Monday, 30 January 2017

Just a Normal Monday

I don't know if I told you that my DH doesn't go to the Cat Shop any more? He has decided to retire and stay at home with me and the Boss so we were all in my house together today and I was a very happy little puss. There was a lot of housework as usual, but I just wandered around after my MH and watched what she was doing as well as keeping an eye on the vacuum cleaner so that it didn't creep up on me, but my MH makes sure I am safe, so it was OK.

I was out playing for a wee while in this morning but by the time this afternoon arrived, the naughty wind that my little weather man friend told me would be coming, was blowing outside my house, so I decided to stay in, and I am very glad I did.

My MH was playing on her Wii and while she was doing that she noticed that I was feeling a wee bit neglected, so as soon as she finished, she lied down on the floor and played with me and it was just brilliant and I loved it. She even told my DH to play while she tooked some special photographs for you, which we hope you like.

I think I look especially adorable, but then I am ever so slightly biased!

Sunday, 29 January 2017

Oh Dear

I do feel a little silly 'cos you all know who Rabbie Burns is, don't you? My MH told me all about him when they comed home last night but I wasn't to know, was I?

I had lovely quiet night all to my adorable little self and could sit on any chair that I wanted, but as soon as my MH comed home and sat on my couch I sat on her 'cos that is just my very favouritist seat, and I know she likes it too.

My humans told me they had had a very good night with lots to eat and drink ---- well, I could tell that by my DH's rubbery legs Hee hee-- and lots of good company. And they weren't too late home so we all got to bed before it was too late.

Today has been another good day for me but it has been a bit wet outside so I stayed in for most of the day and some times I asked my MH to play with me and of course she did which was just brilliant. I do like it lots when we play together.

I have two special pictures of me today which my DH tooked when I was having a rest beside my MH and I think I look particularly fetching in them and I am sure you will agree.

Saturday, 28 January 2017

Saturday Again

I like Saturdays, but then you all know that, don't you? And even though it is a wet Saturday, I am still happy to go out to play for a while 'cos as sooon as I come back inside, I get all cuddled dry and I like that very much.

We have all been very lazy and even my humans haven't been doing anything at all and right now I am cuddled up beside my MH with my adorable little head on her laptop while she is writing all this to you. She is complaining 'cos she is making a lot of typing mistakes and for some reason yours truly is getting the blame! Oh dear.

I don't have any news for you at all except that I am to be abandoned tonight as my humans are going out. Somebody called Rabbie Burns has invited the entire island out for their supper. I don't know this person and I don't thinhk he even stays on my little island, but maybe I will have more news tomorrow.

Right now I am going to get as many cuddles as possible to make up for my abandonment later on.

Friday, 27 January 2017

Very Happy

I wonder if I look any different to you now that I am on the new computer? I'm sure I will still be as adorable as ever, or maybe even a wee bit more adorabler? You will no doubt have gathered from that, that my MH is playing with her new lap top and she is quite happy with it, although there was a wee while this afternoon when it wouldn't do what she told it and that is never a good idea! Me and my DH know that!! Hee hee

Apart from that, we have all had a very good day. A lovely lazy day with not very much work and lots of cuddles for me. I have been out to play lots of times but it has been a bit too cold for me so I had a quick chat with some of the sheeps and then nipped home again for a long chat with my MH and a HUGE cuddle which I just loved.

There is lots for me to do in my house. You know I have lots of toys but my very favourite one is a little roly-poly ball which has little treats in it, and when I delicately thump it in the right direction, the little treats jump out and straight into my adorable little tummy! Oh, I just love it---millions!

So, everything in my house is just fine and I hope everything with you is just fine too.

Thursday, 26 January 2017

Happy Happy

Oh we are all very happy today 'cos when my DH went away down to the pier to get all our messages,he brought back my MH's new computer and she was very happy! I was happy too, but then she started to do lots of work with it and there wasn't as much time for me as I would have liked, although I did get to cuddle in beside her while she was doing stuff with it. She says her camera is getting plugged in tomorrow and then I will be on it, so that made me a bit happier.

It has been a very cold day with lots of wind, so I haven't been out too much. I just stayed in and helped my MH with all her housework and then it was string time when the old boy came back from the boat. There were lots of boxes which meant lots of string which meant lots of playtime which makes a very happy little pussy cat.

I will be a lot happier tomorrow when my MH is finished working with her new computer and gives all her time to me!!

Wednesday, 25 January 2017

A Lazy Day

We all had a lazy time today and my humans just did little bits of work which suited me fine. I didn't even see the vacuum cleaner. Yippee! Did I tell you that the old dear had bought a new vacuum? Well, she did, and if I didn't like the other one, I don't like this one even more. It has got a light on it so it can find me wherever I am. Boo! Anyway, I made it very plain that I was not best pleased with this new addition to my house, and my MH keeps it away from me, so it's not too bad.

However, it stayed in the utility room and there were lots of cuddles for me and a few trips outside. In fact, I nearly tired my poor old MH out before she was even finished her breakfast 'cos I kept nipping in and out of the window lots and lots of times and 'cos it was cold, she had to close the window every time I went out and then get up and open it again to let me in. But I needed to see what was happening in my little world, and really she understands.

You will notice that there are a couple of new pictures of yours truly today, but sadly her new computer still hasn't come. She is just using an other one 'cos she knew you needed to see some new pictures of me, so here they are. And there is one of the big gooses that were in the field, but they were a bit too big for me, so I just watched them from a distance! Hee hee

I hope you like them.

Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Just Normal

We didn't get up too early this morning. Just our usual time and it was another good day, so I was straight outside after my breakfast and I was happy. I stayed out for a long time and when I decided to go back inside I started to be very busy and I made my MH smile. She called me her little shadow and I shall tell you why.

She was doing lots of housework and wandered all over my house with her dusters and polishes and machines and ME! I found her in one room and sat and watched while she did all her work and then she moved to another room and two minutes later I was there too! Sometimes she didn't even see me coming in and only noticed me when she went to dust the bit I was on! Hee hee

This happened a few times and she told my DH that I was her little shadow but she liked it lots and lots and I was very happy keeping her company. It has been a quiet day in my house but a good day but my MH is nearly running out of patience waiting for her new computer to arrive. Maybe tomorrow. She watches for the postman coming and then is all disappointed when he doesn't have it. Oh dear.

If it doesn't arrive, I will need to give her lots of purrs and cuddles. but I know that will help lots. It always does!

Monday, 23 January 2017

Up Early Again!

Three times in one week! I am not really liking having to get up in the middle of the night when it is still black, but my MH had to go and see the fizzy-o-therapist again 'cos she has a sore wrist, and my DH decided to go with her, so we were all up early.

It wasn't too bad a morning although a bit wet, but they left the window open for me so that I could get out to play when the rain went off, so I wasn't too upset and they came back to me at lunch time so it was OK.

We had a very good afternoon and I got cuddles whenever I wanted them. I helped my DH in our greenhouse but every now and then I would go and find my MH and we had some special time together which was just lovely.

I have been told that there won't be any more early mornings for a while so I am very pleased about that. I have decided I am not a morning puss. Hee hee

Sunday, 22 January 2017

More Brilliant

When I waken up every morning, I look to see if it is light outside 'cos that's the only way I know if it might be up time and if it is then I listen very carefully for wind and rain and anything else that might be happening outside. If it isn't very nice, then I snuggle down and have a snooze till my MH wakens, but if I think it is a good morning then I gently persuade her to waken up. Now, sometimes my persuading works right away but sometimes it takes some acrobatics on my part to get her to open her eyes! It always works though and then up she gets to help me start my day.

Normally I get my breakfast and wee drink of milk from my MH's cereal and then I am off out of the window, and that's exactly what I did today and it was lovely. The weather was cool but bright and calm and I spent nearly all day in my garden.

My DH was outside lots too 'cos he is cleaning out our greenhouse now that the gym is all tidy so I helped him with that, and of course, the Boss had to have a look and she was happy and that is always good. She has not been very happy lately 'cos somethings have not been going very well for her. First of all, the little television that they use in the study broke, then her laptop broke and last week her treadmill broke too and can't be fixed so she has to get a new one. Oh dear. All the broked things made her annoyed, but when she buys new ones, that will make her happy again.

And her new laptop should be coming to my house this week some time, so you will finally get some new pictures of my adorable little self! And not before time! Hee hee

Saturday, 21 January 2017

A Brilliant Day

I hope your day has been as good as mine 'cos mine has been brilliant. I had a very good sleep and when I wakened up I lay very still and just listened and I didn't hear wind and I didn't hear rain. The sun was shining but I couldn't hear that. I could just see it and I was very happy 'cos I knew it meant an outside day for me and my humans and I was right!

Me and my MH got up first and as soon as I had my breakfast and wee drop of milk, I was off into my garden and I liked it lots 'cos it was cool but not too cold for this adorable little puss. I ran about my garden and went into the field to see the sheeps for a wee while which was good.

Later on my DH comed out to see me and we both went into the gym to see if there were still some mouses there, but I think they have all gone away which will make the Boss very happy. She comed out later and sweeped all the floor and made it all tidy again so my humans are happy with themselves. I like when they are outside and I played with them for a long time before we all went inside and I had a lovely snooze.

The weather is still good so after I have finished this snooze, I will go out again and say night night to all the sheeps. That will make them very happy, sure it will?

Friday, 20 January 2017

A Normal Day

I have had a very good day and I am right back to normal again. I didn't go out last night. I just stayed cuddled up beside my MH 'cos I had missed her so much through the day when she wasn't at home with me, so I stayed right beside her so she wouldn't go away again and we both loved it lots.

We had a good night and then when we got up this morning it was a lovely day and I made my MH happy when I drinked up my milk and then went straight out to play. She was quite relieved 'cos she was worried about me, but I am perfectly well and very happy. I was outside lots of times today 'cos I was needed to help my DH clean out the gym after lots of little mouses had got in and made lots of mess so he has been a very busy DH.

My MH was busy too 'cos she decided to clean the outsides of our windows and I just followed her all over and helped her and I made her smile lots when I chased the pampas grass and killed it all dead! Oh it was brilliant fun and I just loved it, so I am very happy I am going out to play again.

My MH told me to tell you that she will soon be getting a new computer so she will be able to show you new pictures of me. Sure that will be good?

Thursday, 19 January 2017

A Long Day

Me and my MH were up very early again this morning and it was very dark. I sat on my window sill with my adorable little nose outside, but it was too cold to put all of me outside. I just watched as she went away in her wee car and then I nipped back into my bed and, I hate to admit it, but I stayed there all day!

I am not really sure what is wrong with me, but I am very sleepy today and after I gave my MH lots and lots of cuddles when she sat down on my couch, I just snuggled up beside her and went to sleep again and I haven't decided if I will go out tonight.

I shall let you know tomorrow.

Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Well.... might have noticed that there aren't any new pictures of yours truly just now. Remember I told you that my MH's laptop was very sick? Well, she couldn't make it better and she has had to buy another one. So, till she gets one that she can work, she is using her iPad and it has just got lots of old pictures of me, but at least you can still see me!

She is not having a very good time just now 'cos her treadmill isn't working either so her little legs are just cycling but not walking much except round the house with me and my DH. Oh dear. We have had a good day though and I have been outside lots of times 'cos it hasn't been too cold.

I was helping my DH in the gym when he was cleaning it up after lots of little mouses had got in. Oh, I wonder if the mouses have broked the treadmill? Hmm, maybe I should keep that thought to my adorable little self. I am to be left in charge tomorrow as the Boss is going to Kirkwall and we will be up in the pitch dark again, but as soon as she has gone away in her little Kangaroo, I will be straight back into my little bed until the 'real' up time and then I will look after my DH.

I just hope he behaves! Hee hee

Tuesday, 17 January 2017


You know I have told you before that sometimes my humans do odd things, and to be honest my MH does the oddest things? Well, she excelled herself today and I was nearly phoning the man in the white coat to come and take her away!

I think I have your attention, have I not! Well, both my humans went out to the gym and I decided to join them and see what they were up to and you will never guess what my MH was doing. No, you really will NEVER guess! She tooked the lawn mower out! It is winter AND it was raining! Not very wise, eh?

I hung around for awhile to see if she was really going to try and cut wet grass, but you will be very happy to hear she didn't. Phew! She was only cleaning out the gym 'cos a little mouse had been in and made a wee bit of a mess, but it is all clean now.

I am a very relieved little puss as you can imagine and after that I had a very good day.

Monday, 16 January 2017

A Funny Old Day

We were all up before the sun this morning and it was so very, very dark but both my humans had to go away on the first boat and so we all had to get up very early. I took the chance to have a wee wander round my garden in the dark time and it wasn't very cold so I liked it although it was a bit lonely 'cos nobody else was out playing, so I just went back home again.

The window had to be closed so I had nothing else to do but have a snooze till my humans comed back again. They weren't away too long and I was just in the middle of my dream when I heard the door opening and there they were. Back again---oh goody!

We all had lots of good play times in the afternoon and I liked that. I am OK on my own but I am a much happier Squeak when they are here with me so my afternoon was much better than my morning.

Sunday, 15 January 2017

Good Morning

Hello everybody. I hope you are all very well this morning. We are all good in my house and my MH is using my DH's computer until she can get another one, so she can still tell you all about me. I am a very well little Squeak although a bit disappointed that all the snow has disappeared again. When my two friends were going away from my house last night, it was raining so we all knew that there wouldn't be any snow today which is a shame.

I had the bestest of fun yesterday and I didn't even mind when my adorable little feets got all froze 'cos I knew that as soon as I went home again, they would be as warm as toast. And they were!

I don't have a lot of news for you today 'cos it is still quite early and I have only been out to play one time already but me and the old dear wanted to let you see the pictures she tooked yesterday of all the snow. It's not an awful lot, but it was quite a lot for my little island so I am happy. The pictures of the Hoy Hlls are 'specially for my friend B. who lives in Canada 'cos she says she likes to see them. Some of my human friends have been right up to the top of them, but not me and not my humans, and I think it is maybe a wee bit late now for them, but my friends A. and J. have been right up to the top and they waved down to us all, but I don't know if we saw them. We just pretended we did.

So, that's all my news for today but me and my MH are very happy that we can keep writing to you till she gets a computer of her own again. Sometimes I am very happy I am a pussycat!

Saturday, 14 January 2017

Good news & bad news

The good news is that I have had one of the brilliantest days ever and I am such a happy Squeak. I am a little bit tired but a ginormous bit happy! And the bad news? Oh nothing too serious. Just that my MH's laptop is sick again. She thinks she might need to get another one. Hmmm I hope I don't get sick! She wouldn't, would she? NO!!!

Anyway, back to me. I leapt out of bed this morning and ran to the window and when I saw that my world was all white, I danced round my kitchen till the old dear let me out, and I ran in the snow!! It was fantastic and I loved it. My MH comed out with me and tooked some pictures which she can't show you tonight, but she will try tomorrow.

I liked it lots running in the snow. It wasn't deep but it was good and it was COLD but I liked it millions. One time I went out my door, round my house, in the window, got a wee cuddle as I passed through and went straight out the door again. Can you guess what my humans did? They just shooked their heads---- and smiled.

I was having my after dinner rest when I got another surprise 'cos my two friends J. and A. comed in to see me and we had good fun. They stroked me while all the humans chatted and I just went back to sleep again.

I know that was a tad rude, but I was a very sleepy puss, and they didn't mind 'cos they love me. Oh I am so lucky.

Friday, 13 January 2017

No Snow

All the snow went away 'cos the rain comed on and made it all disappear so my MH couldn't take any pictures of the Hoy Hills for you, but there will be other times I am sure. So, as well as being wet with all the rain today has been SOOO cold! I did go out two or three times but my adorable little body was so frozen that I had to come back very quickly and as soon as I landed on the inside window sill, I asked for a big warm-me-up cuddle to un-froze me, and of course I got one. Phew.

My DH got sent out too to make sure that our roof was still on 'cos there was a very naughty wind last night and if I tell you that it wakened HIM you will know how bad it was! My poor old MH was a wee bit frightened, but I gave her a cuddle and she was fine. And, we had no damage, but when my DH was out looking, I went with him and I made him laugh 'cos I was bouncing all over my grass. He told my MH that it was because I was so fit. Not so, DH. I was trying to keep my adorable little paws off the cold ground! Hee hee

In the afternoon when my MH had her Wii out, I got weighed again and my little Mii Wii was very pleased with me 'cos I have just put on one pound and my Wii said I was a very good puss, so me and my MH are very happy with that. I am as fit as a little fiddle---and adorable little fiddle!

I have had a very good day playing with my MH and watching as she did all her exercises on her Wii although I do admit that I was so interested I falled asleep! But don't tell the old dear,eh?

Thursday, 12 January 2017


Yippee! but just a wee 'yippee' I'm afraid 'cos there was just a little bit of snow but it was enough for me to run in for a while and I got my adorable little paws all wet and cold. When I looked out of my window this morning, my grass was all white and I did get a bit excited so as soon as my little tummy was filled up, I shot outside to play and I managed to stay out for quite a while before I got too cold and had to go back in again. It was very cold!

If I was a swimming and climbing pussy cat, I could play in lots more snow 'cos there is a lot on top of the Hoy Hills and I will ask my MH to take a picture of them for you tomorrow. There is a wee stretch of water between my little island and Hoy so I would need to swim or get the boat and then I would need to climb right up to the top and that would take me a long, long time, so it is not really an option I'm afraid.I shall just need to wait till the snow comes to me. Oh dear.

I still have had a very good day and I have played with my humans inside as well as being outside a wee bit. It wasn't very windy this afternoon, but the wind is starting to shout at me again and I don't really like that. It is very cold so I am going to spend my night all cosied up beside my MH until I really have to go out!

I still need my little play before bedtime but by the sound of that wind it will only be for a very short time. I am brave and intrepid, but not silly! Hee hee

Wednesday, 11 January 2017


I know a wee bit more than I did last night 'cos I asked my MH what a blizzard was and she told me, so as soon as I wakened up this morning, I bounded over to the window to see if a blizzard had comed to my little island, but I am afraid I was a tad disappointed 'cos there was only a half a blizzard. We had all the wind, but no snow! Sigh. I waited all day, but we had rain and wind, and a wee bit of sun and wind and then we had hail and wind, but no snow. Maybe tomorrow. My little weather man friend told me it is definitely on its way and I have to be a patient puss, but I don't do patient very well, I'm afraid. Sigh number two.

My humans didn't do very much work today so there was lots of time for me which is just as I like it. I had lots of cuddles and lots of play times and I even girded my adorable little loins and went outside in the freezing cold winds. In fact, I think I went outside four times in this afternoon and I'm afraid I made my MH worried again because I sort of asked to go out at the wrong time.

When I asked to go out, it was dry but windy and while I was having a wee sniff round my garden it started to throw millions of hail stones on top of me! Great big sore hailstones all falling down on top of me and it was sore. I managed to find a wee bit of shelter and just sat there and shivered until all the nasty hailstones stopped falling on me and as soon as that happened, my MH opened the window and called my name and I scooted inside as quickly as my adorable little feets could take me. Phew!

You all know what happened then, don't you? Yep, I got a great big warm-me-up cuddle until I was all cosy and normal again and I liked that millions! It was worth getting hailed on! I might try it again before bedtime.

Tuesday, 10 January 2017


I am a very excited little Squeak just now 'cos as I was lying snoozing on my couch, I heard my little weather man friend telling me that there is going to be snow on my island very soon. And maybe LOTS of snow and I am so looking forward to that. He said that there would be some winds too but you all know that they don't bother this intrepid little puss but then he mentioned that there might be something called blizzards and I don't know what those are, so I shall have to ask 'she who thinks she knows everything' Hee hee I have seen the snow once or twice but that was when I was a baby puss and I don't remember much except that I think I liked it and that's why I am quite excited.

I have had another very good day today but it was just me and my MH in my house as my DH went away to Stromness to do some shopping. It wasn't a very nice day and my MH said that he was as bad as me 'cos when he got up he WAS going, then the rain came on and he WASN'T going and then it dried up a bit and he WENT. I think it is a good thing that he did or the old dear might have put him in the soup pot!

I stayed in most of the day but one time when I went out I got a bit of a fright 'cos there were lots and lots of ginormous geeses in the field in front of my house. I had asked my MH to open the door and I sort of ran out and then I saw them all and heard all this chattering noise that they were making and my little front paws came to a sudden halt. In fact the halt was so sudden that my adorable little bum nearly crashed into my equally adorable little head! Oh, can you picture the scene? I can and it makes me giggle every time. Hee hee

I did eventually go out but stayed in my garden away from these great big birdies and I played for a wee while before nipping back inside to play with my MH which was much better fun.I just love when we play together and I know she loves it too.

I am sure she will play in the snow with me and I am really happy about that. I will let you know when that happens and I shall ask my MH to take lots of pictures for you. Oh yippee!

Monday, 9 January 2017

I'm a Star!

Look at me. I am on the telly! Hee hee. But it isn't real which is a great shame 'cos I think I could be a wonderful pussy cat actor and star. Maybe one day.

So, why am I sitting on this television? Well, it is like this. This was the television that my humans watched when they were working in our study and didn't want to miss their programmes, but last week it started doing very funny things so my humans decided it was broken and they had to get another one. See?

Well, the new one came to my house on Saturday and while my DH was busy fixing it all up he put this one on the bed in my spare room and I parked my adorable little bum on it just to see what it felt like and that made my humans laugh so they thought you might like to see my picture. I think I look particularly fetching, don't you?

I have had a very good day just doing all the little things that I love doing like playing and eating and sleeping so I have had another very good day.

Sunday, 8 January 2017

My Sunday

I have had a very good day. We all had a lazy morning so we didn't get up too early. It was a funny morning 'cos one minute it was bright and a wee bit sunny and then the mist rolled in and we couldn't see anything till it rolled away again and the sun came back! It did that a few times and me and my MH sat and watched it through our living room window.

I did manage to get outside quite a lot of times and it was at one of these times I made the old dear smile 'cos I had nipped out of the window but a few minutes later I jumped back in through said window and raced across my living room and into my kitchen for a wee nibble at my biscuits before doing the same thing again in reverse and at the speed of light. Ah, well----I didn't run in reverse, you understand, I just did it all the other way round. See? Oh, my dear friends, can you imagine how funny I would have looked running backwards and then jumping up on to the window sill? I think my MH would have been lying on the floor laughing if I had done that. Hee hee

I played outside lots of times and then had my afternoon siesta until I got a big surprise when two of my friends came to visit me. Oh I was so excited 'cos they stroked me lots of times and talked to me and I even got a cuddle from my bestest friend S.

So I have had a very good afternoon and I hope you have had a fine time too.

Saturday, 7 January 2017

A Very Good Day

I am quite liking these cold days 'cos I only go out if I really, really want to and I always get a great big cuddle when I come home again 'cos I am usually cold, but I soon warm up.

It wasn't a very good day for weather on my little island, so I stayed in nearly all the time and just had a couple of trips outside to see what was happening, but there wasn't too much going on, so I just went back inside and played with my MH and we both liked that a lot.

My humans haven't been doing very much either although the old dear has started going back into her little gym. I will probably go in with her one of these days, but to be honest, I am just too comfortable on my couch, so I prefer to wait till she comes back to me.

So, because of the not too good weather and yours truly being a wee bit lazy, there isn't any news for you at all, but I am a very well and a very happy little puss, and I hope you are very well and very happy too.

Friday, 6 January 2017

Very Quiet

Things are very quiet in my house just now. In fact, things are very quiet on my little island but there are some sheeps in the field in front of my house so I have a wee bit of company when I do venture out.

My house has lost some of its sparkle since my humans tooked down all the nice shiny Christmas things but I shall just have to get used to it. Oh dear. I haven't done very much again today. I have just kind of lazed around with lots of sleeps and a few trips outside but it is too cold for me. Mind you, it is worth getting cold 'cos as soon as I nip in the window, my MH gives me a great big cuddle to warm me up and I just love that.

She went into the gym again today but I stayed at home and just waited till she comed back to me and then I asked her to play and she did! We went into my bedroom and I dived under my blanket and she wrapped me up in it and tickled me and it was just brilliant. It is one of my very favouritist games and she is always happy to play it with me.

So, although I am not doing very much I am still very happy and since my humans aren't doing very much either, they are always on hand to play with me, or just cuddle me, whenever I want. So I can't complain at all now, can I?

Thursday, 5 January 2017


Remember I told you that when I was seven, I got a tree all to myself which my humans put up in my living room and put all sorts of lovely things on it for me to play with? Well, they tooked it down today and I am not best pleased. They never even asked me! Nope, they just tooked all the lovely shiny things off and put them in a box and then the tree went away as well. Shame.

I told the Boss that I wasn't happy and she said that the tree would be back later when I am eight, but I don't think I want to wait that long. Sigh--again!

However, my day hasn't been too bad apart from that. In fact, it has been quite good 'cos my DH went away to the pier and brought home some boxes for me to play in and when I thought about it, I could jump in and out of the boxes and I couldn't do that with the tree so maybe I will forgive my humans after all.

I just won't tell them yet!

Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Very Quiet

Our day has been very quiet and we have all been a wee bit lazy and not busy at all but we have been happy. It has not been a very good day for weather and although I have been able to get outside lots of times it has been too cold to stay out too long, so I don't!

I went out and had a wee chat to all the birdies who came to my house for a feed and they know that I wouldn't hurt them so they let me sit and watch them as they have their dinner and I like that lots.

I spent most of my day curled up on my couch beside my MH and that makes us both happy and I will spend most of my night cosied up until it is time for my last wander round my garden before sleeping time.

I definitely have my adorable little life all sorted out, thank you very much!

Tuesday, 3 January 2017

I Lied

Remember I told you that we were back to normal again? Well, that was a wee lie. I didn't know at the time it was a lie and I didn't mean for it to be a lie, but it turned out to be one.

I think I need to stop rambling and tell you what I am talking about. Yes? Well, we had a quiet day in my house yesterday, but then last night when we were all sitting quietly watching my television, the door opened and lots of people and childrens comed into my house for their happy new year.

Oh my dear friends, it was brilliant! I had lots of knees to sit on and all the visitors stroked me and told me I was adorable and I loved every minute of it. My humans liked it too and everybody sat and had lots of chats and laughs and I just listened and purred back at them.

I think I am liking this new year thingy.

Monday, 2 January 2017

Nearly Back to Normal

I have had a good couple of days in my house as my humans haven't been doing very much and all their attention has been on me, which I just love. I have even made it their new year resolution and they are very grateful for my help! My MH gave me the idea when she told my DH that his new year resolution is that he is going to be much tidier! I don't think there is much hope of a lot of success with that one!

The weather isn't great so I have been indoors most of the time but I am very content. AND! I got a great big surprise today when my friends P. and H. from Germany sent me an email from my very latest paw pal 'cos they have a new puss cat and my new friend is very beautiful so I am looking forward to lots of puss cat emails.

My DH isn't going to the Cat Shop for a wee while yet, so both my humans have said that they are going to take things very easy for the next few days and that I can be the Boss and they will make sure that I get all the attention I want.

So I can't ask for much more than that now, can I?