Saturday, 21 January 2017

A Brilliant Day

I hope your day has been as good as mine 'cos mine has been brilliant. I had a very good sleep and when I wakened up I lay very still and just listened and I didn't hear wind and I didn't hear rain. The sun was shining but I couldn't hear that. I could just see it and I was very happy 'cos I knew it meant an outside day for me and my humans and I was right!

Me and my MH got up first and as soon as I had my breakfast and wee drop of milk, I was off into my garden and I liked it lots 'cos it was cool but not too cold for this adorable little puss. I ran about my garden and went into the field to see the sheeps for a wee while which was good.

Later on my DH comed out to see me and we both went into the gym to see if there were still some mouses there, but I think they have all gone away which will make the Boss very happy. She comed out later and sweeped all the floor and made it all tidy again so my humans are happy with themselves. I like when they are outside and I played with them for a long time before we all went inside and I had a lovely snooze.

The weather is still good so after I have finished this snooze, I will go out again and say night night to all the sheeps. That will make them very happy, sure it will?

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