee bit sad too but we both knew she had to go so we were very brave. But after they had left, I took my adorable little self off to bed and sulked for a while but when my friend B. came, that cheered me up a lot and she let me sit on her knee while she cuddled me and that made me feel lots better. Still a wee bit sad, but a bit better.

We had a good time together and then last night I got the very bestest of surprises when my humans arrived back to me. When the door opened, I wasn't too sure who it was so I nipped under my couch but then a minute or two later my MH was kneeling on the floor looking at me and I was very, very happy again.

I spent last night on my couch again but this time I was where I just love being, and that's on the old dear's knee while she stroked me and told me all about their holiday and I was so excited I falled asleep, but don't tell her that eh?

So, I am back and I hope you haven't missed me too much.

Saturday, 29 July 2017

Bye bye for a wee while

I have had a much better day today as we have all been at home and there has been lots of time for me which I have just liked millions, but I am just a little bit sad 'cos I watched my humans putting all their stuff into their cases to get ready for their holidays and although I did try to snuggle down inside one of the cases, they always found me and tooked me out again. Sigh!

I got out to play quite a lot and I stayed out for long times which was good, but then the naughty rain comed on and so I had to go inside again. That wasn't too bad though 'cos my MH's knee was just sitting waiting for me to plonk my adorable little self on to. Which I did.

We have got some visitors coming to see us tomorrow and they are going to stay with me while my humans are away. There are two little children humans so I'm not sure if I will like them or not, but I will try. Then when they go away home again my friend R. is coming to stay with me and I am sure we will get on just fine.

So, you will have probably worked out that I won't be writing to you for a while and I hope you don't miss me too much. Just think of all the interesting things I'll have to tell you when I DO come back!

Be good and try not to miss me too much.

Friday, 28 July 2017

Lonely Squeak

I have been all on my lonesome today as my humans had to go away to Kirkwall to get lots of things for the visitors that are coming and some stuffs for their holidays--which I am not going!!, so I had to spend the day without cuddles. Sigh. AND, I did it again. I went away out after my breakfast and didn't come home until they had gone, so I didn't get my cheerio snuggle. Oh dear, will I never learn?

Anyway, I still had quite a good day as the weather was quite fine for most of the time and the window was open for me. I could nip in and out as much as I wanted, but then later in the afternoon the rain came on and poured really, really heavy so I just tooked to my bed and waited till my humans comed back.

Now, can you guess what they were like when they DID come in? Yep. They were ringing---soaking wet----- 'cos they had been where the rain falled down and it made them all wet, but they were so happy to be home with me again that it didn't matter.

We are in my house now and we are all dry. The sun is shining and the rain has gone somewhere else so I will have a snuggle beside my MH for another wee while and then I shall head outside.

Oh goodie!

Thursday, 27 July 2017

A Better Day

It has been a better day today and I have been a big lot happier. It didn't rain as much as yesterday and so I was able to get out to play as much as I wanted. Both my humans were at home with me and even although my humans were both a wee bit busy, there was still lots of time for me and I liked that.

I don't have a lot of news for you 'cos things at my house are quite quiet just now with my humans getting ready for their holidays and my MH has been busy washing and ironing. In fact I have to be careful that I don't end up getting laundered! Mind you, if I did, I might end up in the suitcase. Hm,I will give that one some thought. Is it too late to get a pussy cat passport I wonder!

So, although I don't have very much news for you,I am happy and I have had a very good day. I hope you are happy too and that your day has been as good as mine.

Wednesday, 26 July 2017

A Dreadful Day

I have not had a very good day at all 'cos it has never stopped raining! Sigh. I shall have to have a word with my little weather man friend and ask him to switch off the rain and give us some sunshine, please.

I did manage out to play for a very short time but I have spent most of my day snoozing on my various beds. That was very fine but now the old dear is worried that I have so much energy left over that I won't sleep tonight and if I don't sleep, then neither does she and if she doesn't sleep she is not a happy MH. Oh deary me---hee hee

It is quite a fine night at last so maybe I will manage out for a while before bedtime. We shall see. My MH was out at a meeting tonight so she is writing this much later than normal and I am lying with my adorable little head on her laptop and I am sending lots of purrs onto it, so I hope you can hear me when you are reading this.

I will only have four more times to write to you before I am abandoned while my humans go away their holidays to some place where there is lots of sunshine. I know I will miss them---and they miss me too. In fact, sometimes my MH has a wee cry when she leaves me--- but I know I will be perfectly well looked after 'cos my friend R. is coming to stay with me and do what her big cousins A. and J. used to do so I am sure we will have very good fun together.

We will be just fine.

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

A Good Day

I have had good fun today and I have been feeling very full of beans and happy with it. Both my humans were at home with me and even though my MH was busy with lots of her housework, she still had bundles of time for me, and that I like.

Our weather wasn't too bad but not quite as good as I would have liked. However, I did not let that hold me back and as soon as my breakfast was safely inside my adorable little tummy, I was out the window in a flash and I was out for so long that the old dear was worried about me. That actually happened a few times in my day 'cos you see, I have found a brilliant spot where I can lie in the long grass and nobody can see me. I just lie there and watch the world go past and listen to all the little birdies singing to me and it makes me feel very happy indeed.

I helped my MH change the beds today and we had good fun with that. She told me that there are some people coming to stay with me on Sunday and she needs to make beds for them, so I helped her. She told me it is a man and a lady with two little boys and the little boys are my DH's great nephews.

Hmm. I'll bet they are not nearly as great as me!!

Monday, 24 July 2017

A Question...

.. what has been happening to my weather? I get one good day then one not too bad a day then a rubbish day and then it starts all over again, and today has been the rubbish day I'm afraid.

It was raining when we all got up and it has never really stopped all day, but it didn't keep me in too much 'cos I am a very intrepid little puss as you all know. My DH went away to the Cat Shop as usual and me and my MH had a chat before she started all her housework and I headed outside.

I know all the little places to go where I can have some shelter and stay out of the way of the pesky swallows. I stayed out for a long time but I kept listening so that I could hear when the vacuum cleaner had stopped and then I nipped back inside for a cuddle. I do like my cuddles.

I had a big long snooze in the afternoon after me and my MH had a brilliant play on top of my bed and she tickled me under the blanket which is one of my favouritist games and I loved it. I loved it so much that I falled asleep when she was finished and I was still snoozing when my DH comed home again, but I wakened up to say hello to him and he liked that.

So, that has been my day and in spite of the rain it has been a very good one, but I am hoping that it will be much better tomorrow 'cos if my calculations are right, then tomorrow should be a very good day.

I shall let you know.

Sunday, 23 July 2017

Another Super Sunday

We have all had a very good day. The weather was very fine and I was able to be outside whenever I wanted to and I liked that. My DH was busy in our greenhouse with his tomatoes and so I had to keep nipping in beside him to make sure he was doing it right. My tomatoes are still doing far better than his, but we don't mention that. Well, me and my MH talk about it, but he doesn't!

I played in the long grass and managed to hide in a spot where the swallows couldn't get to me and I got a big surprise in this afternoon when my MH came out to play with me. I was away in the field doing pussy cat things, but when I heard her calling for me, I scooted home and jumped straight through my fence without even slowing down and that made her smile. I like that.

I am having a snooze now 'cos I am a tiny bit tired with all the exercise I have had, so I will rest and then I shall wander outside again for a while before bedtime.

Oh yes, my life right now is very good, thank you very much. I hope yours is too.

Saturday, 22 July 2017

Still Good

I have had another very good day so I am still a very happy little Squeak. It wasn't as good as yesterday in the morning time but that was OK 'cos we were all feeling a bit lazy and so I just wandered gently out into my garden and left my humans sitting in my living room just resting. I think they were tired after all the sports 'stuff' yesterday.

The weather got much better in the afternoon and so we all went outside to do things in my garden. My DH was doing some work, my MH was playing with her strimmer machine and I was keeping an eye on them to make sure they didn't get into any trouble.

So, we have had a very good day just relaxing and taking things very easy which I have just loved! I hope you have all had a very good Saturday too.

Friday, 21 July 2017

Much Better

I wakened up quite early this morning 'cos I had a lot of energy left after being in the house nearly all day yesterday and the first thing I did was listen. I listened carefully and I didn't hear any rain battering off my window. So I rubbed my adorable little lugs and listened again in case they were still sleeping, but I still didn't hear any rain and when I bounded over to the window and had a good look I didn't see the rain either and I was very, very happy.

I was so desperate to get out to play that I wakened my MH and asked her to please feed me and open the window which, of course, she did. So I gobbled up my breakfast and headed outside into the DRY sunshine and I liked it MILLIONS!

Oh my dear friends, I was such a happy puss just wandering through the long grass and then finding a lovely wee spot to have a lie down and listen to the birdies. It was magic and just what this adorable little puss loves. I stayed out for a long, long time just doing pussy cat things and having a brilliant time.

Even when my humans went away out in the afternoon to do some sport type stuff I didn't mind 'cos they left the window open for me so I could nip in and out if I wanted to. I was having a snooze when they comed home but then I went outside again once I knew they were safely back to me.

I am having my usual after dinner nappette, but then I am heading outside again and I have a feeling I might be out for a long, long time. Oh, I just love this weather!

Thursday, 20 July 2017


... it would appear that I was wrong and my MH was right after all. Now, why isn't that a surprise? We both wakened up in the middle of last night with the rain battering off our bedroom window and the old dear was very happy 'cos she had cut the grass and she knew that with all that rain it was the right thing to do. Oh, she loves it when she's right!

And to make her even happier, the rain never stopped the whole day! She was a very happy MH. I, on the other paw, was not such a happy Squeak 'cos I couldn't get out to play as much as I wanted and spent most of the day just snoozing and cuddling into my MH.

I did manage out in between showers but just as I was wandering back to my house another great big rain cloud opened above me and I had to run as fast as my adorable little legs could take me but when I reached my house the window was shut and there was nobody in my living room to let me in. Oh dear!

I was just beginning to panic when I saw my MH coming into the room so I hammered on the window and she came rushing over to open it for me. Yippee! I was a wee bit very soaking wet, but she dried me and then cuddled me and I was a happy puss.

Sometimes it is worth getting wet, sure it is?